Seasonal Shoes


Hey there my lovelies,

The cold has started to come in now, along with the darker evenings and along with cold weather comes snugglier clothes and bigger, thicker shoes to keep your feet nice and warm. Now personally I’m a HUGE fan of boots, it makes me sad that they’re basically abandoned in the summer, but to wear them would mean your feet turning into a sweaty mush and really, who wants that? Who around you even wants that?! Yikes. Anyway less of the talk about smelly feet and onto some of my favourite seasonal shoes!

First and foremost as I adore these shoes, my heeled military boots. I got these in the sale at USC last year for half price YAY! The original price is £80, often unless I’m feeling famous I don’t spend that much on a pair of shoes but even if they weren’t in the sale they’re worth every penny of the full price. The heel is strong, thick, sturdy wood and they’re tailored incredibly well to fit your feet. You don’t necessarily need to tie the laces (I prefer untied), as they’re quite tight around the ankle anyway, so great support. They look amazing with some grey/khaki skinny jeans, a dark blazer and cream/white top. These are my absolute faves.

Above those are my Rocket Dog biker boots. I love the colour of these, you can wear them with literally anything, a skater dress, leggings, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, you name it, they look good, besides their edginess, it’s the main reason I love them so much. I got these from amazon’s outlet store for about £35, however I do believe the standard retail price is around £70-£75. I’ll be honest I wouldn’t pay the normal price for them, purely because the soles cracked after having them for only 3 months, which for me when you’re paying that amount is unacceptable; especially when they’re boots for the chillier weather, you don’t want cold coming in from the bottom! The rim at the top is thick so they sit comfortably tightly around your calf and they’re ridiculously comfortable too.

Next is my black biker ankle boots. They have some slight wear and tear detail around the heel and toes of the boots which along with the worn zip and buckle detail gives these boots a rugged, worn-out look. It looks fab when you’re going for the military/studded appearance. They’re very tight fitting and very comfortable too, but I’ll give warning to anyone with a slightly larger heel, don’t get too excited about these shoes unless you’re willing to go through several painful arguments with these shoes. Like many River Island and Rocket Dog boots (not the ones above though I must say), they’re designed for pixie heels, so if you don’t have a heel the width of 2 fingers/aren’t willing to stretch your boots to fit your heel, don’t go near them.

On a more skirty/dressy wrapped up look, my little beige ballets from George are fab. They look gorgeous with all the staple fall colours and the golden stud and buckle detail makes them look a little bit more dressed up, so they can be worn for normal or formal do’s. I have a super cute cable knit cream skirt from Primark which will feature in my Fall Haul blog later this week, but these shoes just work an absolute treat with this skirt and a cardigan. I wouldn’t wear them too much as you’re toes might fall off, especially closer to winter too!

Finally, another item which will feature in my Fall Haul blog is my GORGEOUS new shoes from H&M’s ‘Divided’ Range, which I bought last weekend. They have a fluffy cream inside (insta-win) and are also really well fitted to your feet, so are incredibly comfortable, great for a long day out shopping/moping around with your friends. They’re really sturdy shoes and the material on them is very thick and strong, including a ridiculously sturdy sole which makes me very happy when the weather is getting this cold and the floor is not so easy to walk on any more. I love wearing these with my big fairisle cardigan, leggings or dark skinny jeans and a t-shirt, they look fab with some white/cream leg warmers too!

So there’s my picks of the season out of my shoe box, I hope these were of some inspiration to you guys, what do you like to wear in this kind of chilly weather? Let me know in the comments below, let me know if you liked it too!




Roobes xxxxx


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