Hey guys!

I’ve been working like crazy the past few days boooo :(, so there’s not been much excitement, except that I have new fish for my tank 😀 eeeeeeeeep. I love fish they are so agile and pretty and there’s something soothing about them that’s really beautiful. Me and my flat mate acquired a fish tank from a guy we know from work when we moved in and were incredibly desperate to get it up and running. Not realising that its a bit of a farce, but it was totally worth it. Our first fish died which was super dooper sad, but out of the sadness appeared a little baby snail who’s egg had come in with the plants we bought. Here’s Gary, our tank mascot 🙂 .



Then shortly after, a friend of ours stayed over for the night and as a thanks for having her over she bought us some new fish, which was a complete shock but one of the best thankyou presents I think I’ve ever had! So then appeared, Bert, Ernie and Mildred, they’re in the top left hand corner (black, silver and orange). We had these guys in the tank for a good 4/5 weeks before we got any more fish so the tank could get used to being occupied (sounds daft, but it has to), and we could master cleaning the tank, which is mega grim and stinky and eeew, so then I surprised my flat mate with these guys! Meet Biggie and Brian (the bigger two angel fish) and dipsy, lala and po, in the bottom by Skully (i don’t like purple so there’s no tinky winky sorry guys).


Also sorry about the picture quality, I only have my phone at the moment and trying to catch a good shot of moving fish is a pain in the bum.

So there’s the tale of the tank 🙂

see ya soon guys xxx


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