What’s in my gym bag???








Hey there lovely ladies! I’ll be honest, when I was packing my gym bag for the first time in a while I was seriously umming and ahhing about what I really needed to take and what would just consume unnecessary space in my bag. Due to my epic dilemma, I figured I could share with you what my ‘keep it simple’ gym bag concept consists of…



Gym bags are always quite interesting, they’re either full of your entire life or full of more a less nothing much at all. I try and keep mine down to the essentials and the simple things I need, in small volumes; it’s not the kind of thing you want to be carting round with you all day if you, like me, go to the gym straight after work and don’t have time to pick it up from home/go home and get changed first.

I always make sure I’ve got make up remover, always. Sweating is actually incredibly good for your skin and helps to excrete some of the rubbish that’s hiding away in there, so having a full face of make up whilst exercising causes your pores to clog with quite a grotty layer sitting between your skin and make up, which turns your face into a sweaty, sticky patchy make-upped mess. Yum.

Deodorant, spare bobbles and hair clips go without saying alongside my gym bra,top,pants,trainers and socks.

One amazing feeling that comes after a beast of a work out is a good long hot shower and giving your hair a deep shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the speed-grease your hair gathers. I love Alberto Balsam, I personally think it’s very underrated purely because of it’s low price. My hair feels as soft and lovely as it does using Alberto Balsam as it does using Bed Head, Paul Mitchell or any other big brand. I swear by the stuff. However if you’ve not done a too hard core work out, sometimes I like to just get a quick shower, which is where my hair clip, shower cream, shower puff and towel come in handy (I know gyms usually have their own shower gel in the cubicles but it always smells dead weird…). Lathering yourself in shower cream after a grim work out = best feeling ever.

I prefer to moisturise when I get out of the shower wherever I am, but after a work out splodging a world of moisturiser on your feet after your trainers have shown them whose boss is heavenlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. As always and forever, I bring my mini bottle of Aqueous BP Cream.

My water bottle is my life saver. I bought it from the gym for about £6.00 but it’s great for taking on runs, bike rides and walks… It sits pretty compact and it’s strong for a water bottle ya know…

If I’m going to the gym on a weekend straight from home, I usually reduce everything by half. I take my shower puff, moisturiser, towel, shower cream, water bottle and hair clip, which live happily ever after in my hand bag. Oh yeah, handbag gym bags FTW!

Hope this came as a bit of help/guidance for you guys.

(Ooh I forgot. HEADPHONES!)




Roobes xxx




My new Nails Inc. colours!


I recently bought these new nail colours and I adore them. They’re beautiful alone or together as a nail art piece. I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of these polishes also, they dry very quickly and look beautiful on, I specifically tried these without a top coat to see how they cope with wear and tear and I have to say they did a pretty good job, they didn’t chip for 3 days.

The pink ones from left to right are: Notting Hill Gate(Neon Shade), South Molton Street, Iyall Mews and Bloomsbury Square(3D Glitter).

Notting Hill Gate and South Molton Street are slightly transparent upon application, they give almost a glazed look, I really love it, however it can appear a standard polish thickness by applying a 3rd coat. Iyall Mews is GORGEOUS! It gives an interesting look as there is so many different shapes and sizes within the bottle and it looks great topping any colour, as its generally a black and white mixture with a hint of pink. The Bloomsbury Square polish always looks stunning, its slightly raised from your nail and in the light shines so many different shades of pink and purple, this looks its optimum with two coats, don’t be fooled by how good one coat looks!

The blue ones from left to right are: St Luke’s Street, Connaught Square (3D Glitter), Kensington Park Road and Cornwall (Feather Effect).

Firstly St Luke’s Square is matte. Yes, matte. I had no idea either. I was kind of annoyed when I realised until I noticed how lovely the dried colour was and it actually is a very pretty colour (if you want it shiny I just use a normal top coat, it looks just as lovely). Connaught Square is glitter shades of turquoise, purple and navy 3D effect. I need to say no more. Kensington Park Road Neon Effect instantly topped the list of all time favourite colour polishes I’ve ever owned. It’s an all year round stunner, you’re nails will categorically not go unnoticed with this beauty covering them. It needs it’s own throne. Finally the Cornwall feather effect, it’s a cute look however I’m not overly convinced about this one, it’s the only polish I bought which I’ve questioned. It looks nice on but you need 2-3 coats on (which after your original 2 is a bit much) for it to look like you’ve not been playing with chopped tinsel whilst painting your nails and it seems to take over your nail, as in there’s no point using it as a top coat as it looks, well, weird. Although on the up side, it’s a great addition to my nail art colours, using it as an effect rather than a coat looks fab, so if you’re going to purchase any of the feather range, I would say to bare in mind it’s not a top coat.

I’m genuinely impressed with these varnishes, Nails Inc. have really stepped up even higher with these little fella’s. Definately worth your consideration ladies!




Roobes xxx



My Lemon Salmon Summer Salad




This is one just for you however you can make it a fantastic centre piece to pick from for 4 people.


Firstly, pre-heat your oven to gas mark 6/400F/200C and a pan of boiling water on hot heat. In the pan of hot water put a handful of baby potatoes in seasoning with salt and reduce the water to medium heat, out on a lid (blissfully ignore for the next 20 mins). Whilst it’s warming take some tin foil and rip at about a forearms length, in it you want to put 1 regular sized salmon fillet, a sprinkling of dill, a sprinkling of chives and half a lemon. With your lemon (i personally prefer to do this as it enhances the flavour but you don’t have to if your not massive on lemon) cut half of it into medium-thin slices and lay over the top of your salmon fillet, then with the other half squirt the juice on and around the salmon and place the squeezed half just next to your fillet. Add a tablespoon of butter and wrap the foil with no gaps.

Place on the middle shelf in your oven, this will take around 20 mins to bake.

On to your salad, steam about 4-5 asparagus stems and a handful of green beans (this takes about 8-10 mins). Then chop a handful of sun dried tomatoes thinly and about 1/4 cucumber into mixed sized chunks. Crumble some chunks of feta (to your liking I love he stuff so if you’re like me GO WILD!) and into a bowl put your tomatoes, cucumber, feta and two handfuls of spinach, some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and toss until everything is nicely mixed.

The potatoes should be ready at this point, if so/when they are, drain add a sprinkling of salt and pepper and a little garlic salt, chop into chunks and add to your salad mix.

Lay this out on your plate so it looks lovely, then take your salmon out of the oven carefully and with a spatula, remove from the foil in one piece and place on top of your salad remove the squeezed 1/2 lemon into the bin and ENJOY!

Check more out in the FOOD tab on my blog page 🙂

Please let me know if you’ve tried this guys and if you did, did you like it?

Tell me about it in the comments…



Roobes xxx

My Skin Care Routine

Hellooooo ladies!


Today I wanted to share my skin care routine, below are the products I use…



I always start by removing all my make up (obvs not on a morning…) first with my Simple Kind To Skin Cleaning Wipes and excess eye make up with my No.7 Eye Make up Remover, you have to shake it up to mix it together, but it removes it clean off (it’s glittery too :D). I follow this by putting a covering of Simple’s Oil Balancing Exfoliator and using my little face exfoliator scrubber to aid in a deeper cleanse and dead/dry skin removal. Using this little scrub exfoliator helps increase the blood and lymph flow to your face, creating quicker damage recovery and a healthier looking complexion, removing with sponges. After, I use the Body Shop facial massager, which also increases blood and lymph flow, makes your face feel and appear much fresher and is ridiculously relaxing! It’s great before bed! Then, it’s cleansing time, with Cetaphil’s cleanser which I give my skin a quick rinse with and wash away, then apply No.7’s Spot Rapid Spot Rescue where required, just dabbing on any red/risen areas where acne appears, then applying No.7’s T-Zone rescue. Once this has dried I put a thin layer of Cetaphil moisturiser all over my face, remember when you apply moisturiser just apply a thin enough layer so that once gently rubbed in you have no residue on your hands or face, if so you’ve applied too much, which can clog and grease your skin.

I do this skin routine 2 or 3 times a week,to improve and aid the health of my skin. I prefer a more simplified version of this for my morning and night skin care, firstly because this routine daily is more than your skin needs to be generally healthy and secondly because my bed is my prized possession and I refuse to spend more time out of it on a morning than I have to.

Thats totally normal right…


;D hope this was helpful to you guys, I will be adding a blog of my more simplified morning and evening routine. Please bare in mind that over doing it with skin care routines can make your skin more susceptible to the over productions of it’s natural oils if you’re using products that are strong in chemicals and strip your skin of its natural oils on a regular basis. This can make your skin very oily, you can break out and your efforts to aid the health and appearance of your skin can back fire. Please take care and know your products before you buy them, some are worse for your skin than you may think.



Roobes xxx



Healthy Food Post!


This dish serves 4-6 people (its great for healthy lunches at work through out the week too!)


Firstly, in a blender mix a handful of corriander, a handful of mint and 1 lime, until chopped very fine.

Slice thinly 2-3 chicken breasts and coat in cajun seasoning (Jamaican jerk is also fab with this recipe)

Thinly chop mixed peppers, 2 red onions, 1 red chilli and chunky chop 3 or 4 mushrooms, add these to a bowl with a sprinkle of ground cayenne pepper and garlic salt.

Add 1 tablespoon of oil to a pan and tip in the chopped veggies and add 2 garlic cloves, salt and pepper to the mix.

Whilst the veg is simmering, add 1 cup of quinoa to a pan with 1l of chicken stock and cook until the stock is reduced to nothing.

Once softened add the sliced chicken to the pan and stir/toss until cooked through and the chicken is almost crispy.

Mix the corriander, mint and lime mixture with the quinoa until thoroughly spread through, add to a large presentable dish, adding a few leaves of mint and corriander and a couple of slices of lime to the top for presentation.

Place the chicken mix on a board or warm slate if you have one, sprinkling with pulled corriader leaves and sliced lime.

To add to this dish for a little dipping pleasure, put a bowl of yogurt & honey with some crispy toasted tortilla wraps, including gem lettuce and finely chopped tomatoes and spring onions.

Eat well and don’t worry too much about that full feeling, it’ll pass when you fall asleep 😉

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My Maybelline Baby Skin product review…



Today I wanted to do a review about a product I was highly recommended in the store, the Maybelline Baby Skin – instant pore eraser primer.



It was put across to me as the all new drug store version of Porefessional by Benefit, which is a particularly fantastic product and I’m personally a huge fan of.

I must say I wasn’t all to impressed…

Upon application, it hasn’t reduced or even slightly changed the appearance of my pores, it’s greasy so your make up can’t set properly and wipes off with your finger as it would with a make up wipe. It’s thick and heavy so you know you’re wearing it, primer should be totally lightweight and an aid towards the appearance of your make up. Then on top of that, it’s caused me to break out, which I assume has a lot to do with it’s thick and greasy nature.

I was honestly surprised as it had been so ‘bigged up’ to me in the store, I was pretty excited to try it out, especially as referenced to a similar standard to Porefessional.

I think I can safely say for me this product wasn’t the best experience, we’ve all had a wrong choose in the shop, so I’ll 100% be sticking to Benefit’s Porefessional in future, it’s worth the extra money and much, much better.

You need to try different products to know the difference I guess, a change in choice is never a bad one in my opinion, even if you go back to your original one 🙂



Roobes xxx



Products I LOVE!



Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my beauty care/make up products I can’t live without. Some are a little more on the expensive side, however they are TOTALLY worth the money you’re spending. Whilst others are some of my all time fave drug store bargains. I’ve given a little bit of info here and there with each one of my faves, just so you have an insight as to why, for me, these are THE products to have on your dressing table…


First and foremost!

MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer (shade NW20)

Studio Finish Concealer (MAC)


By 1 bazillion miles this is the best concealer I have EVER come across in. My. Life. It covers any redness, spots or dryness in an instant and you don’t even have to use that much of it. Sometimes are worse than others for me with my skin and I can suffer quite badly from blotchy and dry areas especially around my nose and brows, in effect, my studio fix works as an eraser for me; my blotchy, dry patches goes unnoticeable without any extra foundation or powder coverage (which is awesome for days when you can’t be bothered putting make up on, but you’re not impressed with the appearance of your skin).  Also this works wonders for dark circles!

When I do a full face of make up I use this with MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation and Powder.


Boing Concealer (benefit)

Firstly, I must point out I do not use this as a general concealer, I use it slightly differently. This is an amazing product to keep in your handbag. Generally through the day, unless you’re wearing a mask, your make up tends to wear off a little bit, no matter what money you pay it (sadly) doesn’t last forever! When I notice my make up starting to wear, dabbing a little bit of the Boi-ing on instantly fixes the appearance of your make up, you don’t have to apply much, just by tapping your finger in the concealer lightly a couple of times picks up just enough to hide those worn/uneven areas.


Maybelline master drama khol liner

I recently bought this Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner (in Ultra Black) and I must say, I was astonished. This stuff is incredible! Its thick but not heavy, strong but not sticky and lasts AAAAGGGEEESSSSS. I apply just one layer of this eye liner (two if its occasional) and it looks like you’ve put about five on. It instantly goes on thick and strong yet you can barely notice it there, where as some which have this effect I tend to find can be quite sticky and weighted, and you just can’t wait to get rid of it (blink it off girl *blinkblinkblinkblink*). I 100% recommend this to all eyeliner wearers, its a money saver in the making I had it weeks and weeks and weeks before I had to sharpen it (if I didn’t use it so much it’d probably last longer, however admittedly, I’m addicted).



Mmmmmmmmmm, Cetaphil… I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have difficulty with my skin at the best of times as its oily, yet regularly dry, blotchy and can get acne quite regularly too. For YEARS (no joke) I tries so many different cleansers, moisturizers, toners, you name it I tried it. (I was also given a face wash by my doctor when I was younger to help reduce acne which massively imbalanced my skin) So I heard about Cetaphil and everyone’s undying love for it once they have been using it, honestly I have to say I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It makes your skin feel super fresh, clean, softer and revitalized, my complexion cleared up in just a couple of short weeks and my dryness had reduced also *try the cetaphil moisturizer too!* It is for all skin types so there is nothing in there that tries to balance one skin type to be another. It is soap free which helps keep balance, soothing, non-comedogenic and fragrance free. I love washing my face with this on a morning with really cold water to wake me up and on an evening, also with cold water to feel fresh and clean before bed.


tangle teazer

Oh how child hood hair brushing would’ve been so much more tear-less and simple. I, in honesty was reluctant to try one of these for such a long time, as I didn’t quite understand how it could be so different, oh how I still beat myself up about it to this day… I use this all the time, daily for hair brushing, when I’m out of the shower to brush through those washed, knotted locks, in the shower to brush through my conditioner and brushing through iron curls. It goes through your hair like a knife goes through butter. It’s AMAZING. Knotted, tangled hair is a thing of the past with this brush, even if you’ve got a monster of a knot, when you brush through it with the Tangle Teezer it’s virtually unnoticeable. Another plus, the plastic is so thick on these bad boys they’re basically indestructible. BONUSFEATURE!


Rocket Volum Express Mascara (Maybelline)


Maybelline’s Rocket Volum Express Mascara is by far in my opinion their best yet, even beating the most recent one they have released. I always apply two coats of this mascara for maximum volume and appearance, but one is certainly enough. Plus I had my last one for about 6-8 months before I had to buy a new one and I wear this everyday and as I said before, 90% of the time I wear two coats! I love how dark the appearance is and it lasts all day, it doesn’t seem to wear off at all which is fantastic, especially if you’re an on the go socialite and don’t get a whole bunch of time to re-apply your make up between finishing work and an evening get together at your local restaurant fave. My lashes certainly look longer upon application, its definitely noticeable!


Boots Aqueous BP Cream

This stuff is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo underrated. I initially found out about this cream when I had my sleeve done and my tattoo artist recommended it over any other typical healing creams, his artwork turned out pretty phenomenal final results and considering how long he’s been in the industry, I wasn’t going to question his recommendations. It is a cleansing agent, it’s impeccable on dry and irritated skin (hence tattoo healing) and soothes and softens out your skin. I adore this cream and make sure I always use it regularly, I had severe dry skin on my legs and arms which caused huge irritation, honestly, within 3 days of using this cream my skin was essentially back to being healthy and soft again, it’s great for after shaving, after sun or general everyday use to keep your skin fresh and supple.



Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. You can’t even hold your hair once its dry it’s so healthy and soft once you’ve applied this masque. It’s heavenly (it smells gorgeous too!). A handful of this spread evenly through out your hair instead of your normal conditioner and left on for 12-15 mins restores your hair to its all natural beauty. I’ve never, EVER used a masque quite like it. I use this once a month, twice if its winter as my hair can get quite dry and your hair feels as soft as baby hair, I’m seriously not exaggerating. Please give it a try. I have a link below for all who want to have a nosey (sorry I could get a picture it’s at my house and I’m away at the moment)



I hope you all have enjoyed this and taken some inspiration for a few new products to give a go here and there.


Let me know how you get on in the comments below!!