Your BEDroom


Trouble sleeping? Is your bedroom your entire living space except when you’re hungry or need the loo or a shower? Do you go to bed and sit up for the next 5 hours watching your favourite series or YouTube videos? Is your room full of bright lights? Do you go to bed then sit on your phone for hours scrambling through your wishlist on Amazon?
NaughtyNaughty. No wonder you’re having trouble sleeping! Your bedroom is exactly what is says on the tin, it’s not a living space or bed-office. It’s your BEDroom, the place you go to relax and to sleep, calm down and unwind.

So many people I know, me included used to live in their room. They would go to their room and sit in bed on their computer for hours on end, on facebook, twitter, YouTube, Amazon, watching their favourite TV series, yet continuously complain that they can’t sleep. I tended to find it happened more with me when I lived with my parents, because it was the only room that was mine, my own space, my little world. Yet how is your brain supposed to associate your bedroom with rest, relaxation and sleep if what you do when your in there is the complete opposite?!

You need to have your living space in one room, whether it’s your kitchen, office, living room, wherever suits you, sit in the bathroom if it makes you happy, just don’t live your day to day, busy, time consuming life in your bedroom. Your bedroom is your rest space, your sleep space, your relaxation and unwinding space, so you should treat it that way. Your mind associates different places with different mind frames, i.e. school is one for working, your kitchen is a place where you cook, prepare and eat, your bathroom is a place you go to pamper yourself and be clean and your bedroom is a place where you go to relax and sleep. So you need to do things in your room that associate your mind with that.

For example, put some candles in your room, some mildly scented ones (I have vanilla), on your shelves and around your bed and/or some fairy lights to create some nice ambient lighting. Don’t put your bright bedside light on or as Peter Kay says: the ‘Big Light’. They’re too bright, it’ll keep you awake and keep your brain working harder than it needs to be. Make sure your bed is welcoming and comfy, if your sheets are boring or uncomfortable, get some new ones! Get a nice cosy throw for your bed and some cushions to prop yourself up on. I’m not saying go to bed and go to sleep immediately, I’m just saying don’t go to bed when you’re not tired, with zero intention of going to sleep for the next 6 hours. Put your favourite book in your bedside drawer and put things around you that make you happy, whether it’s your teddies, pictures, ornaments, or something someone important to you has got for you. Just make your sleeping space a really welcoming, comforting place to be. Your mind instantly relaxes around that kind of environment and if your doing all the things in your room which you do during your day to day life when your brain cogs are going mental, how do you expect your brain to relax?!

Sleep is so important. It’s great for your mind, it’s healthy and it makes you feel so much better the next day. Who wants to have to get up at 8am for work feeling like crap just to know that crappy feeling is just going to get worse all day? Make your bedroom your bedroom and your other rooms in your house your living space, you’ll notice a world of difference when it comes to actually feeling relaxed and tired when you go to bed. You wont regret making such small changes that will make such a huge difference. They have helped me so much more than I could’ve imagined! You’ll feel so much better with more sleep and knowing that your room is your rest space πŸ™‚


Take care and sleep well guys, in your BEDroom, it’s not called that for no reason πŸ™‚



Roobes xxxxx




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