Easiest Over-Night Curls Ever!!!



This is possibly the quickest, easiest, most comfortable and effective over-night curls do you’ll ever come across. I do this all the time and because it holds so tight your curls do the same when you let them loose the next day! WIN! I’m going to take you through this step by step, so you can achieve these big, natural, strong curls too!

FIRST… get your twist on, nice and tight so it starts to curl itself up into a bun.

Now wrap it up into a bun, really tight like so and grab your bobble…

With your bobble…

Make sure that the back of your bobble sits horizontally across your tight bun holding it strongly in place…

Once you’ve tied it as above it should be super comfortable, I often do my hair like this on lazy days so it should definitely by tight enough but not painful, if…

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