My August Hair FAVES!

Hey there my lovelies!

So, it’s the 1st September(whiterabbitswhiterabbitswhiterabbits), august 2014 has ended and has proved a few interesting new finds for me in hair land which I wanted to share with you guys…


I declared my love for Batiste’s floral XXL volume dry shampoo. I can’t cope with how amazing this stuff is, it doesn’t just do the standard dry shampoo job of 1 day’s works is enough days work and tomorrow your hair will be just as greasy as ever. Oh no, my hair stays fresh for another THREEEEEEEEE days, three, not one, not two, THREE. Yes. It’s love of my life right now. And it lasts forever. Bonus!

Also, my hairdresser sold me the Bed Head Spoil Me hairspray. I’m generally all or nothing for hairspray so I wasn’t ecstatic about buying it. However all thoughts were questioned when I tried out this particular hair spray. It smells luscious, it holds your hair unbelievably well and it’s rather long lasting as you don’t have to use all too much of it each time. It’s fab for maintaining heavy up-do’s and big curls. The only downside to it is it’s quite sticky, it brushes out… sort of, but it’s not noticeable, you notice it most when gets on your skin, i.e. your forehead/hands/face, it goes a bit shiny and doesn’t rub off all too easily, avoid by covering these areas with this one! (Cheers Steve!)

Aussie’s Take The Heat is my favorite heat protecting hair non wash hair conditioner. It’s great at protecting your hair from damaged, split ends, dryness and ‘that aged hair look’. It also gives your hair a sleek, soft shine along side that typical yummy Aussie Hair Product smell they add to EVERYTHING, I’ll be their hair models stink of it (wouldn’t complain if it was me though). Short hair requires one good splodge, long hair two, long thick hair (i.e. boob length shaped like a mane) 3-4.

Tigi’s Catwalk is interesting… It was originally made for using after hair has been styled and to keep the shape and shine, HOWEVER, it’s recently been found that if you use it before applying heat it protects and holds hair incredibly well. I use it for both and it’s best when straightening instead of curling/crimping/waves, although as opposed to Aussie it smells a bit weird. Not bad, just weird. I spray it on my strand of hair which I’m straightening, rub in a downward motion to the tip of the strand and immediately apply my straighteners, the results are a beauty!

Of course it has to be the one and only BigSexyHair Volumising Gel. This bad boy smells GORGEOUS, looks GORGEOUS and lives up to its name. GORGEOUS. If I’m not styling my hair I tend to just apply a couple of blobs of this mainly through my roots and pulled down through my hair to the tip if it reaches if not, it’s volumising, since when did anyone volumise the tips of their hair anyway? I use a big round brush and curl my hair round from the root until half to 3/4’s of the brush is covered in hair, then hold and blow dry until completely dry continue to pull through your hair until about half way down then release your hair and just free dry it from there. Also it’s pretty cheap, I think if I remember right, when I bought mine it was about £7-£8.Volume achievement unlocked!

Leaving the best till last, Moroccan Oil. Oh my days, this product. Just wow. This beautiful little madam takes your hair to another level of lush. I apply this always from root to tip making sure my hands are as free of oil as possible before I dry my hair, even if you’ve used the most bio hazardous deadly shampoo, you’re hair will look like you’ve just paid a million dollars for it doing by the best hairdresser in the universe. I’ve never felt hair so soft, fresh, clean, shiny, healthy and baby new until I used this. I had my first bottle for 9 months and I used it at least once a week, check that out. I rarely big up a product too much as I’m never convinced they are worth it enough but I stand by this 100%, if like me you’ve found your inner moroccan oil monster, try out their shampoo and conditioner range, you wont be disappointed!

Aussies Take The Heat, Tigi’s Catwalk Spray, Bead Head’s Spoil Me and Batiste’s Floral XXL Volumising Dry Shampoo are all less than £10, Batiste is less that £5, so you wont be forking out much for these fantastic products. Bargain!

Moroccan Oil is more expensive I bought my last one at around £15, but it’s totally, undoubtedly worth every penny.

Happy Hair Day!


Roobes xxx





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