NOTD: Sparkly Charcoal Edgy Nails




I’ve been desperate to try out my new polishes I tried out recently and I’ve been loving how they look, this polish specifically so. It’s really easy going, you can apply it on top of any colour at all and it looks amazing! The actual glitter itself is a mixture of both black and silver. It’s not just your typical glitter where the glittery bits are all the same size and shape, this glitter is all different shapes and sizes, there are some larger hexagons, smaller hexagons, shard shapes of all different sizes, tiny glitter, larger glitter, tonnes of different stuff going on. So it add’s a fantastic dimension to your nail polish.

I added even more dimension to this look by using these polishes:

Boltons Place, Sloane Square, Lancelot Place - From left to right

Boltons Place, Sloane Square, Lancelot Place – From left to right

I also used: OPI Nail Envy Base Coat & OPI Top Coat

After the base coat I applied two layers of Boltons Place, one looks good but 2 looks much better. Then 2 layers of Sloane Square. What I love about these polishes, well, all recent Nails Inc polishes to be honest, they dry ridiculously Β fast and barely ever chip, the quality of them is phenomenal. Huuuge fan. I then applied just the one layer of Lancelot Place, two seems too much because as I mentioned earlier it can be in your face and over take the whole nail design.

I personally love this look because it’s got a beautiful sparkle for the time of year, but it’s also an all rounder given it’sΒ edgy, biker chic look. And it takes no time to do. What a winner.
If you come across this polish and just happen to find it as irresistible as I did/do, as an alternative, give it a try on a white/ivory base, navy blue base or a pastel lilac base. It looks beautiful if you wouldn’t necessarily try this type of look πŸ™‚


Hope you enjoyed this little NOTD guys, let me know if you did!


Roobes xxxxx





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