The Liebster Award


Hey there guys,

So I have very kindly been nominated for the Liebster Award by OliLoves, so thankyou so much 🙂

The rules for nominating bloggers for the Liebster Award is relatively simple, just follow these 5 easy steps:

1. You have to link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Nominate however many blogs you want to receive the award who have less than 1000 followers.

3. Answer a list of 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.

4. Set a list of 11 questions for the people you want to nominate to answer your questions.

5. Tell them that they have been nominated by commenting on their blog.


I have 3 people in mind I would like to nominate:
1. Beautsoup


3.Anomolous Me Beauty

I thoroughly enjoy reading their posts and each of them have inspired me both in life and blogging.
So here goes with my question answering – yikes:

1. What made you want to set up a blog?

I have always loved the idea of blogging and exploring youtube vlogs and blogs has inspired me to create my own. I have an honest love for all things hair, beauty, nails and health, so this is what has pushed me to begin my own blog.

2. Where is your dream place to live?

Hong Kong 100%

3. What advice would you give to someone who wants to set up a blog?

Just go for it. Make sure you have a basis of what you will be blogging about and make it known to others and definitely make sure you have the time available to dedicate to blogging too. You need to factor in a lot of time and effort so you really need to WANT to do this.

4. How did you come up with the theme to your blog?

I studied beauty therapy when I left school as it’s something I’ve always had a love for. I wanted to learn more and share my love for beauty, hair, nails etc with other people. I’m very much a people person so I wanted to focus my blog on being very chatty and personable too.

5. What is your inspiration?

I have followed certain youtuber’s for many years: JLovesMac1, Zoella, BubzBeauty and a few others, but these main 3 have really inspired me to feel that I can do it too and you don’t need to be someone with lots of money or lots of confidence to share your love for something and other people enjoy what you have to say.

6. How would you describe yourself?

Friendly, fun, to the point, I put all my effort into everything I do, most of my closest friends would also probably say that I’m not all there too 😉

7. What has been your favourite holiday and why?

When I went to Lapland, there’s nothing more beautiful or fulfilling for anyone than when you go there. It was a dream come true.

8. What is or was your favourite subject in school?


9. What’s your favourite food?

I’m a huge fan or Chinese food and also a huge fan or Italian food. I think Italian out of the two because I’m a cooking obsessive too and I can cook a lot more Italian dishes than Chinese ones, which means I have learnt more about the food and learnt more dishes.

10. What is your ideal job?

Working at a Panda Rescue home.

11. What is your favourite colour?

Honestly, that’s a tough one between baby pink and bright orange. Can’t decide. Sorry!


Hope you found that some what interesting… Here’s my 11 questions for my nominated 3:

1. Do you have a middle name? If so, do tell…

2.Who inspired you to blog?

3.Do you have any pets? If so what are they including names?

4.If you could travel anywhere for 6 months, where would it be?

5.What is your favourite beverage (non alcoholic/alcoholic)?

6.What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done?

7.What would you say is the best thing about yourself?

8.Name your favourite TV Series

9.What was the last film you went to see at the movies?

10.What is your favourite restaurant called?

11.What is your all time favourite child hood cartoon?

Now don’t be shy and do tell 🙂


Thanks again to OliLoves for the nomination, it means a hell of a lot!
Looking forward to the answers to the questions ladies!



Roobes xxxxx




Easiest Over-Night Curls Ever!!!



This is possibly the quickest, easiest, most comfortable and effective over-night curls do you’ll ever come across. I do this all the time and because it holds so tight your curls do the same when you let them loose the next day! WIN! I’m going to take you through this step by step, so you can achieve these big, natural, strong curls too!

FIRST… get your twist on, nice and tight so it starts to curl itself up into a bun.

Now wrap it up into a bun, really tight like so and grab your bobble…

With your bobble…

Make sure that the back of your bobble sits horizontally across your tight bun holding it strongly in place…

Once you’ve tied it as above it should be super comfortable, I often do my hair like this on lazy days so it should definitely by tight enough but not painful, if…

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Hey guys!

I’ve been working like crazy the past few days boooo :(, so there’s not been much excitement, except that I have new fish for my tank 😀 eeeeeeeeep. I love fish they are so agile and pretty and there’s something soothing about them that’s really beautiful. Me and my flat mate acquired a fish tank from a guy we know from work when we moved in and were incredibly desperate to get it up and running. Not realising that its a bit of a farce, but it was totally worth it. Our first fish died which was super dooper sad, but out of the sadness appeared a little baby snail who’s egg had come in with the plants we bought. Here’s Gary, our tank mascot 🙂 .



Then shortly after, a friend of ours stayed over for the night and as a thanks for having her over she bought us some new fish, which was a complete shock but one of the best thankyou presents I think I’ve ever had! So then appeared, Bert, Ernie and Mildred, they’re in the top left hand corner (black, silver and orange). We had these guys in the tank for a good 4/5 weeks before we got any more fish so the tank could get used to being occupied (sounds daft, but it has to), and we could master cleaning the tank, which is mega grim and stinky and eeew, so then I surprised my flat mate with these guys! Meet Biggie and Brian (the bigger two angel fish) and dipsy, lala and po, in the bottom by Skully (i don’t like purple so there’s no tinky winky sorry guys).


Also sorry about the picture quality, I only have my phone at the moment and trying to catch a good shot of moving fish is a pain in the bum.

So there’s the tale of the tank 🙂

see ya soon guys xxx

So then, my blog…

ImageOkie kokie then guys so this is the very start of my blog, its all very exciting :D. This is a place for me where I can share my interests, a bit of me and my life and all of the things I love the most.

So some bits and bobs about me; I live with my friend in our humble lickle flat, which we’re very blessed to have. Living out of your parents house is THE BOMB, do it as soon as you can I highly recommend :D, my other half lives near by with his two cheeky bulldogs who I will most definitely be introducing in the near future. I live work and socialise in a very close knit area, with a group of friends that are very dear to me and some of who coincidentally share my most loved hobby (which I’ll get to shortly :)) On top of that, I’m a qualified beauty therapist and extremely enthusiastic towards make up, hair, nails and all the shenanigans that go with it, so I definitely plan on sharing a whole bunch of that kind of stuff on here. I’m in love with clothes, shoes, jewellery; FASHION, I love a good trek around the shopping centres and the city and feeling like I’ve done a work out by the time I’m home due to the amount of shopping bags. There’s no feeling quite like it 🙂 But on top of allllllll that, my hobby and my job have something major in common. FOOD! I am crazy about food. My job title as a chef lives both at work and with me at home, I spend endless amounts of my time watching cooking programmes (mostly Jamie Oliver, his cooking taught me how), reading cook books, learning new ways to cook, food origins, making my own recipes or simply just improving on my technique there’s a whole bunch of my life that revolves around food and cooking.

Oh, my name is Ellis by the way 🙂