No7’s Beautiful Skin Blemish Defence Serum Review


Well hello there my darlings!!

I purchased this a little while back and I seriously questioned why I hadn’t done a review on it already. It’s one of those products you just NEED to get off your chest.

I suffer from quite strongly blemished skin, mainly because I had pretty bad acne when I was younger and your skin does become a concealer drainer if you don’t do anything about it. To make that worse, good concealer isn’t cheap! I was in search of a serum to help reduce redness and blemishes so that on days when I wanted to give the face a break from the mass of make up, it wouldn’t be such a concious thing to do.

I had done a bit of research and also tried out a highly recommended one by MAC – Prep + Prime Natural Radiance. This product is a primer which has the same effects as a blemish reducing serum. Don’t get me wrong this product was amazing, but it’s £29.50 a go and I ain’t no millionaire!! I needed a drug store duplicate that would cost less, last as long and work just as well…
Introducing No 7’s Beautiful Skin Blemish Defence Serum (and the angels sing)
This little beauty is only £16 and get this, it’s lasted me even longer than the MAC primer! This product is phenomenal, after a week of using it I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It was more evenly toned, brighter, tighter and appeared much more healthier. After continuous use of this product my skin looks so much more radiant and even, I love it!

I’m a big supporter of No 7’s skin care range any way, they have never EVER let me down. I have purchased so many of their products and you would think that there would definitely be one here or there that was a bit hmmm. But nope, not yet!

I swear by this stuff, you can’t go wrong with it. It took me a long time to find a blemish reducing serum as my blemishes were quite prominent. However the time waiting paid off.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with uneven skin tone, blemishes/redness and overly oily skin. I have nothing bad to say about it and that seriously doesn’t often happen with me. I always find something to complain about, even if I have to go digging for it!

Let me know what you think, have you tried this or No 7 products?

P.s. it’s 8 days ’til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 eeek, excited!



Roobes xxxxx

Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon Review



Recently I felt a little deprived of a make up shop so I popped into my local Boots store and came across these little beauties (there was a 5th colour but it wasn’t something I’d wear so I settled for the other four instead…). These are absolutely gorgeous! From left to right we have ‘Peach On the beach’, ‘Plum Russian’, ‘Red Sunrise’ and ‘Orange Punch’. The lovely thing about  all of these colours is that each one is totally in season and really emphasise your lips. They’re the thickness of a lipstick with the appearance of a lip gloss.

The colours as above are from left to right

These lip crayons are just amazing, the colour is the kind which you can build up so you can have a very light, transparent colour, or with a few more layers have a colour with much more depth and strength. So you can actually get quite a few different shades out of one crayon. They have a well sharpened point on them also, which makes the definition of your lips much better and easier to achieve, I usually apply it like a lip liner first then fill in.
On top of that they stay on for AGES, I usually put mine on around 8am before work and it’s still going strong around 3pm, even after I’ve had my breakfast, lunch and countless cups of coffee. Then to add another wow factor, they have worked wonders for my dry lips, which I honestly wasn’t expecting to happen, as I saw these as more of a glossy crayon, that moisturising lip crayon, but really, who can argue!

To be brutally honest with you I have zero issues with these I find them one of the best buys I’ve ever come across in a drug store, I absolutely love them! They are £7.99 each but NEWS, Boots are doing a 3 for 2 offer on them so get yourself there! I recommend these to every single person that walks in my path, they’re phenomenal. I’ve been very impressed with a lot of Bourjois’ new products lately to say I wasn’t all thumbs up about their lipstick on my previous review. Oh how the tables have turned!

I hope this was of some help and inspiration to you, especially with the festive season coming up, present buying galore!

(I just painted my nails and I’m doing a terrible job of letting them dry. Why does it take so long?! Does anyone else have this issue or am I just the most impatient human on the planet…?)



Roobes xxxxx

No7 Rapid Spot Rescue review


We all have spots, imperfections, blemishes, redness and uneven tones on our skin, no one is perfect and no one has completely clear skin. Sometimes, though, we wish we did have perfectly clear skin. So when those spots and imperfections make an appearance, they’re not planning on leaving all too soon which is the most annoying thing, which is why it’s really handy to have a reliable serum to help them on their way.

I first bought this serum about 3 years ago, it’s on it’s last legs but that’s a whole load of time it’s lasted me, it cost me about £12 from Boots. The formula is quite thick and clear. Once you apply it you know it’s hit the right place, as it does sting quite a bit, it’s a weirdly nice kinda sting though. I just pat it onto the area until any excess has gone. I find it tends to work best on broken skin (so to put it bluntly once you’ve had a whole bunch of fun popping your spot). Redness clears incredibly quickly and the swelling of the area reduces as quick too. The spot itself I find tends to have gone with a couple of days of use, usually once in the morning before make up and once on a night before bed really works for me.

I love this stuff and I’ll be honest, I literally have nothing bad to say about it at all. It’s an absolute must for your beauty&skincare cupboard and is no where near as expensive as some of the higher end brands which in my opinion will either do exactly the same or not work as well. It’s lasted me ages and I’m not one to be blessed with good skin, I have larger pores here and there, my T-Zone gets really oily, I get trapped oil in my skin, I get redness, I get black heads and I certainly get spots WE ALL DO. Your skin is not something to be ashamed of, it doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you who you are and it doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Honestly, no body, absolutely no body has perfect skin and no body is clear of all of the above, so if someone wearing more make up than your local drug store decides to look at you or treat you differently because you might have a couple of spots here and there or you might have a few patches of uneven skin tone or redness, let them, but see their reaction when you tell them to take of the mask they’re hiding behind.

Be proud of your skin, one of the only times it’s nice to hear this: we’re all the same 🙂.



Roobes xxxxx

Prescriptive’s Mini Lip gloss review  


So I must be honest, I didn’t really know much about this brand until I got these as a present from my dad. But still when I looked them up, their site wasn’t much of a give away, there seems to be a limited amount of products, which are quite expensive, however it’s gleaming with good reviews, so I guess I just had missed out on the news letter. I gave these a try as I was quite intrigued at this point I must say, here’s what they had to offer.

This is a mini case with 10 different shades of gloss, all of which are great for different looks, seasons or dressing up or down, which is nice to see. I hate it when you get mini’s or anything and it limits you to a specific palette of colours, it’s hardly giving you much of an insight. Upon application these are quite interesting. The gloss is quite thick and very high shine, it’s a strong formula which stays put for a seriously long time, I’ll put this on for work and still have to take a make up wipe to it when I get home! What’s more is it doesn’t smudge, wear badly or thin in any strange way throughout the day, it just stays put as a good strong, pretty gloss.
I have also found with these Prescriptive’s glosses, which can be difficult to find with other brands, that the colour in the container is the colour that goes onto your lips. For example you could get a nude beige colour in the bottle which applies a nude beige gloss to your lips, as opposed to a nude beige colour in the bottle that applies a transparent gloss with a slight hint of beige colour to your lips. Very annoying.
These all have a slight glittery shimmer to them which I like as it adds more dimension to your lips and makes them look fuller and plumper. Along with the fact that the gloss is quite thick too.

The only downside about this gloss, is that it’s quite sticky, which means when I’m wearing it I need to wear my hair up or there can’t be any wind what so ever, which is always a tough one. It doesn’t look sticky at all and your lips don’t have that tar feeling when your mouth is closed, but if your hair blows onto your lips, beware, it may never come off.

Overall 8/10 solely not 10/10 because of the stickiness. These were a fantastic find and I’d definitely buy them again and possibly try other products of theirs.

Hope this was of some help to you all, let me know what you think! If you liked this review check out my other make-up/hair/nail reviews here!


Roobes xxx


Origins Gloomaway Body Wash & Incredible Spreadable Body Scrub Review


I’ve had this undying urge lately to get some new bath and skincare products, some of my undying urge produced these two; Origin’s Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash and Bubble Bath & Incredible Spreadable Ginger Body Scrub. So here’s my review…

Starting with the Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash and Bubble Bath, it smells GORGEOUS! It’s such a refreshing and revitalising scent which is great when you’re having a good old soak in the bath or when you need that freshly pampered feeling. What’s really wonderful about this product is that is makes your body feel thoroughly nourished and moisturised after use, whether its used in the bath or shower. Your skin feels so soft and renewed and that yummy grapefruit smell doesn’t instantly wash away, it stays on your skin and keeps that replenished feeling with you for hours.
I definitely recommend this product based purely on how fantastic and nourished it makes your whole body feel. As it’s slightly more expensive I don’t use it too often, I keep it for those Friday night, end of the working week soaks to make you feel all relaxed and calm. It’s my de-stress time No.1. I feel like when you don’t use it as a regular body wash/soak, you appreciate it and feel the benefit so much more than you would if you were to use it day to day. It’s like feeding your sweet tooth but bathroom style.

Moving on to the Incredible Spreadable Ginger Body Scrub, I’d certainly question the ‘spreadable’ part. The formula is incredibly thick and full of exfoliating natural sugars. In fairness it really does buff the hell out of your skin and leaves you with beautiful baby skin when finished, however it states that it will then “transform into a creamy, cleansing lather”. This doesn’t happen. At all. It is purely a body scrub, no lathering/creamy texture follows, it’s not possible considering how it’s majority natural buffing sugars. Yet, for me, when you get a body scrub and your paying £25 for it, you want a damn good one and that’s what you get. Just don’t expect it to spread all too far or turn into a shower cream & scrub.
Personally for me this is a ‘when I’m feeling rich’ buy for myself, not a regular one, there are much more cost efficient, longer lasting exfoliator/scrub from your local Boots/Superdrug/CVS store. My drug store exchange for this would definitely be St Ives Invigorating Apricot Body Scrub which costs around £4.50. Also, I believe I shockingly almost forgot to mention that the ginger scent is phenomenal, it’s ridiculously relaxing and like the Gloomaway, stays with you for a good few hours, so you can smell phenomenal too! It’s the kind of smell where when you take a good sniff you get your ‘oh my god that smell is to die for’ face on.

I really hope you liked this, if you’ve tried either of these products let me know what you think!



Roobes xxx


China Glaze ‘White On White’ Review


I recently bought this polish as I ran out of my previous one – Essie’s Marshmallow, which I absolutely adored but I fancied trying a new one this time and seeing as though I own several other China Glaze polishes figured I could give this one a go. I’m a huge fan of my other China Glaze polishes, they’re good quality, thick, strong polishes and all look fab upon application; this one however I’m not sure if they suffered some kind of memory loss before making this formula…

The colour of the polish itself is lovely, it certainly lives up to it’s name I’ll give it that! However it takes about 3-4 coats of it before it looks like you’ve not applied it whilst trying to concentrate on watching your new favorite TV series.

The first coat goes on like old watered down tip-ex and so does the second. There’s honestly no way around this. I’ve tried thinner layers, thicker layers, keeping it in different temperatures, leaving it different lengths of time between applying your next coat. NOTHING WORKS! To put it plain and simple it’s just a really bad polish. It’s thick, gloopy, dries far too fast – it almost acts like a crackle polish with how it seems to dry incredibly quickly when you take the lid off. When I apply it, the layers go on in so many different thicknesses and it looks stripey, but because some strips are thicker than others, it dries at different speeds and then the appearance follows onto the next coat. Before you’re nails look even you’ve used half the bottle and a whole bunch of time you’ll never get back waiting for this to look some what sensible.

I personally wouldn’t advise buying this polish. Yes there’s the possibility I’ve just got the short straw and all the other White On White China Glaze polishes are spot on, but I find that a bit unlikely…

I prefer to use this polish for nail art effects and water marbling solely because of how thick it is it works really well for those specific designs. Taking another view, there are two white polishes which I do recommend, they look gorgeous and apply perfect:

Essie’s Marshmallow and OPI’s Alpine Snow.
A great cheaper drugstore take on these products is Barry M’s Coconut

Let me know what you think!


Roobes xxx


Bourjois Lipstick Review


Hellooo lovelies!!

I’ve been wanting to do a review on this product for a little while for a few reasons both good and bad. The main reason personally is that when you pay a certain amount for a product you expect what you pay for. Bourjois is a drug store product, however is definitely one of the more expensive brands. Usually when I go to Boots or Superdrug I expect to be paying around £5/£7 for lipstick, although I usually buy mine from MAC, which is about £15.50 each, but the quality is top notch, so I don’t mind paying so much.

20140913_140446 *Sweet Kiss (51)*

This Lipstick was £9/£10 when I bought it, which as I said, in my opinion is relatively more on the expensive side. So all things considered I expected something better than the bog standard stuff I usually get. You are promised a “radiant, glossy finish” and your lips to be “Smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours”.

I must say, upon application, it does look beautifully smooth and glossy and one thing I do love about lipsticks which this one does great is the more layers you apply the darker it gets, so you actually get a few different shades out of one lipstick, which is awesome. It feels lovely and light on your lips and massively defines the shape and dimensions of your lips, even making them look fuller and plumper.

My main issues with this lipstick specifically is that after an hour or so of it being on, it begins to wear off and leaves this ‘lip liner only’ look on your lips which is never a good thing when it’s such a dark berry shade. No one wants to look like they’ve come back from a night out an hour after they’ve got out of bed right…
Following the point of it wearing off an hour into wearing it, it hardly lives up to this “smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours” BS does it?! I would 100% safely say if I wear this on an evening or when I’m out and about, it NEEDS taking with me and re-applying several times and my lips don’t feel hydrated, not at all, so I’m not sure where that came from…

Personally I’m not against this lipstick, I love this colour and it does look beautiful when you put it on, but sadly doesn’t stay that way all too long. It’s okay if you’re happy re-applying here and there, but probably not on a night out in town with the girls when you’re too drunk to remember what drink you just bought. The last thing you want to be wearing is a lippy that you need to remember to be re-applying regularly, it’s just not going to happen, then you’ll end up with the weird lip liner only look and pulling that night goes out of the window…


Let me know what you think? Have you ever had a lipstick that doesn’t live up to it’s promises, or on the other hand one that’s blown you away?


Enjoy your day ladies!


Roobes xxx

Benefit HOOLA Lip Gloss Review…


Aloha my lovely ladies!!!!

I recently was given a sample of Benefit’s HOOLA Lip Gloss recently, having not tried it before but seen it in store I was quite the interested madam…


Above is a swatch of HOOLA.

It’s not very dark, it accentuates your lips more than changes the colour. It’s silky smooth on your lips and isn’t sticky at all which is virtually unheard of with lip glosses. It looks lovely on it’s own as it’s got a very glossy glisten to it with a glittery hint but still holds a very beautiful and even occasional appearance. However I personally like to wear it over a beige/light brown lipstick, it looks absolutely stunning and really boosts the look of these shades. I find that it gives your lips quite a rounder plumper look (gorgeous!) because it sits quite strongly on top of your lips and to make it even better it lasts for a very long time, whooppa! (Oh and even better it smells and tastes amazing too – did I really just say that…)

I’ll definitely buy this again as soon as I run out, it certainly lives up to Benefits usual high standards I recommend it highly!


Is there anything you have tried out that’s really blown you away, or in the opposite direction, reeeeally disappointed you?
Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading hunnies!




Roobes xxx


My Maybelline Baby Skin product review…



Today I wanted to do a review about a product I was highly recommended in the store, the Maybelline Baby Skin – instant pore eraser primer.



It was put across to me as the all new drug store version of Porefessional by Benefit, which is a particularly fantastic product and I’m personally a huge fan of.

I must say I wasn’t all to impressed…

Upon application, it hasn’t reduced or even slightly changed the appearance of my pores, it’s greasy so your make up can’t set properly and wipes off with your finger as it would with a make up wipe. It’s thick and heavy so you know you’re wearing it, primer should be totally lightweight and an aid towards the appearance of your make up. Then on top of that, it’s caused me to break out, which I assume has a lot to do with it’s thick and greasy nature.

I was honestly surprised as it had been so ‘bigged up’ to me in the store, I was pretty excited to try it out, especially as referenced to a similar standard to Porefessional.

I think I can safely say for me this product wasn’t the best experience, we’ve all had a wrong choose in the shop, so I’ll 100% be sticking to Benefit’s Porefessional in future, it’s worth the extra money and much, much better.

You need to try different products to know the difference I guess, a change in choice is never a bad one in my opinion, even if you go back to your original one 🙂



Roobes xxx


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