Benefit HOOLA Lip Gloss Review…


Aloha my lovely ladies!!!!

I recently was given a sample of Benefit’s HOOLA Lip Gloss recently, having not tried it before but seen it in store I was quite the interested madam…


Above is a swatch of HOOLA.

It’s not very dark, it accentuates your lips more than changes the colour. It’s silky smooth on your lips and isn’t sticky at all which is virtually unheard of with lip glosses. It looks lovely on it’s own as it’s got a very glossy glisten to it with a glittery hint but still holds a very beautiful and even occasional appearance. However I personally like to wear it over a beige/light brown lipstick, it looks absolutely stunning and really boosts the look of these shades. I find that it gives your lips quite a rounder plumper look (gorgeous!) because it sits quite strongly on top of your lips and to make it even better it lasts for a very long time, whooppa! (Oh and even better it smells and tastes amazing too – did I really just say that…)

I’ll definitely buy this again as soon as I run out, it certainly lives up to Benefits usual high standards I recommend it highly!


Is there anything you have tried out that’s really blown you away, or in the opposite direction, reeeeally disappointed you?
Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading hunnies!




Roobes xxx




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