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Hey my lovelies!

I sent myself off to the shops recently, I’ve decided to finally do some of the things with my house I’ve been wanting to for ages. I got a few little bits and bats to brighten it up too which I wanted to share with you

I got these awesome little storage pots from IKEA to help store my hair accessories in. There’s 3 of the little square pots, 1 large rectangular pot and 1 large square box that fits all the other pots in too, so you could use it for them or as a separate box for stuff to. These have really helped organize my dressing table!

I got this beautiful vase too! I got this from Asda to put in the middle of my new set of drawers in my room (they looked so empty and boring). I love the colour of this vase specifically, it’s lilac but in the sun it’s a chrome/silver it’s gorgeous!!

I’ve got my vase all ready and set for halloween! I got the flowers from my local supermarket, the purple, cream and pale pink colours are just beautiful, I love cabbage roses too so I’m super happy with these! Accompanying the vase and flowers is these awesome skill candles for £2.50 each at Morrisons, they’re not scented but they look epic. You can’t really tell in the light (sorry it was really late!) but they’re like an emerald/black colour.

I LOVE THESE! They’re so good for keeping your bathroom stuff together. The little knit boxes are fab, there’s 1 big square box, 1 big rectangular box and 2 mini square boxes. These are amazing for keeping certain things together and in one place for example I have my everyday skin care and requirements in one, my serums in another, my scrubs in another and my make up wipes and moisturiser and other little bits and bats in another. Definitely a major organization aid!
Secondly I got the matching pouches. These are great for the things you don’t want crowding your sink and bath sides, or ‘go-to’ things you need to hand all the time. I keep these by my sink, as I keep my daily scrub, make up wipes, deep cleanse face wash and daily moisturizer in the little one and all of my skin care aids in the other, like my beloved back scrubber/massager, face exfoliating brush, scrub mitten and sponge mask removers etc in the other. They’re a brilliant help for keeping your things in one place and freeing up other space too 🙂
Boxes: £8     Pouches: £8

All make way for the best cushion I’ve ever seen. (except this christmas one which will be welcomed into my house next month, I can’t cope with how adorable it is!) I got these as accessories for the top of my new set of drawers also. They’re great for this season, but also just as general cushions as the colours could work for fall and for all year round. I love how cuddly they are and over anything 1: PUG, 2: PUG WITH HEADPHONES!, 3: LEOPARD PRINT. I love pugs, can you tell :P. I just love these two cushions and I didn’t feel even slightly bad about the fact that I walked out with the last pug cushion in the shop. He’s mine! Muahahaha.


Hope you liked my little haul, have you been buying any bits and bats to make your home a bit more snug for fall or a bit more scary for halloween?? Tell me all about it!! I’d love to hear 🙂

Much love and kisses to all fellow Pug lovers!



Roobes xxxxx




NOTD: halloween candy corn nails!


Hey there guys,

As I mentioned in my previous NOTD, my little halloween nail tutorial was coming up. I like to keep halloween nails nice and simple I think too much nail art takes away the awesomeness of halloween spookyness. These are super easy and suitable with any outfit too! All you need is:

A bright orange, a strong bright yellow, white and a thick glitter polish (mine has a hint of white to it) and obviously your base and top coat.
Don’t forget a wedge make up sponge.

Firstly paint all of your nails except your two middle ones with your orange, two layers should be fine. Leave them to dry whilst you focus on the design for your two middle fingers.

Paint your two middle fingers white, just one layer will do, it’s fine if it looks a bit washed out because you’re going to be using the sponge to create the ombre effect over the top anyway. On your sponge layer the colours of a candy corn, white at the top, orange in the middle and yellow at the bottom and dab onto your nail to create the ombre effect. You’ll probably need to do this twice to define the colours. Once they are dry, apply a coat of the white glitter to reduce the harshness and add a bit of shimmer to them too.

Then you’re done!! A really easy, really cute and girly halloween nail design that goes with any outfit!

Hope you liked it and have a fantastic Halloween evening. Trick or treat (no one ever tricks. Boring. You watch what’s going to happen when someone knocks on my door now, I’ll regret saying this and end up covered in beans or something -_-)




Roobes xxxxx



Your BEDroom


Trouble sleeping? Is your bedroom your entire living space except when you’re hungry or need the loo or a shower? Do you go to bed and sit up for the next 5 hours watching your favourite series or YouTube videos? Is your room full of bright lights? Do you go to bed then sit on your phone for hours scrambling through your wishlist on Amazon?
NaughtyNaughty. No wonder you’re having trouble sleeping! Your bedroom is exactly what is says on the tin, it’s not a living space or bed-office. It’s your BEDroom, the place you go to relax and to sleep, calm down and unwind.

So many people I know, me included used to live in their room. They would go to their room and sit in bed on their computer for hours on end, on facebook, twitter, YouTube, Amazon, watching their favourite TV series, yet continuously complain that they can’t sleep. I tended to find it happened more with me when I lived with my parents, because it was the only room that was mine, my own space, my little world. Yet how is your brain supposed to associate your bedroom with rest, relaxation and sleep if what you do when your in there is the complete opposite?!

You need to have your living space in one room, whether it’s your kitchen, office, living room, wherever suits you, sit in the bathroom if it makes you happy, just don’t live your day to day, busy, time consuming life in your bedroom. Your bedroom is your rest space, your sleep space, your relaxation and unwinding space, so you should treat it that way. Your mind associates different places with different mind frames, i.e. school is one for working, your kitchen is a place where you cook, prepare and eat, your bathroom is a place you go to pamper yourself and be clean and your bedroom is a place where you go to relax and sleep. So you need to do things in your room that associate your mind with that.

For example, put some candles in your room, some mildly scented ones (I have vanilla), on your shelves and around your bed and/or some fairy lights to create some nice ambient lighting. Don’t put your bright bedside light on or as Peter Kay says: the ‘Big Light’. They’re too bright, it’ll keep you awake and keep your brain working harder than it needs to be. Make sure your bed is welcoming and comfy, if your sheets are boring or uncomfortable, get some new ones! Get a nice cosy throw for your bed and some cushions to prop yourself up on. I’m not saying go to bed and go to sleep immediately, I’m just saying don’t go to bed when you’re not tired, with zero intention of going to sleep for the next 6 hours. Put your favourite book in your bedside drawer and put things around you that make you happy, whether it’s your teddies, pictures, ornaments, or something someone important to you has got for you. Just make your sleeping space a really welcoming, comforting place to be. Your mind instantly relaxes around that kind of environment and if your doing all the things in your room which you do during your day to day life when your brain cogs are going mental, how do you expect your brain to relax?!

Sleep is so important. It’s great for your mind, it’s healthy and it makes you feel so much better the next day. Who wants to have to get up at 8am for work feeling like crap just to know that crappy feeling is just going to get worse all day? Make your bedroom your bedroom and your other rooms in your house your living space, you’ll notice a world of difference when it comes to actually feeling relaxed and tired when you go to bed. You wont regret making such small changes that will make such a huge difference. They have helped me so much more than I could’ve imagined! You’ll feel so much better with more sleep and knowing that your room is your rest space 🙂


Take care and sleep well guys, in your BEDroom, it’s not called that for no reason 🙂



Roobes xxxxx



NOTD: matte brown leafy fall nails


Well hello there!

I really enjoyed my last NOTD so I’ve been really excited to do this one too! I’ve used Konad Stamping for this look but only on my two middle fingers and it’s the same design so nice and easy.

As always starting with a base coat, then I have applied Barry M’s brown shade in ‘Mushroom’, two layers did it just fine, on all of my nails. Once completely dry, I have used a Matte top coat this time to add to the musky fall appearance.

For my two middle fingers I have used a Konad Stamping Plate and chosen the leafy vine design. Applying a layer of white polish and scraping off I have stamped it on my nails about 5 times at different lengths to create a bit of depth and so it looks a bit more realistic. Honestly it’s as simple as that. I didn’t go back over the stamped nails with matte top coat because the light shine of the leafy vines makes them really stand out from the rest of your nails.

And that’s it.

The white I used is China Glaze: White on White
The brown I used is Barry M: Mushroom
The base coat: OPI’s Nail Envy
The top coat: OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Let me know if you like it and if you try it out too!

Other optional colours:
Brown matte base & green leaves
Cream matte base & golden leaves
Green matte base & mustard leaves
Burnt orange base & cream leaves

Stay tuned for my halloween nail tutorial on monday!!!!!



Roobes xxxxx



No7 Rapid Spot Rescue review


We all have spots, imperfections, blemishes, redness and uneven tones on our skin, no one is perfect and no one has completely clear skin. Sometimes, though, we wish we did have perfectly clear skin. So when those spots and imperfections make an appearance, they’re not planning on leaving all too soon which is the most annoying thing, which is why it’s really handy to have a reliable serum to help them on their way.

I first bought this serum about 3 years ago, it’s on it’s last legs but that’s a whole load of time it’s lasted me, it cost me about £12 from Boots. The formula is quite thick and clear. Once you apply it you know it’s hit the right place, as it does sting quite a bit, it’s a weirdly nice kinda sting though. I just pat it onto the area until any excess has gone. I find it tends to work best on broken skin (so to put it bluntly once you’ve had a whole bunch of fun popping your spot). Redness clears incredibly quickly and the swelling of the area reduces as quick too. The spot itself I find tends to have gone with a couple of days of use, usually once in the morning before make up and once on a night before bed really works for me.

I love this stuff and I’ll be honest, I literally have nothing bad to say about it at all. It’s an absolute must for your beauty&skincare cupboard and is no where near as expensive as some of the higher end brands which in my opinion will either do exactly the same or not work as well. It’s lasted me ages and I’m not one to be blessed with good skin, I have larger pores here and there, my T-Zone gets really oily, I get trapped oil in my skin, I get redness, I get black heads and I certainly get spots WE ALL DO. Your skin is not something to be ashamed of, it doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you who you are and it doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Honestly, no body, absolutely no body has perfect skin and no body is clear of all of the above, so if someone wearing more make up than your local drug store decides to look at you or treat you differently because you might have a couple of spots here and there or you might have a few patches of uneven skin tone or redness, let them, but see their reaction when you tell them to take of the mask they’re hiding behind.

Be proud of your skin, one of the only times it’s nice to hear this: we’re all the same 🙂.



Roobes xxxxx



How to: Konad Stamping.


Hello there m’lovelies!

Today is a ‘How to’ day for something, which personally for me, baffled my little brain for AGES. Konad stamping was one of those things where initially I was like, I bet that’s a pain in the backside to do/I can imagine it’s really quite hard. So I steered clear of it for a long time, until I saw it trending on YouTube and realised that yes, I may actually be wrong here. I’ll admit there’s a bit of a ‘knack’ to it,  but you get there after your first 2/3 times. The worst part is, it’s faffy, I’ll explain why later but please do keep reading, it’s really really easy and definitely worth investing the time and money in, it makes nail art look like an absolute walk in the park!

You can buy Konad Stamping sets on their website, Amazon, Ebay, anywhere you care to look really, they sell them in the simple set of the stamper and scraper which I would recommend (you can get a double ended stamper for more precision with the smaller designs as opposed to a single ended one, I would say to get the double ended one). Or they come in sets which include stamping polish and/or some plates. It’s up to you, but it’s about £5-£7 to get the scraper and stamper set, so it’s nice and cheap.
Get yourself a couple of different plates to begin with, again you can buy these from more a less anywhere too, pick some designs you like they’re only £2/£3 each. There are lots of different makes of stamping plates out there, from personal experience stay away from the cheap ones, they aren’t engraved deep enough and therefore when you transfer the design onto your stamper it doesn’t go and your just left with a messy plate and disappointment. Big no-no.
There are only 3 brands I 100% recommend:
(I’ve linked them to the websites direct for you to look/buy)

I’ve had guaranteed results with all of these brands, which is why these are the only ones I’m prepared to recommend.
Now, stamping polish, a little bit of a myth in my opinion, however, each to their own. You don’t need a specific stamping polish, you can just as easily use any old polish from your rack, the only thing I will say is don’t use that thin, rubbish one you’ve had for 10 years, use a good quality strong, thick polish otherwise it looks washed out. You can buy stamping polish, it is thicker and in it’s defence sometimes is worth it if you’re doing an intricate design, but for a starter, it’s definitely not required. As you go on, if you enjoy stamping and improve as your design quality, then you should look into getting stamping polish.

So good to knows out of the way, how to’s coming up…

Firstly, make the huge decision of which design you want to do, grab the plate, your base colour, stamping colour, scraper, stamper, nail polish remover and some cotton pads/balls. Yes, I am aware the list is extensive, but don’t let it put you off. For your set up make sure you’ve got the base colour on your nails and it’s COMPLETELY DRY, otherwise, it’ll squash and smudge it when you apply your stamp design and then the whole thing is a categorical disaster. Apply a good amount of nail varnish remover to a pad/ball and put to one side. Now you’ll have to do this bit quickly (don’t worry speed comes in time), apply a coat of your chosen stamping colour over the design on the plate, put some weight behind your hand and scrape off the excess polish with your scraper and immediately roll your stamper over the design, again applying a bit of pressure behind the stamper to make sure it picks up the whole design, then quickly roll the design on to the desired area of your nail. Once you’ve done the stamping bit, take the polish remover coated pad/ball and wipe your plate clean of any excess polish. Then you’re ready to start the whole process again.

I know that sounds ridiculously faffy, painful and annoying and like it’s going to take forever, but it doesn’t I promise. The first couple of times I did it it took about 15 mins for me to do the stamping, after that my 4th/5th time it only took 5 mins, as soon as you get into the rythem of it it takes no time at all. I love the fact that it makes you look like a nail art pro, yet all the hard work is already cut out for you, it’s super easy and very rewarding to look at once you’re done 🙂
Don’t forget to apply your top coat!!!

Things to remember:

  • You don’t HAVE to use stamping polish
  • You will need a cotton wool pad/ball with a good coating of nail polish remover ready before you start
  • Keep your scraper clean!
  • Do your nails on an old towel/kitchen roll to avoid making mess
  • Konad, MoYou, Born Pretty – my recommendations
  • Wipe your stamping plate after every use
  • Don’t do any stamping until your base colour is definitely dry.

Hope this was of some help to you guys if you like the idea of or want to try Konad Stamping. Let me know how you get on or if you’re going to try it. I’m putting up a blog later in the week of an NOTD with Konad Stamping so check that out to see some designs too!


Roobes xxxxx



The Lovely Blog Award


Hi guys!
I have been nominated for The Lovely Blog Award by the gorgeous childoftheuniversebeauty! Thankyou so much!

So here are the rule of the nnomination Firstly, you must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. You must list the rules and display the award. You must add 7 facts about yourself. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you, obviously if you want to that is…

So, 7 facts about me:

I am a huge coffee fanatic, Costa is my second home I love the stuff, if I don’t have 3 or 4 coffee’s on a morning I’m dysfunctional for the entire day.
I have 5 fish -Bruce, Biggie, Brian, Lala, Po and Hercules, 1 hamster – Keith and 2 mice – Boo and Luna.
I work in recruitment outsourcing.
I am a fully qualified beauty therapist which includes a massive obsession with all things make up related.
I have a concerning obsession with Hello Kitty, there are all types of things Hello Kitty all over my house, centring mostly in my room.
As far as I’m concerned Bulldogs/Mastiff breeds are the best things in the whole entire planet.
Whenever I’m upset or feeling down I turn to Miranda Hart for a pick me up.

There’s my mini fact list, and from here I nominated the following 15:

Thanks again to childoftheuniversebeauty, I have linked her blog above, please do check it out, she has amazing eye make up tutorials and tonnes more.



Roobes xxxxx