NOTD: Christmas Snowy Glitter Christmas Scene



Therefore it’s my run up to Christmas nail design posts! Starting with my snowy Christmas scene nails. This one is a little more intricate than my usual ones – I went all out on this design – for what I’m normally capable of anyway ha.
This is a more time consuming design but not difficult or hard work to do at all, which is awesome!

For this look I used:

A navy blue base, a dark blue glitter, a white, a white glitter to cover the white polish, black for the snowman’s eyes, smile and buttons, an orange for his nose and a red and green for the baubles on the Christmas tree (but you could use which ever colours you like for that bit :))
I also used a large dotting tool for the snow drops, a very small dotting tool for the baubles and snowman’s face & buttons and a small brush tool for the Christmas tree’s.

Taking your navy blue, apply 2-3 coats and once dry and one good coat of your blue glitter. Once this has dried, take your white and apply a wobbly French manicure type line to the edge of your nail. Don’t make it too straight as it’s supposed to look like snow has fallen naturally and unevenly. You might need two coats of this depending on how thick your white polish is. Then whilst that’s drying, take your large dotting tools and apply your snow drops to all of your nails but only to 2/3rds of the nail – avoiding your ring finger. You need to remember to leave room for your Christmas tree. Whilst you have your large dotting tool to hand, apply a large blob to your ring finger on the line of your snowy tip and a smaller one on top, depending on the length of your nails you may be able to do 3.
Now for the tree. Take your small brush tool and your white polish. Paint on the tree by doing a small flick out left from the point of the tree top, then again from the tree top out right. Then again left from where the point the two flicks meet and right from the same point again. Then a short line vertically downwards for the trunk of the tree all the way into your snowy tip.

By now, your snow drops, tips and snowman should be dry, so go back over them with your white glitter to add some more sparkle and magic to the look. Take your small dotting tool whilst this is drying and add your baubles, I alternated mine red and green for extra Christmassyness but you can use any colour you fancy!

When your snowman is completely dry add on his buttons, eye’s, smiley face and carrot nose (you can even add a top hat/scarf if you have long enough nails for that sort of space!)

ALWAYS finish with your top coat and ONLY when you’re nails are completely dry!

I hope you guys like this tutorial, let me know if you did!

I hope you have an amazing Christmas!


Roobes xxxxx

NOTD: Christmas Glistening Snow in the Evening


Hey Guys – it’s Christmas in 2 days :O

This nail design is ridiculously easy but looks so SO SO beautiful. It’s like glistening snow in the evening. Gorgeous! I simply used 3 nail shades on top of my base and top coat, all of which are drug store products. Win!

I used:

  • OPI Base & Top Coat
  • Barry M Blueberry
  • No7 In The Stars
  • Barry M Diamond Silver Glitter

After my base coat I applied 3 thin layers of Blueberry. It’s one from the ‘Gelly Hi-Shine’ range, so it’s quite thin initially, but gives a great finish!

Once they are completely dry, I applied 1 layer of In The Stars – which is a lovely shimmery/sparkly clear coat, so it just adds a bit of extra twinkle to the look. Then finished it with one layer of Diamond Silver Glitter. Once completely dry, add your top coat.

This is such a simple easy tutorial and finishes with such a beautiful, wintry look. Although you could definitely wear this for an occasional look.

Let me know if you like this or give it a try! (Sorry about the edges – I forgot to clean them up!)

Merry Christmas you beauties!



Roobes xxxx

My Christmas Nail Polish Line-Up!


Hey there my lovelies!

I was looking through my nail polish collection trying to figure out what christmassy design to give a go this time, when I figured it’d be really nice to share with you my favourite christmas time polishes. These shades really fit the season in my opinion, I like a range of colours, ones to fit your mood, fit the temperature, fit how close it is to christmas and ones that fit sparkly/non sparkly themes.

I’ve got here a nice range of your staple colours, greens, reds, whites, cold nudes, deep shades and some glittery metallic shades too. So a nice big range of colours, as I said to fit christmas in every respect.

Lets start with sparkle, every one looooves sparkle! I’ve got my two favourite glitter polishes from Barry M the Silver Diamond Glitter and the Yellow Topaz Gold Glitter. Then a fantastic metallic silver also by Barry M, 319 Foil Effect, you literally need one coat of this stuff and you’re good to go! Then my gold metallic shade from No 7 Sunbeam. These go well with nail art designs or just as they are. There’s no time of year more fitting for your gold and silver tones!! Finally in my glitters I’ve got my gorgeous 150 Red Glitter by Barry M – Christmas party ‘o’ clock or what!

Now onto my blues (I love blue in all it’s different shades of blueness). I tend to find the closer it gets to christmas the more suited a darker blue is as opposed to the lighter shades. But everyone’s different. I love these two for this time of year: No 7’s Stonewash and OPI Nicole’s Listen To Your Momager! The No 7 shade is such a beautiful subtle blue shade which is quite a cold, misty type shade. It looks lovely against white/cream clothes. Then the OPI shade is just a perfect midnight shade. Considering the fact that it’s basically dark all day and the skies are so clear at night during this time of year, it looks like you’re wearing a bit of night on your nails. Super cute!

Finally, on to my lighter shades – and the green one, ha. Mentioning the green one, Essie’s Mojito Madness, this one is great for doing candy cane/christmas tree nail art. Or just plain awesome. It looks epic with some green glitter on top and also looks fab in matte. It’s very versatile and very fitting for the time of year.  The white OPI Nicole It’s All About The Glam is BEAUTIFUL for a snowy, winter wonderland nail look. It’s got a slight shimmer to it, honestly you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also great to wear on top of other white-type shades, although I’d avoid it on pure white shades and stick to creams/ivories/marshmallow shades – it can get a bit in your face.
Finally, last but not least, MY FAVOURITE NAIL VARNISH EVER! It’s a stunning nude pink shade and looks adorable in this season. It fits perfectly with anything and everything you’re wearing, formal or informal, on it’s own or with a glitter polish, honestly, you can’t go wrong. The coldness and softness of this polish just makes it. It’s Nails Inc, George Street – BUY IT!

So I hope you liked this post my loves, I have a very christmassy NOTD coming up on monday so keep tuned for that one if you’re into your nails or if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for christmas day nail art tips & designs.


Roobes xxxxx

NOTD: Matte Red Santa Claus Nails!



Time to get ready for christmas!

Here I have a gorgeous, easy, super simple nail design for Christmas! This is great for those of you who’re like me, i.e. not exactly an expert when it comes to nail art. You literally need 3 different shades of polish, it’s so quick and so easy! Lets get started!

I used:

  • OPI base coat
  • No7 Devils Delight
  • No7’s Get Wed
  • Barry M’s Lady
  • Medium dotting tool
  • Medium brush tool
  • OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Once you’ve applied your base coat, apply a good 2-3 layers of Devils Delight to every nail except your ring finger. On your ring finger take your medium brush tool and dip it in Devils Delight and paint a floppy hat shape – leaving a sharp curve on one side which goes about 1/3 of the way into your nail.
If you’re not so great with the free hand brushes or you don’t have any to hand, just dip a cotton bud in nail varnish remover and use that to create the empty curve! Nice and easy!

Then once your initial red coat is dry, apply 2 layers of Matte top coat.

Now it’s fluff time!

Take your dotting tool and dip it into Get Wed (this is just a shimmery ivory colour). Create a bobbly by gently dotting at the top of the curve and create the rim by gently dotting in a line across the edge of your nail. Once this is dry (bare in mind this might take a little while because it will sit slightly thicker due to using a dotting tool), apply Lady on top of Get Wed to add some Christmassy shimmer to santa’s hat. Then you’re done!

How easy was that!

Let me know if you guys like it or if you tried it out! I hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas – only 14 days now! Eek!



Roobes xxxxx


NOTD: Sparkly Charcoal Edgy Nails



I’ve been desperate to try out my new polishes I tried out recently and I’ve been loving how they look, this polish specifically so. It’s really easy going, you can apply it on top of any colour at all and it looks amazing! The actual glitter itself is a mixture of both black and silver. It’s not just your typical glitter where the glittery bits are all the same size and shape, this glitter is all different shapes and sizes, there are some larger hexagons, smaller hexagons, shard shapes of all different sizes, tiny glitter, larger glitter, tonnes of different stuff going on. So it add’s a fantastic dimension to your nail polish.

I added even more dimension to this look by using these polishes:

Boltons Place, Sloane Square, Lancelot Place - From left to right

Boltons Place, Sloane Square, Lancelot Place – From left to right

I also used: OPI Nail Envy Base Coat & OPI Top Coat

After the base coat I applied two layers of Boltons Place, one looks good but 2 looks much better. Then 2 layers of Sloane Square. What I love about these polishes, well, all recent Nails Inc polishes to be honest, they dry ridiculously  fast and barely ever chip, the quality of them is phenomenal. Huuuge fan. I then applied just the one layer of Lancelot Place, two seems too much because as I mentioned earlier it can be in your face and over take the whole nail design.

I personally love this look because it’s got a beautiful sparkle for the time of year, but it’s also an all rounder given it’s edgy, biker chic look. And it takes no time to do. What a winner.
If you come across this polish and just happen to find it as irresistible as I did/do, as an alternative, give it a try on a white/ivory base, navy blue base or a pastel lilac base. It looks beautiful if you wouldn’t necessarily try this type of look 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this little NOTD guys, let me know if you did!


Roobes xxxxx

NOTD: Seasonal Cute Glittery Nude Nails


Hello lovely ladies!

I’ve been getting super into the festive seasonal looks lately and thought that this was a lovely accessory to some wintery outfits. I love how simple it is, yet it is that which creates the eye catching appearance. I’m using just one shade and one glitter, so as I say, keeping it nice and easy and nice and simple.

I used:
OPI Nail Envy – base coat
Nails Inc George Street
Barry M Gold Glitter
OPI Top Coat

After applying my base coat I applied 2 layers of the Nails Inc George Street. I can’t quite get my head round how gorgeous this colour is. The pink nude shade looks fantastic as an autumn/winter staple shade, yet it’s perfect for a more sophisticated look on a special occasion. This polish is super adaptable to any look!
Now with the gold glitter, on your index finger I dabbed it on so that it didn’t seem washed out, which meant I got a nice mix of larger and smaller glitter. Then on my other fingers and thumb I dabbed on a small bump in one corner and with the full width of the end of the brush, pulled it to the opposite side. Doing it this way keeps a good mix of glitter, keeps the line on your finger straight and means any excess can easily just be wiped off the tip of your nail.
Then simply apply a good layer of top coat to secure it all in place.

Seriously how easy was that. Yet you could wear it for literally any occasion, formal, informal, day to day, nights out, parties literally anything!

I really enjoy doing these kind of NOTD’s, I’m not the kind of person that can be bothered going crazy intricate with my nail designs although sometimes I wish I could haha. It’s nice to share something that is super easy but looks just as gorgeous as something you’ve spent the past 20 minutes doing. Yay!

Let me know what you think. Would you wear this? I hope so :)!




Roobes xxxxx

Seasonal Nail Shades!


Personally I think it’s really important to keep your polish shades in time with the seasons. For example bright, neon style shades look gorgeous in the summer where as more pastel-y, calmer shades look better in the winter. Fall for me is a time for baby shades and more pastel-y style colours, as it reflects the chilly mistiness and the ombre orangey colours which surround woodland.

My top shades for this season are (from left to right, top row to bottom row):

  • Navigate Her – Essie
  • Kensington Park Road – Nails Inc
  • Molton Street – Nails Inc
  • Mushroom – Barry M
  • Grey (inevntive I know -_-) – Barry M
  • Part of the Fame-ily – OPI, Nicole

I particularly love ‘Part of the Fame-ily by OPI because it’s a gorgeous lilac shade with little hints of sparkle, which makes it fit perfectly for the transition between fall to winter for the festive occasions. I think out of all of them it’s certainly my favourite!

The two Nails Inc colours I need to talk about not just because of how fitting the two cold seasonal colours are but the quality of the products. These apply as very thin and translucent polishes, however it totally bodes well with the thinner and more layers = better than thicker and less layers. These do apply thin but 3 layers of these polishes lasts FOREVER! Definitely worth a purchase!

The Essie polish – Navigate Her, is a very pretty autiminal, leafy colour which in my opinion has a slightly military demeanour to it’s appearance. It’s a lovely green shade and again, like the Nails Inc polishes, is a thin layers and more layers style polish, WIN! It lasts a good long time on your nails before it chips and looks very pretty, it’s almost like a misty pastel green; if you know what I mean 😉

Finally, Barry M, oh how you have stormed the drug store polishes like a queen to her throne. I LOVE YOU! Honestly when you’re talking to a girl who pays the rent, bills, food and the occasional make up and hair restore all by herself, you will not hear me shut up about Barry M polishes. They are amazing quality for such a small price. Firstly, I think these shades are two of the most fitting to the season which have ever been released and secondly, you absolutely cannot fault the quality. I mean really, what more can I say.

I bought all of these polishes for under £5. The OPI and Nails Inc polish was from TK MAXX (my saviour!), Barry M from superdrug, Essie from Amazon.

Do you have any favourite shades, styles or brands for this season? Let me know!


Roobes xxxx

NOTD: halloween candy corn nails!


Hey there guys,

As I mentioned in my previous NOTD, my little halloween nail tutorial was coming up. I like to keep halloween nails nice and simple I think too much nail art takes away the awesomeness of halloween spookyness. These are super easy and suitable with any outfit too! All you need is:

A bright orange, a strong bright yellow, white and a thick glitter polish (mine has a hint of white to it) and obviously your base and top coat.
Don’t forget a wedge make up sponge.

Firstly paint all of your nails except your two middle ones with your orange, two layers should be fine. Leave them to dry whilst you focus on the design for your two middle fingers.

Paint your two middle fingers white, just one layer will do, it’s fine if it looks a bit washed out because you’re going to be using the sponge to create the ombre effect over the top anyway. On your sponge layer the colours of a candy corn, white at the top, orange in the middle and yellow at the bottom and dab onto your nail to create the ombre effect. You’ll probably need to do this twice to define the colours. Once they are dry, apply a coat of the white glitter to reduce the harshness and add a bit of shimmer to them too.

Then you’re done!! A really easy, really cute and girly halloween nail design that goes with any outfit!

Hope you liked it and have a fantastic Halloween evening. Trick or treat (no one ever tricks. Boring. You watch what’s going to happen when someone knocks on my door now, I’ll regret saying this and end up covered in beans or something -_-)




Roobes xxxxx

NOTD: matte brown leafy fall nails


Well hello there!

I really enjoyed my last NOTD so I’ve been really excited to do this one too! I’ve used Konad Stamping for this look but only on my two middle fingers and it’s the same design so nice and easy.

As always starting with a base coat, then I have applied Barry M’s brown shade in ‘Mushroom’, two layers did it just fine, on all of my nails. Once completely dry, I have used a Matte top coat this time to add to the musky fall appearance.

For my two middle fingers I have used a Konad Stamping Plate and chosen the leafy vine design. Applying a layer of white polish and scraping off I have stamped it on my nails about 5 times at different lengths to create a bit of depth and so it looks a bit more realistic. Honestly it’s as simple as that. I didn’t go back over the stamped nails with matte top coat because the light shine of the leafy vines makes them really stand out from the rest of your nails.

And that’s it.

The white I used is China Glaze: White on White
The brown I used is Barry M: Mushroom
The base coat: OPI’s Nail Envy
The top coat: OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Let me know if you like it and if you try it out too!

Other optional colours:
Brown matte base & green leaves
Cream matte base & golden leaves
Green matte base & mustard leaves
Burnt orange base & cream leaves

Stay tuned for my halloween nail tutorial on monday!!!!!



Roobes xxxxx


How to: Konad Stamping.


Hello there m’lovelies!

Today is a ‘How to’ day for something, which personally for me, baffled my little brain for AGES. Konad stamping was one of those things where initially I was like, I bet that’s a pain in the backside to do/I can imagine it’s really quite hard. So I steered clear of it for a long time, until I saw it trending on YouTube and realised that yes, I may actually be wrong here. I’ll admit there’s a bit of a ‘knack’ to it,  but you get there after your first 2/3 times. The worst part is, it’s faffy, I’ll explain why later but please do keep reading, it’s really really easy and definitely worth investing the time and money in, it makes nail art look like an absolute walk in the park!

You can buy Konad Stamping sets on their website, Amazon, Ebay, anywhere you care to look really, they sell them in the simple set of the stamper and scraper which I would recommend (you can get a double ended stamper for more precision with the smaller designs as opposed to a single ended one, I would say to get the double ended one). Or they come in sets which include stamping polish and/or some plates. It’s up to you, but it’s about £5-£7 to get the scraper and stamper set, so it’s nice and cheap.
Get yourself a couple of different plates to begin with, again you can buy these from more a less anywhere too, pick some designs you like they’re only £2/£3 each. There are lots of different makes of stamping plates out there, from personal experience stay away from the cheap ones, they aren’t engraved deep enough and therefore when you transfer the design onto your stamper it doesn’t go and your just left with a messy plate and disappointment. Big no-no.
There are only 3 brands I 100% recommend:
(I’ve linked them to the websites direct for you to look/buy)

I’ve had guaranteed results with all of these brands, which is why these are the only ones I’m prepared to recommend.
Now, stamping polish, a little bit of a myth in my opinion, however, each to their own. You don’t need a specific stamping polish, you can just as easily use any old polish from your rack, the only thing I will say is don’t use that thin, rubbish one you’ve had for 10 years, use a good quality strong, thick polish otherwise it looks washed out. You can buy stamping polish, it is thicker and in it’s defence sometimes is worth it if you’re doing an intricate design, but for a starter, it’s definitely not required. As you go on, if you enjoy stamping and improve as your design quality, then you should look into getting stamping polish.

So good to knows out of the way, how to’s coming up…

Firstly, make the huge decision of which design you want to do, grab the plate, your base colour, stamping colour, scraper, stamper, nail polish remover and some cotton pads/balls. Yes, I am aware the list is extensive, but don’t let it put you off. For your set up make sure you’ve got the base colour on your nails and it’s COMPLETELY DRY, otherwise, it’ll squash and smudge it when you apply your stamp design and then the whole thing is a categorical disaster. Apply a good amount of nail varnish remover to a pad/ball and put to one side. Now you’ll have to do this bit quickly (don’t worry speed comes in time), apply a coat of your chosen stamping colour over the design on the plate, put some weight behind your hand and scrape off the excess polish with your scraper and immediately roll your stamper over the design, again applying a bit of pressure behind the stamper to make sure it picks up the whole design, then quickly roll the design on to the desired area of your nail. Once you’ve done the stamping bit, take the polish remover coated pad/ball and wipe your plate clean of any excess polish. Then you’re ready to start the whole process again.

I know that sounds ridiculously faffy, painful and annoying and like it’s going to take forever, but it doesn’t I promise. The first couple of times I did it it took about 15 mins for me to do the stamping, after that my 4th/5th time it only took 5 mins, as soon as you get into the rythem of it it takes no time at all. I love the fact that it makes you look like a nail art pro, yet all the hard work is already cut out for you, it’s super easy and very rewarding to look at once you’re done 🙂
Don’t forget to apply your top coat!!!

Things to remember:

  • You don’t HAVE to use stamping polish
  • You will need a cotton wool pad/ball with a good coating of nail polish remover ready before you start
  • Keep your scraper clean!
  • Do your nails on an old towel/kitchen roll to avoid making mess
  • Konad, MoYou, Born Pretty – my recommendations
  • Wipe your stamping plate after every use
  • Don’t do any stamping until your base colour is definitely dry.

Hope this was of some help to you guys if you like the idea of or want to try Konad Stamping. Let me know how you get on or if you’re going to try it. I’m putting up a blog later in the week of an NOTD with Konad Stamping so check that out to see some designs too!


Roobes xxxxx


 Super Cute & Easy NOTD


I had a boredom moment of nail inspiration yesterday (no idea where it came from), but it produced this, which I think is a lovely simple yet, eye catching design. I love teals and golds together anyway so god knows why I’ve never thought to do this before but here it is!

I started with a base coat, I use OPI’s nail envy because my nails are crap, they break at any opportunity, which is why I’m using a strengthening based one. Once dry, apply one coat of No7’s ‘So Neat’, once dry apply your second coat. Do this on all nails except your ring finger nail, on this one you’ll need a coat of No7’s ‘Sunbeam’ and again once dry apply your second coat.
Now you’ve applied the base’s on all fingers except your ring finger apply one coat of No7’s ‘In the stars’ to create a shimmery effect, then on your ring finger apply 1 coat of Barry M’s ‘Yellow Topaz Glitter’ polish, when dried add a second. Make sure the nail is completely covered in glitter, so the ‘Sunbeam’ base is barely showing.
Apply any top coat of your choice to seal in your design and there you have it!

For me this look is gorgeous throughout all seasons, especially spring and summer. To change it up a bit and make it fit the fall season a little more you could swap the blue for a khaki green, or to make it more wintery swap the gold glitter nail for a silver glitter nail for a colder look.

Here’s the other colours I applied:

Hope you enjoyed this guys, let me know what you think!


Roobes xxx


My new Nails Inc. colours!


I recently bought these new nail colours and I adore them. They’re beautiful alone or together as a nail art piece. I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of these polishes also, they dry very quickly and look beautiful on, I specifically tried these without a top coat to see how they cope with wear and tear and I have to say they did a pretty good job, they didn’t chip for 3 days.

The pink ones from left to right are: Notting Hill Gate(Neon Shade), South Molton Street, Iyall Mews and Bloomsbury Square(3D Glitter).

Notting Hill Gate and South Molton Street are slightly transparent upon application, they give almost a glazed look, I really love it, however it can appear a standard polish thickness by applying a 3rd coat. Iyall Mews is GORGEOUS! It gives an interesting look as there is so many different shapes and sizes within the bottle and it looks great topping any colour, as its generally a black and white mixture with a hint of pink. The Bloomsbury Square polish always looks stunning, its slightly raised from your nail and in the light shines so many different shades of pink and purple, this looks its optimum with two coats, don’t be fooled by how good one coat looks!

The blue ones from left to right are: St Luke’s Street, Connaught Square (3D Glitter), Kensington Park Road and Cornwall (Feather Effect).

Firstly St Luke’s Square is matte. Yes, matte. I had no idea either. I was kind of annoyed when I realised until I noticed how lovely the dried colour was and it actually is a very pretty colour (if you want it shiny I just use a normal top coat, it looks just as lovely). Connaught Square is glitter shades of turquoise, purple and navy 3D effect. I need to say no more. Kensington Park Road Neon Effect instantly topped the list of all time favourite colour polishes I’ve ever owned. It’s an all year round stunner, you’re nails will categorically not go unnoticed with this beauty covering them. It needs it’s own throne. Finally the Cornwall feather effect, it’s a cute look however I’m not overly convinced about this one, it’s the only polish I bought which I’ve questioned. It looks nice on but you need 2-3 coats on (which after your original 2 is a bit much) for it to look like you’ve not been playing with chopped tinsel whilst painting your nails and it seems to take over your nail, as in there’s no point using it as a top coat as it looks, well, weird. Although on the up side, it’s a great addition to my nail art colours, using it as an effect rather than a coat looks fab, so if you’re going to purchase any of the feather range, I would say to bare in mind it’s not a top coat.

I’m genuinely impressed with these varnishes, Nails Inc. have really stepped up even higher with these little fella’s. Definately worth your consideration ladies!




Roobes xxx


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