So catch up time! I need to apologise for missing last weeks. I’ve been so busy with things lately, trying to sort out the flat, christmas, arranging travel for Christmas etc I haven’t had time to sit down. Crazy!
On with the past week…
It’s been a nice wind down week for Christmas really. I’ve been stupidly excited to get to see MockingJay Part 1 and that the new Annie movie is coming out! EEK! I was ecstatic to find out that Caroline Flack had won Strictly Come Dancing – talk about deserving it!!! Although I’m bouncing off the walls at a much slower rate when Ben Haenow won X Factor, he did well and all that but he wasn’t Fleur and certainly wasn’t Andrea. Talk about a completely backwards result. Eugh. I popped out and indulged a little bit for myself for a change, I got myself some gorgeous new MAC lipsticks and some new nail polishes which is exciting (haul blog to come!) and went back to brown!
wpid-img_20141206_182201.jpg No more red hair!
I FINALLY went to the Alchemist! I’ve been desperate to go since it opened but me being me refuses to pay £20 for 2 cocktails, but seeing as though it’s cChristmas Me and my mam decided it was time to treat ourselves so we dug into these – my beloved woowoo and the hot and cold espresso (which I am intensely jealous I didn’t get, it was scrummy and suuuuper impressive when they made it!)
That was followed by a gorgeous meal to finish a fantastic day of shopping off!I finished my Christmas shopping which I managed to forget ’til the last minute. No surprise there! We also had our little Christmas day today as I wont be home for Christmas, so we’ve had such an amazing, lovely day together. We cooked something yummy and opened all of our presents. My favourite thing about Christmas is watching people open the presents I bought for them, I love the surprise and happiness.

Christmas drinks were in order for the last day of work. Which included many a beer, wine and vodka. And got carried away with the Christmas Duck…
So you can imagine how much I needed the vat of coffee I devoured the next morning…

Regardless of my painful (understatement) head, I managed some therapy at the hairdressers and dragged myself out on a lovely long walk. You can’t beat the way the sky looks at this time of year. It doesn’t come anywhere close the rest of the year I mean seriously, just look at the view I got to take in:

Minus the hangovers, excessive Christmas drinking and some sensible stuff inbetween, I’ve had my head deeply burrowed in my particularly festive book; I Heart Christmas. This book by Lindsey Kelk is perfect for you girly, romantic, Christmas lovers out there. I got mine second hand super cheap from Amazon. I absolutely recommend this book 100%.

Some gorgeous songs have come out the past week, and some of my Christmas faves have made an epic reappearance – Fairytale of New York and Stop the Cavalry. Christmas is not complete with out them. We just need a bit of snow now! Not long, it’s basically 3 days (can you tell I’m counting down? 😉

Hope you guys are in for an amazing Christmas time, check out my blog tomorrow for my Christmas nail designs. I have 3 major Christmas nail blogs for the run up to Christmas on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday! 2 tutorials and 1 about my staple shades, so stay tuned! I’m going to go dance around my house to ‘Fairytale of New York’ now…



Roobes xxxxx


Oh Hey There!

It’s hat and scarves time!!!!! It’s. Bloody. Freezing.
This week has been an interesting one I must say. Although nothing all too crazy has happened I’ve managed to rekindle my love for Sons of Anarchy, how I’ve lasted such a long time with out watching it for so long, got completely hooked on Justified, how gorgeous is Timothy Olyphant! Such a shame he’s in his 40’s, damn it! I can just keep on dreaming!

I managed to order a Chinese take out which I was seriously looking forward to I must say. Turned up at the take out to collect it only to find out they didn’t have my order ready. I was most unimpressed. After talking to the guy and seeing how long it would be now I noticed the menu out of the corner of my eye and thought, oh, I had the old menu, he says no no we’ve always just had that one! I take another slow look over the menu and just happened to spot the number on there. Which was completely different to the one I rang. Sudden realisation hits with the big question: Who on earth have I just ordered a Chinese from?! So I eventually got the Chinese from the place I wanted it from originally and devoured it. Finally.
Mentioning things I’ve managed, burning myself on a hot water bottle, in my sleep, with no idea until the next morning was another one. It wouldn’t be the first time, I must say, but seriously I’m utterly fascinated how I managed to sleep through a burn that’s so deep it’s already started scarring. Really?!

Me and the girls went to the German Market! I’ve only been to the one in Hyde Park – London before, never the one in my home town. It was so pretty it was like beer, sausage and fairy light heaven. Some of the stalls were just beautiful, I’ve never seen so many strange and interesting creations, I wanted loads of them but it’s December and it’s never a cheap one!
wpid-20141128_185957.jpgwpid-20141128_195649.jpg wpid-20141128_190002.jpgwpid-20141128_195705.jpgwpid-20141128_190031.jpg

I finally got my hands on an Advent Calendar, close call! I usually have 2, why you ask? Because it’s Christmas and it’s totally acceptable to be a total pig. That’s why. So roll on tomorrow so I can start the next months worth of days as chocolatey ones! How exciting!!!

Along with the chocolatey addition came this lovely new throw, it was £5! Just £5! From ASDA, it’s the softest, yummiest, snuggliest throw in the world. I love tucking it into my duvet, although I don’t love how difficult it makes my mornings. Getting out of bed = virtually impossible.

OOH I also, got my dress for the Christmas Do delivered at last! It’s absolutely lovely, very pretty. I love the fact that it only cost me £20 too, what a bargain! Boohoo, you just saved my sanity! It must’ve taken me about 2 hours to choose that dress. I needed one sooner rather than later but choosing the right one was an ordeal and a half. But I got there in the end. Now it’s just to choose the hair style to do for the night!

For all excitements that’s about as good as it gets for the past week. Besides the fact that I feel like I’m 5 again with how excited I am that it’s the 1st December tomorrow, which means 13 days left to work this year!! Whoopppaaaaa! Roll on the 19th. Count down to Christmas leave, then countdown to Christmas day. How. Very. Exciting. EEEEEEEP!

Anyway guys, before I start bouncing off the walls in excitement about Christmas that’s all my catching up I’ve got. I hope you all had a lovely week too and you’ve all got an exciting and festive December ahead.
When do you guys start getting excited for the festivities? Let me know! 🙂

Ooh, one more thing:


Roobes xxxxx

#SundayFundayCatchUp – London Trip

Hello there!

This weeks been an interesting one! I’ve been to London – not to see the queen, but to see my family. It’s been absolutely lovely and for a change the weather held out really nice too, very autumnal these days! I managed to finish my Christmas shopping YES! and did a little bit of shopping for myself to get into the festive mood, including managing to burn my mouth to bits, eating the hottest pizza at Pizza Express. Well done Ellis – clap clap.  Also I got a bit lucky with the seats on the train, you know when you’re one of those people that no matter how often you travel, you always get sat next to the weirdo on the train, or the one with the annoying kids, or the one that smells funny, well I know your pain. However this time was different, on the way there AND back I had no one sat next to me, and I was sat on a table and I got the window seat. I was in utter shock, it was fantastic! Lesson learned for me: ALWAYS GO IN THE QUIET COACH – it’s full of sensible people with no children (bliss).

One of my favourite places to visit in London is Carnaby Street, I must of been there a hundred times but I’ve never noticed this guy:
Just  casually poking his head out of the window of the Shakespeare Pub, pretty weird I must admit.

I happily introduced myself to the new Starbucks Christmas blend coffee, YUM! Although it does annoy me when they don’t ask if you’re sitting in or not and give you a take out cup, some of us like drinking our coffee out of a soup bowl you know!
I was also introduced to The Euston Cider Tap. How have I never been before! I love this place and am very grateful my dad took me. It’s the weirdest place but I love how vintage and almost ‘shed converted into pub’ style it is. It screams London at you and there’s tonnes of unusual craft Ciders there both sparkling and flat. Recommended to all cider lovers stopping by London!!

On the buying front, I bought myself a few bits and bats to get myself into the Christmassy mood, which included a long stare down between me, some Yankee Candles and some candles I spotted in Clintons which I still have no idea what make they are. Usually I find myself backed into a corner when I see a Yankee Candle and must buy it, however, I spotted these candles I’ve never seen before just next to them and they sure did smell gorgeous. It did take a wee while but a mile stone was hit and I turned away from the aray of Yankee Candles and picked up these two:

They are super gorgeous and super festive too! These were the only two festive scents though :(, but I’ll definitely be buying them again, they were only £7.99 each as opposed to £19.99 for a large Yankee Candle, I’m guessing they were Clintons Own brand, but I’m not sure.

I also treated myself to some Christmas coffee from the infamous Fortnum and Masons, I always get myself the Christmas coffee blend and keep the tins, they’re lovely for keeping random bits in and the coffee’s the best tasting blend you’ve ever had. All coffee lovers = magnetised. You can’t help it seriously. I also bought the Darjeeling Bop tea – partly because I love the name and partly because the tea is so gorgeous! I got a sampler once through the post and just had to get some. And to go with it, a super Christmassy, wonderfully large, pretty coloured, just awesome festive mug of my favourite place!


Left: George Street Right: Lancelot Place

And finally I added further to my nails inc polish collection, how lovely are these two colours for the season! I put the Lancelot Place on with some sparkly black polish and it looks epic, can’t wait to try out George Street!

I’ve been getting super in the festive mood since I got home, I don’t care what anyone says, the decorations are up, the advent calendar is at the ready and the snug nights in have begun on another level. Now to get ridiculously excited for Christmas. Whoopppaaa!!!!!



Roobes xxxxx


Well hello there!

I’ve been so excited to start doing these #SundayFundayCatchUp blogs. I think it’s kinda nice being able to veer off of the typical beauty side of my blog and just have a more friendly, fun update on all of the goings on lately. However, this one is going to be more of a what’s been going on lately as opposed to the past week, seeing as though it’s my first one 🙂
So lets get started!

The past few weeks have been particularly testing for me, as my three and a half year relationship abruptly came to an end a few weeks ago, which was an absolute shock to me as everything had been the same as it always had been. Out of no where when I was told he was popping over to pick me up I was faced with the comment ‘I don’t feel the same anymore‘, which was like a freight train to the face, the life I was so used to was going to be changing significantly. So following that slap to the face came my anxiety, which has been under control for quite a while now and it seemed to be making up for lost time. Because of how bad it was I wasn’t able to go into work, which was like another kick in the face as I thoroughly enjoy my job and a lot of my good friends are there so it was a battle to convince myself that going to work would make everything better. Thankfully, my boss, colleagues, friends and family were unbelievably supportive, which helped me in getting back on track quicker than I expected.

Following that I was just getting used to the fact I’d be spending all my time at my house now and a lot more time with my flat mate, which the more I thought about it, the more I was accepting that having my own space and my own life might actually be quite nice. However, things went wrong there too and financially, it had become unaffordable for her, so we had to make the decision about her moving out. This was a really difficult decision to make for me, as I love her company and we’ve had so much fun together at our place, unfortunately, you can’t argue with the reality of a situation sometimes.

So as you can imagine the past month has been a bit of a roller-coaster to say the least. Although, on the brighter side, me and my ex still get on very well (after a long chat and me saying a few choice words about the whole thing), we still take the dogs out for walks every so often and have a good old catch up and a laugh. And to keep me company in my place, I got my hands on these two little cuties, who are unbearably sweet!

Meet Gertie(bottom) and Flo(top)

Work has been forever interesting, my boss bought us a new coffee machine this week – ALL HAIL THE COFFEE – so as you can imagine I was overly excited about our new office feature. On an even more exciting note, I was on puppy duty again with my bosses new little pup Oscar.
So it was cuddles and games all round on Wednesday morning and a fantastic excuse for not doing any work. Marvellous!

Speaking of marvellous, to top my week off perfectly, Vera Wang Princess was on offer for £24, Minestrello Prosecco was on offer for £5.99 AND Cadburys Dairy Milk 360g bars (I say bars BLOCKS) were on offer for £2! It’d be rude not to wouldn’t it!


So, I shall be doing regular updates every sunday: #SundayFundayCatchUp. Don’t forget to keep updated! 🙂


Roobes xxxxx


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