So then, my blog…

ImageOkie kokie then guys so this is the very start of my blog, its all very exciting :D. This is a place for me where I can share my interests, a bit of me and my life and all of the things I love the most.

So some bits and bobs about me; I live with my friend in our humble lickle flat, which we’re very blessed to have. Living out of your parents house is THE BOMB, do it as soon as you can I highly recommend :D, my other half lives near by with his two cheeky bulldogs who I will most definitely be introducing in the near future. I live work and socialise in a very close knit area, with a group of friends that are very dear to me and some of who coincidentally share my most loved hobby (which I’ll get to shortly :)) On top of that, I’m a qualified beauty therapist and extremely enthusiastic towards make up, hair, nails and all the shenanigans that go with it, so I definitely plan on sharing a whole bunch of that kind of stuff on here. I’m in love with clothes, shoes, jewellery; FASHION, I love a good trek around the shopping centres and the city and feeling like I’ve done a work out by the time I’m home due to the amount of shopping bags. There’s no feeling quite like it 🙂 But on top of allllllll that, my hobby and my job have something major in common. FOOD! I am crazy about food. My job title as a chef lives both at work and with me at home, I spend endless amounts of my time watching cooking programmes (mostly Jamie Oliver, his cooking taught me how), reading cook books, learning new ways to cook, food origins, making my own recipes or simply just improving on my technique there’s a whole bunch of my life that revolves around food and cooking.

Oh, my name is Ellis by the way 🙂




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