What’s in my gym bag???








Hey there lovely ladies! I’ll be honest, when I was packing my gym bag for the first time in a while I was seriously umming and ahhing about what I really needed to take and what would just consume unnecessary space in my bag. Due to my epic dilemma, I figured I could share with you what my ‘keep it simple’ gym bag concept consists of…



Gym bags are always quite interesting, they’re either full of your entire life or full of more a less nothing much at all. I try and keep mine down to the essentials and the simple things I need, in small volumes; it’s not the kind of thing you want to be carting round with you all day if you, like me, go to the gym straight after work and don’t have time to pick it up from home/go home and get changed first.

I always make sure I’ve got make up remover, always. Sweating is actually incredibly good for your skin and helps to excrete some of the rubbish that’s hiding away in there, so having a full face of make up whilst exercising causes your pores to clog with quite a grotty layer sitting between your skin and make up, which turns your face into a sweaty, sticky patchy make-upped mess. Yum.

Deodorant, spare bobbles and hair clips go without saying alongside my gym bra,top,pants,trainers and socks.

One amazing feeling that comes after a beast of a work out is a good long hot shower and giving your hair a deep shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the speed-grease your hair gathers. I love Alberto Balsam, I personally think it’s very underrated purely because of it’s low price. My hair feels as soft and lovely as it does using Alberto Balsam as it does using Bed Head, Paul Mitchell or any other big brand. I swear by the stuff. However if you’ve not done a too hard core work out, sometimes I like to just get a quick shower, which is where my hair clip, shower cream, shower puff and towel come in handy (I know gyms usually have their own shower gel in the cubicles but it always smells dead weird…). Lathering yourself in shower cream after a grim work out = best feeling ever.

I prefer to moisturise when I get out of the shower wherever I am, but after a work out splodging a world of moisturiser on your feet after your trainers have shown them whose boss is heavenlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. As always and forever, I bring my mini bottle of Aqueous BP Cream.

My water bottle is my life saver. I bought it from the gym for about £6.00 but it’s great for taking on runs, bike rides and walks… It sits pretty compact and it’s strong for a water bottle ya know…

If I’m going to the gym on a weekend straight from home, I usually reduce everything by half. I take my shower puff, moisturiser, towel, shower cream, water bottle and hair clip, which live happily ever after in my hand bag. Oh yeah, handbag gym bags FTW!

Hope this came as a bit of help/guidance for you guys.

(Ooh I forgot. HEADPHONES!)




Roobes xxx




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