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My Drugstore Makeup


Hello lovelies!

Today I’m going to do my drugstore make up face essentials (i.e. what I carry round in my make up back for touch ups!) I love every single one of these products and the reason being is that they are about half the price yet equal quality to high end products, for brands like MAC, NARS and Bare Minerals.

Firstly I have to mention the concealer I use which I STUPIDLY ran out of and binned before I took this photo (and sorry but there’s no way you’re going to get me trailing through any bins for that girl!), the one I use is Maybelline’s Pure Mineral Concealer. It doesn’t wipe off or get thinner as the day goes on, it just stays the same. As you put it on it’s a good strong coverage and I know you will understand what I mean by that it doesn’t apply a shade darker than stated on the tube when you buy it, like some cheaper concealers can do. It’s exactly the shade you expect and it works to a much higher standard than you would expect for something affordably priced from your local drug store.

Following that is the No7 Stay Perfect foundation, this has beautiful coverage and gives that dewy finish that looks so natural, I actually prefer this without any powder because it just gives the appearance of flawless natural skin.

I apply a thin layer of GOSH’s ‘Precious bronzer pearls’ to under my cheek bones, I say a thin layer because this particular bronzer has a slight shimmer to it so you don’t want to apply too much or you’ll look like your inner greek goddess statue is coming out.

Following my bronzer I apply Maybelline’s ‘Expert Wear’ compact blush. I really like this, because like most Maybelline products it doesn’t just stay there for a couple of hours before it smudges and looks like you’ve left your make up on from the night before. It sticks around for a good 7-8 hours. I love Maybelline, what can I say.

So for my eyes, yes I’m about to preach some more about Maybelline so just bare with if you’re having issues, I use Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Mascara, with their ‘Eyestudio Drama Gel Liner’, nice and thinly above my upper lash line and then again Maybelline’s Master Drama Khol Liner. All of the above stay on all day for a minimum of 12 hours, minus the khol liner, that’s about 5 hours on one layer, call me a liar if you like but you wont when you’ve tried it! Seriously, I have never and will never buy high end eye make up products when you have Maybelline at such an affordable price (maybe on eye-shadows – but nothing else!) Finally to finish with my eyes I use my GOSH palette, to be honest, I have probably bought about 7/8 of their eye-shadow palettes and each one has been as good as the last. The stay on strong for about 8 hours minimum and blend BEAUTIFULLY! Out of the one above I like to put on the peach base and blend the mild brown shade from the outer corners inwards, very pretty and very subtle.

Finally. Lips. I had a long old discussion with myself about the best product however clearly wasted my time as I couldn’t come to a conclusion so had to put two on. On the upside, one is a gloss and one is a lipstick so that’s okay, right?! There is my beloved Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon – see the review in more detail here in Orange Punch. This is really hydrating, long lasting, strong lip crayon that gives a beautiful glow and gloss to your lips and fits with nearly all make up styles. Secondly I have Barry M’s LP165, this applies and glides very easily and looks slightly glossy on your lips. It looks lovely with one layer and stays on for quite a while, although is prone to disappearing off your lips and decorating your sandwiches and cup rims to another level, it does often need a new application. However purely because of it’s appearance and stunning colour this has to be one of my drug store faves!

And that’s just about it! If you’re looking for an opinion of drug store make up brushes BUY GOSH! Honestly no word of a lie they rival my MAC brushes. Just saying.

Hope you enjoyed this, it was especially for girls like myself who have to pay all the household costs out themselves with not much left to treat yourself with at the end of it all. Unless you class the more expensive version of your supermarkets own brand as a treat, in which case, go wild! (don’t worry you’re not on your own, I have a party when I see the reduced section hoarding a bunch of expensive stuff for a quarter of the price, it instantly becomes a case of – so how much space do I have left in my freezer? Never mind I’ll cram it in some how!)


Roobes:) xxxxx

Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon Review



Recently I felt a little deprived of a make up shop so I popped into my local Boots store and came across these little beauties (there was a 5th colour but it wasn’t something I’d wear so I settled for the other four instead…). These are absolutely gorgeous! From left to right we have ‘Peach On the beach’, ‘Plum Russian’, ‘Red Sunrise’ and ‘Orange Punch’. The lovely thing about  all of these colours is that each one is totally in season and really emphasise your lips. They’re the thickness of a lipstick with the appearance of a lip gloss.

The colours as above are from left to right

These lip crayons are just amazing, the colour is the kind which you can build up so you can have a very light, transparent colour, or with a few more layers have a colour with much more depth and strength. So you can actually get quite a few different shades out of one crayon. They have a well sharpened point on them also, which makes the definition of your lips much better and easier to achieve, I usually apply it like a lip liner first then fill in.
On top of that they stay on for AGES, I usually put mine on around 8am before work and it’s still going strong around 3pm, even after I’ve had my breakfast, lunch and countless cups of coffee. Then to add another wow factor, they have worked wonders for my dry lips, which I honestly wasn’t expecting to happen, as I saw these as more of a glossy crayon, that moisturising lip crayon, but really, who can argue!

To be brutally honest with you I have zero issues with these I find them one of the best buys I’ve ever come across in a drug store, I absolutely love them! They are £7.99 each but NEWS, Boots are doing a 3 for 2 offer on them so get yourself there! I recommend these to every single person that walks in my path, they’re phenomenal. I’ve been very impressed with a lot of Bourjois’ new products lately to say I wasn’t all thumbs up about their lipstick on my previous review. Oh how the tables have turned!

I hope this was of some help and inspiration to you, especially with the festive season coming up, present buying galore!

(I just painted my nails and I’m doing a terrible job of letting them dry. Why does it take so long?! Does anyone else have this issue or am I just the most impatient human on the planet…?)



Roobes xxxxx

LOTD Simple & Easy Fall Makeup


Hey there my lovelies!

Fall is certainly here, the hats, gloves, scarves and thick coats have made their return and so has my seasonal make up change up. I often do this make up during this time of year as it keeps things nice and simple and fits with the colours around you, also allowing your natural beauty to filter through too.

On my face lives:

  • MAC’s studio finish concealer covering blemishes in NW15
  • Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer under my eyes covering my dark circles in No 2
  • MAC’s studio fix liquid foundation in NW15
  • MAC’s studio fix powder foundation in NW18
  • Benefit’s HOOLA bronzer under my cheek bones, around my temples and my back jaw line
  • MAC’s blush in MELBA

On my eyes:

  • Benefit’s cream eye shadow in Bikini-Tini
  • Maybelline’s studio gel eye liner in 01 Black
  • Maybelline’s Master Drama eyeliner in Black
  • Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara in Black

On my lips:

  • No 7’s Lipstick in Plum Beautiful

When I do my gel eye liner I like it to be a slightly thicker line as it emphasises the lashes and compliments the dark liner on your water line. The dark Plum lips go perfectly with your dark eyes and really become noticeable. I tend to find that the calm subtleness of the blush shade and how lightly the bronzer is applied really helps in not hiding your skins natural appearance in the cold chill. So you know when your face gets so cold that it starts to take hints of pink around your cheeks, nose and a little on your forehead, it’s something you want to see in the autuminal season. You don’t want it hidden under layers and layers of make up so you look like a toy doll! One of the beauties of this gorgeous season is bringing out your natural beauty. Okay so emphasise your eyes and lips but keep your skin looking natural, that’s what seasonal make up is all about, especially this season!

I hope you liked the look, if so let me know! 🙂


Roobes xxxxx


My top 5 fall lip colours


I’m so excited!!! I absolutely love this time of year, it’s the snug season. It’s getting darker, colder and certainly requires more layers! The leaves are changing colour and your lip colours do to. Which is why I wanted to share my top 5 fall lip colours, which are a big change to my usual summery, bright’s and bold’s.

20140912_191620 Here’s a swatch of all the colours above, starting from the top (closest to my wrist) we’ve got:

Please me by MAC, which is a beautiful, soft pink with a frosty touch. I love wearing this in autumn, especially on those days where it’s really quite cold or when I don’t apply much eye make up, your lips really stand out. I find it looks gorgeous with ivories/almonds/nudes and baby pinks, all colours which I love wearing when it gets into the chillier seasons.

Glacier by No7, this is also quite frosty, it’s quite a rosy pink with a two tone hint of golden shine. This is beautiful in autumn/winter as it incorporates the slightly darker pink fall shades into the golden fall shades. It really brings out golden/bronze eye make up too! I wear this quite regularly during the cold seasons(even in spring) as it goes with more or less anything and really boosts the appearance of your lips due to the tinted golden shimmer.

Sultry by No7, this is a really deep, matte red. When the weather gets frosty and your skin takes on a slightly paler tone, this looks gorgeous! It looks wonderful with the darker eyes but in the complete opposite looks fab with barely any eye make up on at all. I personally prefer wearing this colour with lighter coloured clothing, whites & creams as it really stands out and the colour itself is a staple of the autumn leafy shades.

Velvet Teddy by MAC, on the scale of nudes this one is definitely on the darker side. It’s quite a heavy matte lipstick and it says put for the day, once it’s on it’s a make up wipe at the end of the day to get it off! I think the warmness of this lipstick compliments the fall weather and especially the colours and tones surrounding you during the fall period. It brings out a lovely natural look and for me fits the season perfectly, it’s certainly not a colour I would wear during spring or summer as it’s too soft. I prefer to wear this with bronze/brown/green eye make up and clothing wise, my khaki’s, navies, ivories and mustards.

Plum Beautiful by No7, is a burnt reddy/brown colour. It’s so pretty!!! I find with this one more than most, it really defines the shape and plumpness of your lips, making them stand out from the crowd big time! This is great with an overall darker look, it fits the barky, fallen brown crunchy leaf feel (if you know what I mean). Personally I love this with black leggings, some tall brown boots and a snugly dark brown/grey/black jumper, wearing dark eye make up but not too much, this colour is one to bring attention to your lips solely.


Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what you think in the comments below…




Roobes xxx

Super Speedy Subtle Smoky Eye

picture048 picture029

Do you ever wake up on a morning a bit too late and don’t really have time to do much with your make up? Well this sweet and subtle smoky eye takes three minutes tops, so no more excuses! I used the following:

Benefits Bikini-tini long lasting cream shadow for the base, I just spread this evenly over my eyelid  only with my ring finger. It creates a light, shimmery golden base. With it being cream, the compact shadow stays put extra long!

Then, under my brows I apply a strip of Benefits Watts Up to highlight my brow bone and blend downwards with a flat eye-shadow brush until it’s blended down to your crease.

Next I use Benefits Thanks a Latte eye-shadow and apply with a small buffing brush from the outer corner of my eye and blend inwards about 2/3 of the way, ensuring it’s blended in completely. I used the small point GOSH buffing brush I’ve had this for years it’s an amazing drug store product! Remember, you need to do this lightly, you can measure how light or heavily you are buffing by how far down you are holding your brush. The lower your holding you’re brush the lighter you’re buffing, the closer to the bristles, the heavier you’re buffing, simples :).

Then still using Benefits Thanks a Latte, I take a soft angled brush, again from GOSH. I just apply it about 1/3 the way in under my lower lash line and use the small point buffing brush to blend it out in a horizontal motion as opposed to circular.

Finally, I apply a layer of my Maybelline Master Drama black eye liner on my water line for a slightly darker smoky look, this is completely optional. If your going for a more laid back look then you might not want to do this. Although I do find this make up stays on for ages, so if you’re going out straight after work take your eye liner with you, to give it some umph!

Don’t believe it takes 3 minutes, try it and prove me wrong! Did you guess I’m a huge Benefit fan… ;P

Let me what you think!…



Roobes xxx


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