My Skin Care Routine

Hellooooo ladies!


Today I wanted to share my skin care routine, below are the products I use…



I always start by removing all my make up (obvs not on a morning…) first with my Simple Kind To Skin Cleaning Wipes and excess eye make up with my No.7 Eye Make up Remover, you have to shake it up to mix it together, but it removes it clean off (it’s glittery too :D). I follow this by putting a covering of Simple’s Oil Balancing Exfoliator and using my little face exfoliator scrubber to aid in a deeper cleanse and dead/dry skin removal. Using this little scrub exfoliator helps increase the blood and lymph flow to your face, creating quicker damage recovery and a healthier looking complexion, removing with sponges. After, I use the Body Shop facial massager, which also increases blood and lymph flow, makes your face feel and appear much fresher and is ridiculously relaxing! It’s great before bed! Then, it’s cleansing time, with Cetaphil’s cleanser which I give my skin a quick rinse with and wash away, then apply No.7’s Spot Rapid Spot Rescue where required, just dabbing on any red/risen areas where acne appears, then applying No.7’s T-Zone rescue. Once this has dried I put a thin layer of Cetaphil moisturiser all over my face, remember when you apply moisturiser just apply a thin enough layer so that once gently rubbed in you have no residue on your hands or face, if so you’ve applied too much, which can clog and grease your skin.

I do this skin routine 2 or 3 times a week,to improve and aid the health of my skin. I prefer a more simplified version of this for my morning and night skin care, firstly because this routine daily is more than your skin needs to be generally healthy and secondly because my bed is my prized possession and I refuse to spend more time out of it on a morning than I have to.

Thats totally normal right…


;D hope this was helpful to you guys, I will be adding a blog of my more simplified morning and evening routine. Please bare in mind that over doing it with skin care routines can make your skin more susceptible to the over productions of it’s natural oils if you’re using products that are strong in chemicals and strip your skin of its natural oils on a regular basis. This can make your skin very oily, you can break out and your efforts to aid the health and appearance of your skin can back fire. Please take care and know your products before you buy them, some are worse for your skin than you may think.



Roobes xxx




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