A little secret to keeping your hair shiny & healthy…



‘ello, ‘ello’, ello there!

This little magic trick helps you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy at no extra effort or cost. I love this way of looking after my hair as mine is very coloured and due to the hair being healthier, my colour stays more vibrant for longer and I suffer much less split end issues too! I need to mention Β that it doesn’t matter which brand or formula of shampoo or conditioner you use at all, just make sure you have them both to hand.

Here we go then, so with me into the shower I’ll take, my shampoo and conditioner, which in the picture above is my TK Maxx bargain Argan Magic, a tangle teezer and probably about once a week I use my Macadamia hair masque (you don’t NEED this for what I’m about to tell you but if you have one to hand the results will be even better).

Give your hair a good brush through and rinse with water, then massage in your shampoo thoroughly. Once it’s washed out, if you have a masque apply and leave on for 10-12 mins, if not put your conditioner on and leave for 5 mins or so. Make sure that when your conditioner/masque is applied you use your tangle teezer to brush it through.
After leaving your conditioner/masque in, rinse your hair thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water. Sounds normal right… Now once out of the shower, take a blob of your normal conditioner, NOT MASQUE, rub into your hands and run through your hair from about 1/4 of the way down from your roots, to the tip and leave it be. Don’t rinse it or towel dry your hair, just leave it as it is.
Now, when you come round to drying your hair, dry from the root to 3/4’s of the way down your hair, avoiding direct contact with your hair dryer on the last 1/4 (your ends). Doing this massively reduces heat damage and massively increases healthy, repaired hair as your leaving the conditioner on to work its magic.

Once your hair is completely dry, it will look healthy, radiant, shiny and soft, all at 0 extra cost. This is my little split end repairing, colour saving, radiant, glossy hair secret I wanted to share with you. Not drying the ends makes a world of difference too!

If you liked/try this let me know how it goes!
And check out my hair page too:)




Roobes xxx




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