China Glaze ‘White On White’ Review


I recently bought this polish as I ran out of my previous one – Essie’s Marshmallow, which I absolutely adored but I fancied trying a new one this time and seeing as though I own several other China Glaze polishes figured I could give this one a go. I’m a huge fan of my other China Glaze polishes, they’re good quality, thick, strong polishes and all look fab upon application; this one however I’m not sure if they suffered some kind of memory loss before making this formula…

The colour of the polish itself is lovely, it certainly lives up to it’s name I’ll give it that! However it takes about 3-4 coats of it before it looks like you’ve not applied it whilst trying to concentrate on watching your new favorite TV series.

The first coat goes on like old watered down tip-ex and so does the second. There’s honestly no way around this. I’ve tried thinner layers, thicker layers, keeping it in different temperatures, leaving it different lengths of time between applying your next coat. NOTHING WORKS! To put it plain and simple it’s just a really bad polish. It’s thick, gloopy, dries far too fast – it almost acts like a crackle polish with how it seems to dry incredibly quickly when you take the lid off. When I apply it, the layers go on in so many different thicknesses and it looks stripey, but because some strips are thicker than others, it dries at different speeds and then the appearance follows onto the next coat. Before you’re nails look even you’ve used half the bottle and a whole bunch of time you’ll never get back waiting for this to look some what sensible.

I personally wouldn’t advise buying this polish. Yes there’s the possibility I’ve just got the short straw and all the other White On White China Glaze polishes are spot on, but I find that a bit unlikely…

I prefer to use this polish for nail art effects and water marbling solely because of how thick it is it works really well for those specific designs. Taking another view, there are two white polishes which I do recommend, they look gorgeous and apply perfect:

Essie’s Marshmallow and OPI’s Alpine Snow.
A great cheaper drugstore take on these products is Barry M’s Coconut

Let me know what you think!


Roobes xxx




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