I love this recipe, it’s full of goodness and a hearty meal too, especially now the colder weather is coming in! You can change up this dish a bit if you’re not a spice lover, just swap the chilli with lemon. Happy Days!!


First and foremost boil your kettle and add 300ml of boiling water to a jug, add 1 chicken stock cube (or if you’re feeling awesome and you’ve got some to hand add some home made stock!) and stir until completely mixed. You must allow your stock to cool a little until its warm-hot, if you add it into the pan when it’s boiling it’ll start to cook your chicken. You don’t want this to happen because this dish is a slow cooking one, if the stock is too hot you’re chicken will cook too fast, then it’ll be tough and it’s the end of the world. No one wants that.

Now, take 2 garlic cloves, half of your big red chilli, chop these nice and thin take 2 shallots and chop them slightly thicker, vertically. In a medium sized deep pan on medium-hot heat, put a good lug of olive oil and fry the garlic, chilli and shallots until softened, put a pinch of salt and pepper in the pan and add 1 skin on chicken breast. Now make sure when you put your chicken in the pan you put it skin side down first, fry it for about 3 mins on either side.

*pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 6/200C/400F*

Your stock should have cooled down by now (if not add a teeny bit of cold water), it should be hot enough for you to dip your finger in and keep it there for about 20 seconds before getting too hot. Add into your pan then with the remainder of your chilli, keep the green stalk on and slice into strips. By keeping the stalk on it ensures the chilli strips stay attached, then lay it on top of your chicken breast and sprinkle a handful of fresh rosemary leaves on and around your chicken. Put the lid on your pan and turn the heat down to medium-low. You need to leave this for about 30-40 mins.

Whilst chicken and friends have a party in the pan, take a roasting dish and oil the base. Now for my greens I like broccoli, green beans, asparagus and kale, with a strip of fresh vine tomatoes but the great thing about this dish is it’s a lovely mixer and matcher, if you’re not into you’re greens and prefer roast squash/peppers/carrots use them instead it’s just as yummy! Take a small handful of each of your greens, including your vine tomatoes and coat them in garlic salt, pepper and olive oil, lay them all out evenly *EXCEPT THE KALE PUT IT TO ONE SIDE FOR NOW*  in your roasting tin and pop them in the oven after about 10-15 mins add in your kale and leave for another 10 mins.

Check your chicken, if you have a thermometer it should be 75C+ in the middle, if not, when you cut it it’ll be pure white in the middle.

The stock should be reduce massively and much thicker now, take your roast greens and place on your plate, on top of your veg place your chicken and pour whats left in the pan over the top. I think if you sit the half chilli and vine tomatoes on top of your chicken the dish looks just that bit more attractive, like it or not we eat with our eyes!




Let me know if you tried it and what you thought!



Roobes xxx


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