Maybelline Master Drama eyelier VS Maybelline Linerefine Kajal eyeliner


Hey Guys!

So if you’ve read my recent blogs you’ll know that I have bought a different eyeliner to normal. I usually get the Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner, it’s absolutely amazing I swear by the stuff, however I noticed they had a different one I hadn’t seen before so I figured why not give it a whirl and compare the two!

Firstly they’re priced quite similarly, the Linerefine is £2.99 and the Master Drama is £4.49, so they’re super cheap and super affordable. There is only £1.50 difference between them, so personally I wasn’t expecting a huge difference, especially not at these prices! I bought mine from Boots but Maybelline products are sold everywhere from your local supermarket, the pharmacy or makeup store.

I originally bought the Master Drama as a one off ‘see how it goes’ purchase and fell in love with it. It’s a cream liner so you can use it on both your eye lid or your water line. Due to it’s texture it stays put for a very long time, I’ve known it to keep it’s appearance on my water line for up to about 5-6 hours which is pretty good going for an eyeliner. This liner only takes one quick application and the first layer is 100% enough. It applies a nice strong, thick layer of liner that is hardy and long lasting. The only down side to this product is that you go through it much faster than a normal eye liner. With it being a cream based liner it sharpens and rubs down much faster. But that’s the one and only thing about this product thats a bit of a bummer.
Pro’s: Long lasting appearance, only £4.49, one layer is absolutely enough, usable on both your waterline and eyelid, quick easy application.

Cons: Wears down easily due to being a cream liner.

Now onto the Linerefine eyeliner. This pencil is more of a standard liner pencil. It’s got a strong, woody texture and applies like a standard liner. It’s definitely not something I would advise using on any other eye area than your lash line, the pencil doesn’t actually give much way to your skin and drags your skin as opposed to gliding on nicely. On your water line, again it applies like any basic, standard eye liner. It takes a few layers of building (and when I say a few, I mean don’t bother if you’re in a rush) which I have found works the best if you apply 3-4 layers then allow about 1-2 minutes to dry then apply another 2 or 3. Only then do you get a relatively good coverage of your water line.
Pro’s: Only £2.99, takes a long time to wear down.

Cons: For it to appear a black eyeliner it takes several layers of application before it’s noticeable, not usable on eyelids, strong woodiness of the actual pencil can be quite harsh when applying, I actually think the product is over priced for the quality it provides.

So out of the two I would definitely recommend the Master Drama! As you’ll see above there are much more cons to pro’s on the Linerefine to the Master Drama. Out of two eyeliners which are both incredibly reasonably priced as it is, for a £1.50 difference in price there is an enormous difference in quality. The Linerefine liner is comparable to any cheap, basic liner you’ll find. Whereas the Master Drama is better than a lot of high end eye liners I’ve tried out!

Here’s a swatch of the two when I applied one layer of each to my hand: (Left is Linerefine and right is Master Drama)
And the difference when I applied one layer of each to my waterline: (Left is Master Drama right is Linerefine)

Looking at the difference on my waterline you can clearly see how bold and thick the Master drama applies with one quick layer as opposed to the Linerefine which looks like I’ve had it on all day and I’m about to take it off, even though I’ve actually just applied it.

Let me know what you think, have you tried either of these products? What was your experience with them??

See you sooooon!


Roobes xxxxx



SOAP AND GLORY – Scrub Your Nose In It Product Review



I’ve been trying out this product as a first time buy for just over a week now and felt now is a good time to give you all a review. I find the first week of using a new product is a good time for noticing if it’s actually beginning to make a difference to your skin. And if so, is it living up to it’s name or reeeeeealllyyyyyyyyyy taking its time?

Well why don’t you let me tell you!!

What it does:
This product is quite interesting. It’s not your usual masque by any means and applies very thinly .In my opinion this masque is definitely more for day to day use as opposed to a good deep clean once or twice a week.

Scrub Your Nose In It is made to thoroughly remove the dirt from your pores, clear away excess oils, then help to reduce the size and appearance of pores. However it is solely for your T-Zone only, no where else. Or so the packet says. I wanted to try my whole face anyway, see what happened.

The Product:
So, the masque itself is the standard greeny/grey colour, however MUCH thinner than the usual oily skin/deep T-Zone clean type masques. When applying it, there’s a general gritty feel to it. It’s not a horrible feeling, just unusual and you can see, what I believe are exfoliating (nothing is mentioned about these alien gritty beings on the packaging) grains. Once applying a good layer to your T-Zone, you’re supposed to leave it for ‘a couple of minutes’, apparently, then wash off. However it’s not dry in such a short time so I leave it on for about 5-7 minutes until completely dry, then wash off with a sponge. Also, major thing, it’s got a MAJOR menthol/minty thing going on. It smells strongly like spearmint and when you walk around with it on, or if it’s cold, which it certainly is here, you feel like you’ve wiped toothpaste all over your face whilst prancing around the north pole. IT’S COLD!! It’s not unpleasant, it’s just cold!

My Overall Opinion:
So. I must say I strongly approve of this product. Even though it makes my face feel like it’s in the Arctic whilst the rest of my body is in the bathroom. As an all rounder its pretty impressive. It lives up to it’s name and I’ve noticed a big difference after only using this product for just over 1 week. Although in my personal opinion I would leave it on until completely dry/until your face is immovable, then remove. for me doing it this way it has worked very quickly. Although I must say I haven’t tried leaving it on with out it drying. To me that’s just wrong though, masques are supposed to render your face mud-monsterish and unusable for the next 5-10 minutes. Also in regards to quicker, more noticeable results I would definitely use this every day, I use mine after my Biore deep cleansing wash on a night, so my skin has a good long time to repair. One thing I will say! On the packaging you are advised to apply moisturiser after use. You must, must, must do this as the Scrub Your Nose in it dries your skin out quite drastically and you don’t want dry skin, you want healthy skin. After using mine everyday for over a week now the container barely looks like it’s been touched, which leads me to believe this product will last a little while, which is an added bonus. Finally, one thing I need to mention. As I said earlier I used this all over my face for this time to test to see if there was any difference between the affect it had on my T-Zone as opposed to the surrounding areas. I have noticed the affect of reducing appearance of pores has been equal all round. On the flip side, the reduction of oils has only been noticeable on my T-Zone, not really anywhere else. So to be honest, it’s worked fantastic for me as an all over the face masque. It’s reduced the appearance of my pores all over my face and reduced the oils in the areas where it’s most needed. What a winner!

Price: £11.50     Brand: Soap and Glory     Buy Again?: Absolutely 100% I’ll be buying this again as soon as it runs out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and it’s been a little sprinkle of inspiration for your future purchases!

See you all Thursday!!


Roobes xxxxx

MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick – Review



Hope you guys new years have set off positively, mine has been interesting. Yes already. The wonders of the world I live in. I shall explain all on #SundayFundayCatchUp tomorrow…

SO I wanted to do a review on this MAC lipstick I bought the other day (with the vouchers I had in the back of my purse from last Christmas which I had forgotten about. MWHAHAHAHAHA!), when I popped out to the shops with my mamma. I originally went to get Ruby Woo & Kinda Sexy, neither of which they had in stock. An impossible sin I know. So I ended up with this one and another, which the review is coming soooooooon.

One down side is that their marketing team either had a day off or had a total brain fart on the day they were labelling the Viva Glam collection. The names Viva Glam 1, Viva Glam 2 etc is not exactly up to MAC’s normal standards of product naming abilities. But hey ho, everyone needs a day off right?! But otherwise, all is well on the horizon…

The swatch is below:

When I was in the shop I was asking one of the girls there for a hand choosing a really gorgeous deep red colour. She immediately picked out this one and described it the only way I think it can be: A Super Vampy Red. Honestly when I put it on and look at the lipstick I’m like lost for any form of descriptive words other than ‘vampy’.But it really is. It’s a very deep, thick dark red, with some slightly browny purple undertones, which really accentuates your lips making them look as full bodied as ever. It’s matte, sort of. It’s matte but with a slight sheen to it, so it’s almost matte, which sounds a bit odd. Is that odd? It’s a bit odd. But awesome!

Due to it’s matteness (sort of matteness), it can tend to dry out your lips a little bit. So after you’ve worn it, put a good layer of lip treatment on it, whether it’s a balm or Vaseline or whatever takes your fancy. If you wear matte a lot, keep your lips moisturised, matte lipstick likes to think it’s a dehydrated fish, so balm up!

This specific shade looks beautiful with lots of dark eye shadow tones and a nude/beige blush. Or on a more day to day look, with thick winged eye liner and black liner on your water line, keeping it simple but gorgeous.

Regardless of your hair colour, how pale or dark your skin is, your eye colour, clothing style that day, this lipstick will work. Trust me. It’s so adaptable and works all round. It may be dark, and more for what some may wear on an evening when you’re getting all dolled up, but personally I love shades like this and wear them whenever I can, so go for it, be a bit more daring and whack it on for the day. You’ll turn heads I promise!

Seriously go out and buy yourself some. This is my favourite lipstick I’ve ever owned hands down.

Hope you liked this review guys, let me know what you think!




Roobes xxxxx



November Faves!



It’s December! Already! I honestly can’t believe it but I’m not complaining, it’s my favourite time of the year! To kick off December and end November here’s a quick November Faves blog for you. I’ve rekindled my love for some super wintery shades and scents this month and my all time FAVOURITE scarf is back!

Speaking of scarves, hiding under the rest of my faves from last month is my beloved pink cable knit scarf. It’s about 2m in length and the width of my head. It’s bloody massive. The main reason I love this scarf so much is because it’s so thick. Thicker scarves are sturdier, they don’t flail around all over the place exposing your chilly chest and neck that you’re trying oh so hard to keep warm. And even though it’s pink it does work well with almost anything
River Island £10 – yep you heard. Ten. Pounds.

Next is a candle which doesn’t follow the general ‘all candles must smell of baking and sweets and all things cinnamon related’ it’s completely different. Not that I don’t like that kind of smell, it’s just nice to see something different. This candle smells of fresh air and woodland with a slight perfumed hint to it. It’s like how you would imagine taking a breath would be like whilst taking a walk through the fields with your winter coat and snow boots on. LOVELY.
Asda £8

Next up is my favourite nude colour from MAC of all time.Velvet Teddy. I love you. It’s more of a deep nude shade than a lighter one but it works well with so many looks and is perfect for this time of year!
It works really well with this body shop lip gloss in shade 10. I’ve had this for years but it never fails to make an appearance at this time of year! This gloss is super light weight and it’s not sticky or slimy, it glides perfectly across your lips. It’s got a mild shimmer to it so it add’s a really nice elegant look to nude lip sticks.
MAC £15.50 & Body Shop £10

Nail Polish Time!
I love getting seasonal with nail polishes and two of my favourites to do it with are Nails Inc’s St Marks Square and Barry M’s Lady, which is a lovely thick sparkly white.
St Mark’s Square is a really pretty autumnal purple with hints of silver to add a little sparkle to it. The shimmer is perfect for this season, especially seeing as though it’s working with a gorgeous plum colour! And Lady. Oh Lady! How you are so snowy and sparkly! This colour is amazing as a snowy white nail colour with out without a white base. Or it’s great as an accent on more nail art based nails as opposed to one basic colour. I love these, they’re perfect for this time of year 🙂

Finally, how can we end this without a christmassy read!! Lindey Kelk’s I heart christmas is such an amazing book. It’s a funny, girly, cute, sweet, problematic novel, which follows a previous 5 I heart books from the series (MUST READ). I like how any girl can relate to every issue in these stories but how it’s so christmassy to the point where it just suddenly makes you sit in the centre of festivities. Reading this on a night makes me feel so warm and snuggly and like you’re right in the middle of christmas spirit. I mean really, what could be more fitting for this time of year! BUY IT!
Ebay/Amazon new or used £1.99-£5.99 – WIN


What’s your favourite things to get you into Christmas mode?!
Let me know!!!


Roobes xxxxx







Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon Review



Recently I felt a little deprived of a make up shop so I popped into my local Boots store and came across these little beauties (there was a 5th colour but it wasn’t something I’d wear so I settled for the other four instead…). These are absolutely gorgeous! From left to right we have ‘Peach On the beach’, ‘Plum Russian’, ‘Red Sunrise’ and ‘Orange Punch’. The lovely thing about  all of these colours is that each one is totally in season and really emphasise your lips. They’re the thickness of a lipstick with the appearance of a lip gloss.

The colours as above are from left to right

These lip crayons are just amazing, the colour is the kind which you can build up so you can have a very light, transparent colour, or with a few more layers have a colour with much more depth and strength. So you can actually get quite a few different shades out of one crayon. They have a well sharpened point on them also, which makes the definition of your lips much better and easier to achieve, I usually apply it like a lip liner first then fill in.
On top of that they stay on for AGES, I usually put mine on around 8am before work and it’s still going strong around 3pm, even after I’ve had my breakfast, lunch and countless cups of coffee. Then to add another wow factor, they have worked wonders for my dry lips, which I honestly wasn’t expecting to happen, as I saw these as more of a glossy crayon, that moisturising lip crayon, but really, who can argue!

To be brutally honest with you I have zero issues with these I find them one of the best buys I’ve ever come across in a drug store, I absolutely love them! They are £7.99 each but NEWS, Boots are doing a 3 for 2 offer on them so get yourself there! I recommend these to every single person that walks in my path, they’re phenomenal. I’ve been very impressed with a lot of Bourjois’ new products lately to say I wasn’t all thumbs up about their lipstick on my previous review. Oh how the tables have turned!

I hope this was of some help and inspiration to you, especially with the festive season coming up, present buying galore!

(I just painted my nails and I’m doing a terrible job of letting them dry. Why does it take so long?! Does anyone else have this issue or am I just the most impatient human on the planet…?)



Roobes xxxxx



My Favourite Fall Scents


After a tonne of faffing, arguments with myself and countless changes of mind I finally narrowed my favourite fall scents to the final 3. I have more candles than the shops I buy them from so as you can probably imagine narrowing it down to my favourite 3 seasonal scents was quite the test.

Personally I’m a huge lover of that ‘homely’ smell, you know the get in from the cold weather, take your coat of and there’s that delicious smell of baking, cupcakes and hearty pies and casseroles. It’s one of my favourite things. So as you can probably guess, my favourite candles tend to have this kind of aroma. I have my Pumpkin Pie candle, which smells exactly as it says, it’s just like you’ve got a scrummy, fresh, home made Pumpkin Pie bubbling away in the oven, its a real heart warmer and fills your whole house with this warming baked goodness.
Speaking of cooking smells – obviously, my other favourite is Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee Candle. I have an issue with Yankee Candles, my issue is this: I can’t stop buying them. I’m never quite sure how they create the scents they do but they smell so real and so gorgeous! I’m a sucker for this Vanilla Cupcake smell, when I smell it all I can imagine is being placed slap bang in the middle of the Great British Bake Off tent – YES PLEASE! – and being surrounded by the entire contents of your local supermarkets baking isle. The subtle sweetness that surrounds you is a lovely little hint.
Finally, less of a cooking, homely smell now (yes really) and more of an outdoor, fresh breeze whilst you take a walk by the lake early in the morning kind of smell. Yep Moonlit Ocean, it is really that beautiful. It reminds me of when I was little and I used to go down to the woodland park with my mum and take a long walk down by the lake on a really fresh, cold morning, whilst we were wrapped up in every layer possible. It makes you relive moments of the luscious outdoor world whilst being wrapped up all nice and cosy and warm at home. How can you not adore that.

Let me know what your favourite seasonal scents are and if you’ve gone through some serious pain to decide which ones they are too! Hope you’re all enjoying the colder weather and pulling those sweaters and thick woolly scarves, hats and gloves back out of your wardrobe! I know I am (until it rains -_-).


Roobes xxxxx



My September Faves!


Hello Lovelies!

September seems to have flown by for me, it’s fall already and now we’re into October; the starting point for upcoming events and festivities. It’s safe to say, I’m very excited! I found myself falling in love with a few new products and re-kindling my love for some old ones and I figured it’d be great to share them with you guys. I’ve gathered quite a mixture by the looks of things so hopefully there’ll be a couple of things to suit everyone’s likings! Enjoy!

So, considering our newly welcomed season, lets start with a fall related one: No7’s Sultry Lipstick. This particular shade is absolutely gorgeous! It has a super smooth application, creating a moisturised feel and looks completely and utterly the part during the fall chill. One of the main things about this lipstick that makes me adore it so much is that it is SO versatile, the colour works with minimal or heavy, dark make up, and with a range of clothing from creams and ivories to navies, mauves and blacks. I. Love. It. If you would like to see what a swatch of this looks like and read a bit more about other lip colours I love have a nosey at My Top 5 Fall Lip Colours blog.

Tigi Catwalk ‘Sleek Mistique’ is one of my all time favourite all-round hair products EVER. You can use it for spraying on the ends of your hair as a heat protector when wet (which works fantastically), all over your hair when wet as a styling aid for your hair dryer, or when your hair is dry as a styling aid and to heat proof it. It’s got so many different uses and works really well. I 100% recommend this!

Okay, I have a concerning obsession with Vera Wang anyway, however when I get my hands on her Lovestruck perfume, I find it incredibly hard to let go and put it back down. I am currently on my third bottle… If you were to imagine the scent as a picture it’d be walking through the woods when it’s the end of summer and there’s still this lovely floral scent but graduating into the chilly, fall, leafy feel, with a huuuuge explosion of pink (if pink was a smell). As you can imagine, it smells beautiful. The lid is also ridiculously amazing. You absolutely need to buy it!

Recently I went to Boots in desperate requirement of a curling brush for drying my hair, my other one died an awful death I must say. I am a strict Denman hair brush buyer so it was inevitable I would’ve got one anyway, but I had never seen this range before. ‘Is it new or have I just been utterly ignorant’, I was asking myself – I still have no idea. Anyway, the bristles are really quite soft for this style of brush and it really keeps a tight hold of your hair. It’s great for boosting the volume of your hair from the roots when drying and yes, when styling from your roots it does sit around the shape of your head. Funny that!

Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, has always been one of my all time greatest loves however, I must confess my laziness and instead of cleaning the brush regularly, I just scraped the dried excess of with my nails. Wrong, I know. My old one ran out recently so I sent myself off to get a new one and totally forgot how amazing the brush was, and yes I clean it regularly now. The quality of the brush is fab and for the liner itself, it comes in very close running with a high end gel liner, just at drug store price. Awesomeness. It stays on forever and is honestly very difficult to get off at the end of the day,long lasting is an under statement and the application is very easy.

I don’t regularly buy Origins products although I am a big fan, but recently I indulged at Bicester Village, honestly I couldn’t help it. I picked up this ‘Incredible Spreadable’ Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub, the smell is out of this world and very fitting for this time of year too! The formula is incredibly thick but very gritty to remove all of the dead skin and reveal the fresh shine. I use this with a scrubbing mitten, but it takes very little effort as its such a chunky, bitty scrub, it makes you and your skin completely revitalised. I am very impressed. There will be a more in depth review of this and its partner I bought next week, so keep tuned in!

Talking of skin care, I have tried out these No7 ‘Rescue’ skin formula’s which I noticed. I am normally very sceptical when it comes to formulas but these two are fab. The ‘Spot Rescue’ really works, stings a bit, but it works, just dab a tiny bit onto the affected area. Also the ‘Rapid T-Zone Rescue works super well! It really reduces the appearance of your pores, makes the skin appear tighter and healthier, much less oily (whoopa for me!) and due to this my skin has been much clearer in my T-Zone.

MAC’s ‘Melba’ blush has to be my all time favourite blush. It’s subtle but very beautiful and works like a team with a matte light bronzer. This shade applies a very light blush and applies to the skin perfectly. Simply just another one of MAC’s bafflingly gorgeous creations.

I know I appear to be a bit of a No7 warrior at the moment and quite frankly, I am, BUT, I am loving their ‘So Neat’ nail varnish at the moment. The formula is amazing and I find it barely chips too which is great! It’s such a fantastic colour, it’s a very frosty, cold colour but quite bright, with a slight hint of shimmer in it too. Perfect for the upcoming weather!

Finally, the weird thing in the background no one really knows what it is…
That is a spinning candle holder. Yep. You heard me right. The shade has cut and twisted out snow flakes and balances on a tall spike.The heat from the candle makes the shade spin, so lo and behold you have this beautiful snow flake patterns of light swirling, slowly around your room. I adore this candle holder, it looks stunning and great for when you’re trying to relax.

I hoped you liked this guys, if you did check out these posts too!
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Roobes xxx