Super Cute & Easy NOTD


I had a boredom moment of nail inspiration yesterday (no idea where it came from), but it produced this, which I think is a lovely simple yet, eye catching design. I love teals and golds together anyway so god knows why I’ve never thought to do this before but here it is!

I started with a base coat, I use OPI’s nail envy because my nails are crap, they break at any opportunity, which is why I’m using a strengthening based one. Once dry, apply one coat of No7’s ‘So Neat’, once dry apply your second coat. Do this on all nails except your ring finger nail, on this one you’ll need a coat of No7’s ‘Sunbeam’ and again once dry apply your second coat.
Now you’ve applied the base’s on all fingers except your ring finger apply one coat of No7’s ‘In the stars’ to create a shimmery effect, then on your ring finger apply 1 coat of Barry M’s ‘Yellow Topaz Glitter’ polish, when dried add a second. Make sure the nail is completely covered in glitter, so the ‘Sunbeam’ base is barely showing.
Apply any top coat of your choice to seal in your design and there you have it!

For me this look is gorgeous throughout all seasons, especially spring and summer. To change it up a bit and make it fit the fall season a little more you could swap the blue for a khaki green, or to make it more wintery swap the gold glitter nail for a silver glitter nail for a colder look.

Here’s the other colours I applied:

Hope you enjoyed this guys, let me know what you think!


Roobes xxx





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