NOTD: halloween candy corn nails!


Hey there guys,

As I mentioned in my previous NOTD, my little halloween nail tutorial was coming up. I like to keep halloween nails nice and simple I think too much nail art takes away the awesomeness of halloween spookyness. These are super easy and suitable with any outfit too! All you need is:

A bright orange, a strong bright yellow, white and a thick glitter polish (mine has a hint of white to it) and obviously your base and top coat.
Don’t forget a wedge make up sponge.

Firstly paint all of your nails except your two middle ones with your orange, two layers should be fine. Leave them to dry whilst you focus on the design for your two middle fingers.

Paint your two middle fingers white, just one layer will do, it’s fine if it looks a bit washed out because you’re going to be using the sponge to create the ombre effect over the top anyway. On your sponge layer the colours of a candy corn, white at the top, orange in the middle and yellow at the bottom and dab onto your nail to create the ombre effect. You’ll probably need to do this twice to define the colours. Once they are dry, apply a coat of the white glitter to reduce the harshness and add a bit of shimmer to them too.

Then you’re done!! A really easy, really cute and girly halloween nail design that goes with any outfit!

Hope you liked it and have a fantastic Halloween evening. Trick or treat (no one ever tricks. Boring. You watch what’s going to happen when someone knocks on my door now, I’ll regret saying this and end up covered in beans or something -_-)




Roobes xxxxx




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