Breville’s Blend Active – My New Kitchen Toy!!!


I’ve always loved smoothies and wanted a smoothie machine instead of just using my food processor (I like having specific kitchen gadgets for specific things, is anyone else like that or am I just a bit strange…?). I saw this on Amazon recently, on offer to, OH YEAH, so I figured why not, it looks good, it had rave reviews and for Ā£20 down from Ā£30 it must be okay right…

So in le pack you get 1 600ml bottle, one 300ml bottle and the processor machine, but, get this, the bottle you make your smoothie in you just take off of the processor and walk away with. You don’t need to faff around pouring your smoothie from one container to another you literally just take it straight off with you and the lid is like a gym/protein style bottle so it’s really secure to carry around with you. Awesome!

I trialed it for the first time yesterday and I must say putting all the clever taking your bottle with you straight off the press, it being easy to clean and all that jazz, the functionality of it is spot on. The blades are crazy sharp so it can even deal with frozen fruit/veg really well (I much prefer using frozen fruit in smoothies, the texture is smoother and more like milkshake. NOM) and it works preeeeetty fast. The quality of the plastic is very strong and very sturdy. I had to give it a flick to find out if it was glass or plastic (I was having stupid a moment okay?!) and the lid stays put; it’s not one of those really annoying lids that seriously test your brain capacity because when you turn it the full way and it should stop, but, it doesn’t and it’s the most annoying thing in the world and makes you want to cry and then it pours it’s entire contents all over your bag and instead of wanting to cry you just do.

For any health lovers or general smoothie lovers I would definitely recommend investing in one of these! They’re a big time saver and really handy for being on the go.

Mine is the better half of me. That’s not weird to say right?


Roobes xxx


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