Oh Hey There!

It’s hat and scarves time!!!!! It’s. Bloody. Freezing.
This week has been an interesting one I must say. Although nothing all too crazy has happened I’ve managed to rekindle my love for Sons of Anarchy, how I’ve lasted such a long time with out watching it for so long, got completely hooked on Justified, how gorgeous is Timothy Olyphant! Such a shame he’s in his 40’s, damn it! I can just keep on dreaming!

I managed to order a Chinese take out which I was seriously looking forward to I must say. Turned up at the take out to collect it only to find out they didn’t have my order ready. I was most unimpressed. After talking to the guy and seeing how long it would be now I noticed the menu out of the corner of my eye and thought, oh, I had the old menu, he says no no we’ve always just had that one! I take another slow look over the menu and just happened to spot the number on there. Which was completely different to the one I rang. Sudden realisation hits with the big question: Who on earth have I just ordered a Chinese from?! So I eventually got the Chinese from the place I wanted it from originally and devoured it. Finally.
Mentioning things I’ve managed, burning myself on a hot water bottle, in my sleep, with no idea until the next morning was another one. It wouldn’t be the first time, I must say, but seriously I’m utterly fascinated how I managed to sleep through a burn that’s so deep it’s already started scarring. Really?!

Me and the girls went to the German Market! I’ve only been to the one in Hyde Park – London before, never the one in my home town. It was so pretty it was like beer, sausage and fairy light heaven. Some of the stalls were just beautiful, I’ve never seen so many strange and interesting creations, I wanted loads of them but it’s December and it’s never a cheap one!
wpid-20141128_185957.jpgwpid-20141128_195649.jpg wpid-20141128_190002.jpgwpid-20141128_195705.jpgwpid-20141128_190031.jpg

I finally got my hands on an Advent Calendar, close call! I usually have 2, why you ask? Because it’s Christmas and it’s totally acceptable to be a total pig. That’s why. So roll on tomorrow so I can start the next months worth of days as chocolatey ones! How exciting!!!

Along with the chocolatey addition came this lovely new throw, it was £5! Just £5! From ASDA, it’s the softest, yummiest, snuggliest throw in the world. I love tucking it into my duvet, although I don’t love how difficult it makes my mornings. Getting out of bed = virtually impossible.

OOH I also, got my dress for the Christmas Do delivered at last! It’s absolutely lovely, very pretty. I love the fact that it only cost me £20 too, what a bargain! Boohoo, you just saved my sanity! It must’ve taken me about 2 hours to choose that dress. I needed one sooner rather than later but choosing the right one was an ordeal and a half. But I got there in the end. Now it’s just to choose the hair style to do for the night!

For all excitements that’s about as good as it gets for the past week. Besides the fact that I feel like I’m 5 again with how excited I am that it’s the 1st December tomorrow, which means 13 days left to work this year!! Whoopppaaaaa! Roll on the 19th. Count down to Christmas leave, then countdown to Christmas day. How. Very. Exciting. EEEEEEEP!

Anyway guys, before I start bouncing off the walls in excitement about Christmas that’s all my catching up I’ve got. I hope you all had a lovely week too and you’ve all got an exciting and festive December ahead.
When do you guys start getting excited for the festivities? Let me know! 🙂

Ooh, one more thing:


Roobes xxxxx



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