My new Nails Inc. colours!


I recently bought these new nail colours and I adore them. They’re beautiful alone or together as a nail art piece. I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of these polishes also, they dry very quickly and look beautiful on, I specifically tried these without a top coat to see how they cope with wear and tear and I have to say they did a pretty good job, they didn’t chip for 3 days.

The pink ones from left to right are: Notting Hill Gate(Neon Shade), South Molton Street, Iyall Mews and Bloomsbury Square(3D Glitter).

Notting Hill Gate and South Molton Street are slightly transparent upon application, they give almost a glazed look, I really love it, however it can appear a standard polish thickness by applying a 3rd coat. Iyall Mews is GORGEOUS! It gives an interesting look as there is so many different shapes and sizes within the bottle and it looks great topping any colour, as its generally a black and white mixture with a hint of pink. The Bloomsbury Square polish always looks stunning, its slightly raised from your nail and in the light shines so many different shades of pink and purple, this looks its optimum with two coats, don’t be fooled by how good one coat looks!

The blue ones from left to right are: St Luke’s Street, Connaught Square (3D Glitter), Kensington Park Road and Cornwall (Feather Effect).

Firstly St Luke’s Square is matte. Yes, matte. I had no idea either. I was kind of annoyed when I realised until I noticed how lovely the dried colour was and it actually is a very pretty colour (if you want it shiny I just use a normal top coat, it looks just as lovely). Connaught Square is glitter shades of turquoise, purple and navy 3D effect. I need to say no more. Kensington Park Road Neon Effect instantly topped the list of all time favourite colour polishes I’ve ever owned. It’s an all year round stunner, you’re nails will categorically not go unnoticed with this beauty covering them. It needs it’s own throne. Finally the Cornwall feather effect, it’s a cute look however I’m not overly convinced about this one, it’s the only polish I bought which I’ve questioned. It looks nice on but you need 2-3 coats on (which after your original 2 is a bit much) for it to look like you’ve not been playing with chopped tinsel whilst painting your nails and it seems to take over your nail, as in there’s no point using it as a top coat as it looks, well, weird. Although on the up side, it’s a great addition to my nail art colours, using it as an effect rather than a coat looks fab, so if you’re going to purchase any of the feather range, I would say to bare in mind it’s not a top coat.

I’m genuinely impressed with these varnishes, Nails Inc. have really stepped up even higher with these little fella’s. Definately worth your consideration ladies!




Roobes xxx




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