Seasonal Nail Shades!


Personally I think it’s really important to keep your polish shades in time with the seasons. For example bright, neon style shades look gorgeous in the summer where as more pastel-y, calmer shades look better in the winter. Fall for me is a time for baby shades and more pastel-y style colours, as it reflects the chilly mistiness and the ombre orangey colours which surround woodland.

My top shades for this season are (from left to right, top row to bottom row):

  • Navigate Her – Essie
  • Kensington Park Road – Nails Inc
  • Molton Street – Nails Inc
  • Mushroom – Barry M
  • Grey (inevntive I know -_-) – Barry M
  • Part of the Fame-ily – OPI, Nicole

I particularly love ‘Part of the Fame-ily by OPI because it’s a gorgeous lilac shade with little hints of sparkle, which makes it fit perfectly for the transition between fall to winter for the festive occasions. I think out of all of them it’s certainly my favourite!

The two Nails Inc colours I need to talk about not just because of how fitting the two cold seasonal colours are but the quality of the products. These apply as very thin and translucent polishes, however it totally bodes well with the thinner and more layers = better than thicker and less layers. These do apply thin but 3 layers of these polishes lasts FOREVER! Definitely worth a purchase!

The Essie polish – Navigate Her, is a very pretty autiminal, leafy colour which in my opinion has a slightly military demeanour to it’s appearance. It’s a lovely green shade and again, like the Nails Inc polishes, is a thin layers and more layers style polish, WIN! It lasts a good long time on your nails before it chips and looks very pretty, it’s almost like a misty pastel green; if you know what I mean 😉

Finally, Barry M, oh how you have stormed the drug store polishes like a queen to her throne. I LOVE YOU! Honestly when you’re talking to a girl who pays the rent, bills, food and the occasional make up and hair restore all by herself, you will not hear me shut up about Barry M polishes. They are amazing quality for such a small price. Firstly, I think these shades are two of the most fitting to the season which have ever been released and secondly, you absolutely cannot fault the quality. I mean really, what more can I say.

I bought all of these polishes for under £5. The OPI and Nails Inc polish was from TK MAXX (my saviour!), Barry M from superdrug, Essie from Amazon.

Do you have any favourite shades, styles or brands for this season? Let me know!


Roobes xxxx




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