My top 5 fall lip colours


I’m so excited!!! I absolutely love this time of year, it’s the snug season. It’s getting darker, colder and certainly requires more layers! The leaves are changing colour and your lip colours do to. Which is why I wanted to share my top 5 fall lip colours, which are a big change to my usual summery, bright’s and bold’s.

20140912_191620Β Here’s a swatch of all the colours above, starting from the top (closest to my wrist) we’ve got:

Please me by MAC, which is a beautiful, soft pink with a frosty touch. I love wearing this in autumn, especially on those days where it’s really quite cold or when I don’t apply much eye make up, your lips really stand out. I find it looks gorgeous with ivories/almonds/nudes and baby pinks, all colours which I love wearing when it gets into the chillier seasons.

Glacier by No7, this is also quite frosty, it’s quite a rosy pink with a two tone hint of golden shine. This is beautiful in autumn/winter as it incorporates the slightly darker pink fall shades into the golden fall shades. It really brings out golden/bronze eye make up too! I wear this quite regularly during the cold seasons(even in spring) as it goes with more or less anything and really boosts the appearance of your lips due to the tinted golden shimmer.

Sultry by No7, this is a really deep, matte red. When the weather gets frosty and your skin takes on a slightly paler tone, this looks gorgeous! It looks wonderful with the darker eyes but in the complete opposite looks fab with barely any eye make up on at all. I personally prefer wearing this colour with lighter coloured clothing, whites & creams as it really stands out and the colour itself is a staple of the autumn leafy shades.

Velvet Teddy by MAC, on the scale of nudes this one is definitely on the darker side. It’s quite a heavy matte lipstick and it says put for the day, once it’s on it’s a make up wipe at the end of the day to get it off! I think the warmness of this lipstick compliments the fall weather and especially the colours and tones surrounding you during the fall period. It brings out a lovely natural look and for me fits the season perfectly, it’s certainly not a colour I would wear during spring or summer as it’s too soft. I prefer to wear this with bronze/brown/green eye make up and clothing wise, my khaki’s, navies, ivories and mustards.

Plum Beautiful by No7, is a burnt reddy/brown colour. It’s so pretty!!! I find with this one more than most, it really defines the shape and plumpness of your lips, making them stand out from the crowd big time! This is great with an overall darker look, it fits the barky, fallen brown crunchy leaf feelΒ (if you know what I mean). Personally I love this with black leggings, some tall brown boots and a snugly dark brown/grey/black jumper, wearing dark eye make up but not too much, this colour is one to bring attention to your lips solely.


Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what you think in the comments below…




Roobes xxx




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