My home stuff haul!!


I had an epic home haul which yes is massively covered with candles… 😀


So the little bark heart candles are beautiful, the light glistens through the bark and is beautiful they were £3 each, the LOVE sign is £7 and looks gorgeous on the windowsill with the candle in the background I’ve put them around the hurricane candle jar with frosted berry glass, this ones definately staying out for the festive season! I put the beads and pebbles inside myself to give it some life (£1 each). The Wicker jar is lovely and great for carrying round your house, its got a lovely ‘snug home’ feeling to it. The Wicker jar in the back ground which is white with pebbles surrounding the candle is gorgeous, the simplicity of this jar makes it so pretty, this was from an independent shop in Guiseley, Leeds or £19.95. Finally my Pen/pencil holder is actually a toothbrush holder for £3 I love it! I’m a pain when it comes to stationery it takes me ages to find the right things so this find was epic!

All except the white wicker candle holder are from ASDA Living.


The lightshade is from IKEA and also the plant pot, I LOVE THEM! The lamp is £12 and a whole bunch of fun to create (I love making IKEA stuff) with a beautiful modern appearance. I’m a huge fan of these old school plant pots too, they’re £1 each SO cheap and look amazing, I keep my herbs in them in the kitchen, the quirky-ness of it looks great!


20140904_185028 (1)

My Hello Kitty bin. Quite simply, I LOVE hello kitty, and  I think I paid around £6-£8 for this bin. It’s alot bigger than it looks and it’s great, sturdy too, if you’re a Hello Kitty lover this ones definately for you :D.

Mine was from Amazon 🙂



Roobes xxx




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