NOTD: matte brown leafy fall nails


Well hello there!

I really enjoyed my last NOTD so I’ve been really excited to do this one too! I’ve used Konad Stamping for this look but only on my two middle fingers and it’s the same design so nice and easy.

As always starting with a base coat, then I have applied Barry M’s brown shade in ‘Mushroom’, two layers did it just fine, on all of my nails. Once completely dry, I have used a Matte top coat this time to add to the musky fall appearance.

For my two middle fingers I have used a Konad Stamping Plate and chosen the leafy vine design. Applying a layer of white polish and scraping off I have stamped it on my nails about 5 times at different lengths to create a bit of depth and so it looks a bit more realistic. Honestly it’s as simple as that. I didn’t go back over the stamped nails with matte top coat because the light shine of the leafy vines makes them really stand out from the rest of your nails.

And that’s it.

The white I used is China Glaze: White on White
The brown I used is Barry M: Mushroom
The base coat: OPI’s Nail Envy
The top coat: OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Let me know if you like it and if you try it out too!

Other optional colours:
Brown matte base & green leaves
Cream matte base & golden leaves
Green matte base & mustard leaves
Burnt orange base & cream leaves

Stay tuned for my halloween nail tutorial on monday!!!!!



Roobes xxxxx




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