China Glaze ‘White On White’ Review


I recently bought this polish as I ran out of my previous one – Essie’s Marshmallow, which I absolutely adored but I fancied trying a new one this time and seeing as though I own several other China Glaze polishes figured I could give this one a go. I’m a huge fan of my other China Glaze polishes, they’re good quality, thick, strong polishes and all look fab upon application; this one however I’m not sure if they suffered some kind of memory loss before making this formula…

The colour of the polish itself is lovely, it certainly lives up to it’s name I’ll give it that! However it takes about 3-4 coats of it before it looks like you’ve not applied it whilst trying to concentrate on watching your new favorite TV series.

The first coat goes on like old watered down tip-ex and so does the second. There’s honestly no way around this. I’ve tried thinner layers, thicker layers, keeping it in different temperatures, leaving it different lengths of time between applying your next coat. NOTHING WORKS! To put it plain and simple it’s just a really bad polish. It’s thick, gloopy, dries far too fast – it almost acts like a crackle polish with how it seems to dry incredibly quickly when you take the lid off. When I apply it, the layers go on in so many different thicknesses and it looks stripey, but because some strips are thicker than others, it dries at different speeds and then the appearance follows onto the next coat. Before you’re nails look even you’ve used half the bottle and a whole bunch of time you’ll never get back waiting for this to look some what sensible.

I personally wouldn’t advise buying this polish. Yes there’s the possibility I’ve just got the short straw and all the other White On White China Glaze polishes are spot on, but I find that a bit unlikely…

I prefer to use this polish for nail art effects and water marbling solely because of how thick it is it works really well for those specific designs. Taking another view, there are two white polishes which I do recommend, they look gorgeous and apply perfect:

Essie’s Marshmallow and OPI’s Alpine Snow.
A great cheaper drugstore take on these products is Barry M’s Coconut

Let me know what you think!


Roobes xxx




Bourjois Lipstick Review


Hellooo lovelies!!

I’ve been wanting to do a review on this product for a little while for a few reasons both good and bad. The main reason personally is that when you pay a certain amount for a product you expect what you pay for. Bourjois is a drug store product, however is definitely one of the more expensive brands. Usually when I go to Boots or Superdrug I expect to be paying around £5/£7 for lipstick, although I usually buy mine from MAC, which is about £15.50 each, but the quality is top notch, so I don’t mind paying so much.

20140913_140446 *Sweet Kiss (51)*

This Lipstick was £9/£10 when I bought it, which as I said, in my opinion is relatively more on the expensive side. So all things considered I expected something better than the bog standard stuff I usually get. You are promised a “radiant, glossy finish” and your lips to be “Smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours”.

I must say, upon application, it does look beautifully smooth and glossy and one thing I do love about lipsticks which this one does great is the more layers you apply the darker it gets, so you actually get a few different shades out of one lipstick, which is awesome. It feels lovely and light on your lips and massively defines the shape and dimensions of your lips, even making them look fuller and plumper.

My main issues with this lipstick specifically is that after an hour or so of it being on, it begins to wear off and leaves this ‘lip liner only’ look on your lips which is never a good thing when it’s such a dark berry shade. No one wants to look like they’ve come back from a night out an hour after they’ve got out of bed right…
Following the point of it wearing off an hour into wearing it, it hardly lives up to this “smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours” BS does it?! I would 100% safely say if I wear this on an evening or when I’m out and about, it NEEDS taking with me and re-applying several times and my lips don’t feel hydrated, not at all, so I’m not sure where that came from…

Personally I’m not against this lipstick, I love this colour and it does look beautiful when you put it on, but sadly doesn’t stay that way all too long. It’s okay if you’re happy re-applying here and there, but probably not on a night out in town with the girls when you’re too drunk to remember what drink you just bought. The last thing you want to be wearing is a lippy that you need to remember to be re-applying regularly, it’s just not going to happen, then you’ll end up with the weird lip liner only look and pulling that night goes out of the window…


Let me know what you think? Have you ever had a lipstick that doesn’t live up to it’s promises, or on the other hand one that’s blown you away?


Enjoy your day ladies!


Roobes xxx



Benefit HOOLA Lip Gloss Review…


Aloha my lovely ladies!!!!

I recently was given a sample of Benefit’s HOOLA Lip Gloss recently, having not tried it before but seen it in store I was quite the interested madam…


Above is a swatch of HOOLA.

It’s not very dark, it accentuates your lips more than changes the colour. It’s silky smooth on your lips and isn’t sticky at all which is virtually unheard of with lip glosses. It looks lovely on it’s own as it’s got a very glossy glisten to it with a glittery hint but still holds a very beautiful and even occasional appearance. However I personally like to wear it over a beige/light brown lipstick, it looks absolutely stunning and really boosts the look of these shades. I find that it gives your lips quite a rounder plumper look (gorgeous!) because it sits quite strongly on top of your lips and to make it even better it lasts for a very long time, whooppa! (Oh and even better it smells and tastes amazing too – did I really just say that…)

I’ll definitely buy this again as soon as I run out, it certainly lives up to Benefits usual high standards I recommend it highly!


Is there anything you have tried out that’s really blown you away, or in the opposite direction, reeeeally disappointed you?
Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading hunnies!




Roobes xxx



My Maybelline Baby Skin product review…



Today I wanted to do a review about a product I was highly recommended in the store, the Maybelline Baby Skin – instant pore eraser primer.



It was put across to me as the all new drug store version of Porefessional by Benefit, which is a particularly fantastic product and I’m personally a huge fan of.

I must say I wasn’t all to impressed…

Upon application, it hasn’t reduced or even slightly changed the appearance of my pores, it’s greasy so your make up can’t set properly and wipes off with your finger as it would with a make up wipe. It’s thick and heavy so you know you’re wearing it, primer should be totally lightweight and an aid towards the appearance of your make up. Then on top of that, it’s caused me to break out, which I assume has a lot to do with it’s thick and greasy nature.

I was honestly surprised as it had been so ‘bigged up’ to me in the store, I was pretty excited to try it out, especially as referenced to a similar standard to Porefessional.

I think I can safely say for me this product wasn’t the best experience, we’ve all had a wrong choose in the shop, so I’ll 100% be sticking to Benefit’s Porefessional in future, it’s worth the extra money and much, much better.

You need to try different products to know the difference I guess, a change in choice is never a bad one in my opinion, even if you go back to your original one 🙂



Roobes xxx