Prescriptive’s Mini Lip gloss review


So I must be honest, I didn’t really know much about this brand until I got these as a present from my dad. But still when I looked them up, their site wasn’t much of a give away, there seems to be a limited amount of products, which are quite expensive, however it’s gleaming with good reviews, so I guess I just had missed out on the news letter. I gave these a try as I was quite intrigued at this point I must say, here’s what they had to offer.

This is a mini case with 10 different shades of gloss, all of which are great for different looks, seasons or dressing up or down, which is nice to see. I hate it when you get mini’s or anything and it limits you to a specific palette of colours, it’s hardly giving you much of an insight. Upon application these are quite interesting. The gloss is quite thick and very high shine, it’s a strong formula which stays put for a seriously long time, I’ll put this on for work and still have to take a make up wipe to it when I get home! What’s more is it doesn’t smudge, wear badly or thin in any strange way throughout the day, it just stays put as a good strong, pretty gloss.
I have also found with these Prescriptive’s glosses, which can be difficult to find with other brands, that the colour in the container is the colour that goes onto your lips. For example you could get a nude beige colour in the bottle which applies a nude beige gloss to your lips, as opposed to a nude beige colour in the bottle that applies a transparent gloss with a slight hint of beige colour to your lips. Very annoying.
These all have a slight glittery shimmer to them which I like as it adds more dimension to your lips and makes them look fuller and plumper. Along with the fact that the gloss is quite thick too.

The only downside about this gloss, is that it’s quite sticky, which means when I’m wearing it I need to wear my hair up or there can’t be any wind what so ever, which is always a tough one. It doesn’t look sticky at all and your lips don’t have that tar feeling when your mouth is closed, but if your hair blows onto your lips, beware, it may never come off.

Overall 8/10 solely not 10/10 because of the stickiness. These were a fantastic find and I’d definitely buy them again and possibly try other products of theirs.

Hope this was of some help to you all, let me know what you think! If you liked this review check out my other make-up/hair/nail reviews here!


Roobes xxx




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