Garnier 7 Days Hydrating Lotion Review…



Hop you all had an amazing christmas and santa brought you all the lovely goodies you were hoping for! New Year celebrations are only a couple of days away, I can’t believe how fast it has all come around!

Today I wanted to do a review on the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion. A statement like ‘7 Day Hydrating Lotion’ is quite a statement to make, so I believe it’s quite important that these kinds of products are reviewed, so people know whether it lives up to it’s name or not. So my experience with this product went like this…

When I bought it, I didn’t typically read the back, as I don’t think most people would, a lotion is quite simply a lotion, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that. So I didn’t really think to much about reading the back of it for this one either. 7 days is 7 days right?
So after my first use (after morning shower and evening shower), yes my skin felt hydrated, but it wasn’t until after I had got over the painfully perfumed smell of it and how much it stung my dry skin (not good). All things considered, I figured that’s my skin sorted for the next 7 days, let see what happens from now onwards. Wondering would my skin really feel lovely and moisturised for that length of time without touching any?!

When you put into perspective what your skin goes through; exfoliating, shaving, cold weather, warm weather, sweating, clothes, bed, animals, scrubbing in the shower, scratching, just to name a few things we all do every day. How can it be possible that 1 lotion can cover 7 days of that and your skin actually be soft, hydrated and moisturised? I wasn’t sure this product was at all realistic but I kept going anyway.

After 7 days my skin was as dry as before, not moisturised in the slightest. So I finally (with regret) read the back. Apparently it works only when:

** Twice daily application for 4 weeks, consumer tested on 51 subjects for 5 weeks

*** 24 Hour hydration instrumental test on 24 subjects

Recommendation of use: Don’t apply on the face

So in regards to the above which was surprisingly hiding in tiny letters at the bottom of the bottle, it’s a bit of  a cheeky statement on the front of the bottle. So yes, it does hydrate your skin for 7 days, but only after using it like a normal lotion twice a day for 4 weeks and the statement about 24 hour hydration makes you question the products efficiency.

It also concerns me highly what is in the product as it is advised you do not apply it to your face, although it doesn’t smell like something you would really want on your face any how. It’s too strong and smells like it would do more harm than good on skin as delicate as the skin on your face.

When I originally bought this product – which has been sitting in my cupboard for a good couple of years now, it was about £5-7 if I remember correctly. It is now on sale for £1.99 in Tesco. Considering the huge price drop, I don’t believe for one minute I am the only person to find this product as one with a bit of cheek and a big fat sneaky comment on the front of the product which makes people really intrigued. I don’t believe companies should entice people in such a way, it should be honesty at it’s best when it comes down to cosmetics and skin care – as everyone is looking for the best but can’t always pay the prices. So it’s nice to see a drug store equivalent, as long as it actually works like it says it will.

I know I have been a bit brutal with this review, but as I said it really did not seem to do the trick.

In case you were wondering, I did in fact carry on for 6 weeks with the product, much to my disapproval, after reading the back. To see if it would prove me wrong. It didn’t. My skin was no different, no more improved and no more hydrated looking than before. even with 2 weeks more use than stated on the bottle. I more than happily went back to using my original moisturiser once a day and with in a week my skin was back to looking healthy and hydrated.

So in my opinion – this is one to walk past. Which is a real shame – I’m so lazy so not having to moisturise my skin for 7 days would be a dream!

Hope you found this helpful guys, if you’ve tried it, what did you think?


Roobes xxxxx

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