NOTD: Seasonal Cute Glittery Nude Nails


Hello lovely ladies!

I’ve been getting super into the festive seasonal looks lately and thought that this was a lovely accessory to some wintery outfits. I love how simple it is, yet it is that which creates the eye catching appearance. I’m using just one shade and one glitter, so as I say, keeping it nice and easy and nice and simple.

I used:
OPI Nail Envy – base coat
Nails Inc George Street
Barry M Gold Glitter
OPI Top Coat

After applying my base coat I applied 2 layers of the Nails Inc George Street. I can’t quite get my head round how gorgeous this colour is. The pink nude shade looks fantastic as an autumn/winter staple shade, yet it’s perfect for a more sophisticated look on a special occasion. This polish is super adaptable to any look!
Now with the gold glitter, on your index finger I dabbed it on so that it didn’t seem washed out, which meant I got a nice mix of larger and smaller glitter. Then on my other fingers and thumb I dabbed on a small bump in one corner and with the full width of the end of the brush, pulled it to the opposite side. Doing it this way keeps a good mix of glitter, keeps the line on your finger straight and means any excess can easily just be wiped off the tip of your nail.
Then simply apply a good layer of top coat to secure it all in place.

Seriously how easy was that. Yet you could wear it for literally any occasion, formal, informal, day to day, nights out, parties literally anything!

I really enjoy doing these kind of NOTD’s, I’m not the kind of person that can be bothered going crazy intricate with my nail designs although sometimes I wish I could haha. It’s nice to share something that is super easy but looks just as gorgeous as something you’ve spent the past 20 minutes doing. Yay!

Let me know what you think. Would you wear this? I hope so :)!




Roobes xxxxx







LOTD Simple & Easy Fall Makeup


Hey there my lovelies!

Fall is certainly here, the hats, gloves, scarves and thick coats have made their return and so has my seasonal make up change up. I often do this make up during this time of year as it keeps things nice and simple and fits with the colours around you, also allowing your natural beauty to filter through too.

On my face lives:

  • MAC’s studio finish concealer covering blemishes in NW15
  • Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer under my eyes covering my dark circles in No 2
  • MAC’s studio fix liquid foundation in NW15
  • MAC’s studio fix powder foundation in NW18
  • Benefit’s HOOLA bronzer under my cheek bones, around my temples and my back jaw line
  • MAC’s blush in MELBA

On my eyes:

  • Benefit’s cream eye shadow in Bikini-Tini
  • Maybelline’s studio gel eye liner in 01 Black
  • Maybelline’s Master Drama eyeliner in Black
  • Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara in Black

On my lips:

  • No 7’s Lipstick in Plum Beautiful

When I do my gel eye liner I like it to be a slightly thicker line as it emphasises the lashes and compliments the dark liner on your water line. The dark Plum lips go perfectly with your dark eyes and really become noticeable. I tend to find that the calm subtleness of the blush shade and how lightly the bronzer is applied really helps in not hiding your skins natural appearance in the cold chill. So you know when your face gets so cold that it starts to take hints of pink around your cheeks, nose and a little on your forehead, it’s something you want to see in the autuminal season. You don’t want it hidden under layers and layers of make up so you look like a toy doll! One of the beauties of this gorgeous season is bringing out your natural beauty. Okay so emphasise your eyes and lips but keep your skin looking natural, that’s what seasonal make up is all about, especially this season!

I hope you liked the look, if so let me know! 🙂


Roobes xxxxx



Home Haul!

wpid-20141019_120802.jpg wpid-20141023_215306.jpg

Hey my lovelies!

I sent myself off to the shops recently, I’ve decided to finally do some of the things with my house I’ve been wanting to for ages. I got a few little bits and bats to brighten it up too which I wanted to share with you

I got these awesome little storage pots from IKEA to help store my hair accessories in. There’s 3 of the little square pots, 1 large rectangular pot and 1 large square box that fits all the other pots in too, so you could use it for them or as a separate box for stuff to. These have really helped organize my dressing table!

I got this beautiful vase too! I got this from Asda to put in the middle of my new set of drawers in my room (they looked so empty and boring). I love the colour of this vase specifically, it’s lilac but in the sun it’s a chrome/silver it’s gorgeous!!

I’ve got my vase all ready and set for halloween! I got the flowers from my local supermarket, the purple, cream and pale pink colours are just beautiful, I love cabbage roses too so I’m super happy with these! Accompanying the vase and flowers is these awesome skill candles for £2.50 each at Morrisons, they’re not scented but they look epic. You can’t really tell in the light (sorry it was really late!) but they’re like an emerald/black colour.

I LOVE THESE! They’re so good for keeping your bathroom stuff together. The little knit boxes are fab, there’s 1 big square box, 1 big rectangular box and 2 mini square boxes. These are amazing for keeping certain things together and in one place for example I have my everyday skin care and requirements in one, my serums in another, my scrubs in another and my make up wipes and moisturiser and other little bits and bats in another. Definitely a major organization aid!
Secondly I got the matching pouches. These are great for the things you don’t want crowding your sink and bath sides, or ‘go-to’ things you need to hand all the time. I keep these by my sink, as I keep my daily scrub, make up wipes, deep cleanse face wash and daily moisturizer in the little one and all of my skin care aids in the other, like my beloved back scrubber/massager, face exfoliating brush, scrub mitten and sponge mask removers etc in the other. They’re a brilliant help for keeping your things in one place and freeing up other space too 🙂
Boxes: £8     Pouches: £8

All make way for the best cushion I’ve ever seen. (except this christmas one which will be welcomed into my house next month, I can’t cope with how adorable it is!) I got these as accessories for the top of my new set of drawers also. They’re great for this season, but also just as general cushions as the colours could work for fall and for all year round. I love how cuddly they are and over anything 1: PUG, 2: PUG WITH HEADPHONES!, 3: LEOPARD PRINT. I love pugs, can you tell :P. I just love these two cushions and I didn’t feel even slightly bad about the fact that I walked out with the last pug cushion in the shop. He’s mine! Muahahaha.


Hope you liked my little haul, have you been buying any bits and bats to make your home a bit more snug for fall or a bit more scary for halloween?? Tell me all about it!! I’d love to hear 🙂

Much love and kisses to all fellow Pug lovers!



Roobes xxxxx



NOTD: matte brown leafy fall nails


Well hello there!

I really enjoyed my last NOTD so I’ve been really excited to do this one too! I’ve used Konad Stamping for this look but only on my two middle fingers and it’s the same design so nice and easy.

As always starting with a base coat, then I have applied Barry M’s brown shade in ‘Mushroom’, two layers did it just fine, on all of my nails. Once completely dry, I have used a Matte top coat this time to add to the musky fall appearance.

For my two middle fingers I have used a Konad Stamping Plate and chosen the leafy vine design. Applying a layer of white polish and scraping off I have stamped it on my nails about 5 times at different lengths to create a bit of depth and so it looks a bit more realistic. Honestly it’s as simple as that. I didn’t go back over the stamped nails with matte top coat because the light shine of the leafy vines makes them really stand out from the rest of your nails.

And that’s it.

The white I used is China Glaze: White on White
The brown I used is Barry M: Mushroom
The base coat: OPI’s Nail Envy
The top coat: OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Let me know if you like it and if you try it out too!

Other optional colours:
Brown matte base & green leaves
Cream matte base & golden leaves
Green matte base & mustard leaves
Burnt orange base & cream leaves

Stay tuned for my halloween nail tutorial on monday!!!!!



Roobes xxxxx



Fall Haul!


Hello there!

It’s so cold outside! I felt like I had woken up in the Arctic this morning, I couldn’t believe it, getting out of bed was virtually impossible! One of the things I love the most about this coldness is that when you do finally drag yourself out of the bed and race to the hot shower, you can almost get back into a walking bed because of how comfortable your clothes are. Woolly, cable knit, thick, snuggly clothes is what fall is all about, which is evidently the route I went down on this very satisfying little haul I took myself on at the weekend. I desperately needed to re-vamp the comfort zone in my wardrobe, so I went out with my heart set on something along those lines and turned up with these!

Thick knitted oversized cardigan – Primark – £16
I LOVE THIS! Primark has always been a guaranteed bargain as it is but this cardigan is SUPER thick wool knit so it really keeps the warmth in, on the picture the sleeves look very short but because its oversized they fall to about 3/4’s of the way down your arm. The pattern is lovely too, it’s not too in your face it’s still quite subtle and doesn’t have that staple christmassy look so you can wear it what ever time of year if its cold.

High neck aztec detail cami top – H&M – £7.99
This is a really pretty top and could be dressed up or down in spring, summer, fall or winter. The material is super soft but slightly see through so it’s best with a little white cami underneath. It has a beautiful mesh aztec print around the chest area and frill detail around the neck line, with a curved front and straight back. I think this top is so beautiful and looks stunning with a dark blazer and skinny jeans or tucked into a high waisted skirt/trousers with a long jumper/cardigan. You could even wear this for work. I just love it.

Mink grey woolly inside worker boots – H&M – £24.99
Now, I’m a rather large fan of the worker/biker/military boot, but these are just amazing especially for £24.99. The sole of the boot is ridiculously sturdy and thick and they’re fitted perfectly to your foot, so they’re very comfortable. Not to mention the cream woolly inside of the boot for added padding and comfort. They will wear with almost anything and fit tightly round your ankle so I don’t tie the laces, I prefer them looking that way. They have a ‘Timberlandy’ look to them which always wins me over as it is.

Woolly cable knit cream cardigan – Primark – £12
This is so thick and snuggly and comfy and warm and lovely. All the best things in the world. The cardigan wraps itself so tightly around you it’s like you’re being hugged by a wool monster. Really, there’s not much more to say. That cannot be argued with in this kind of weather. It’s a must. For only £12 too!

Pink gold stud and diamond necklace – H&M – £6.99
When I saw this I couldn’t get over the colour and the fact that it would literally go with 1) everything I just bought 2) more a less anything else fall shades related. So it’s a win win situation really. I love the stud vs large diamond detail on it and the fact that they are not an ‘in your face’ kind of size they’re just a lovely noticeable, yet edgy enhancement to what you’re wearing. Personally I think the colour and detail fits in perfect with the season, I couldn’t see it working very well in the summer as much as fall and winter. It’s a really pretty but rough looking piece of jewellery, great for adding a bit of umph to your outfit.

Thick cable knit high waisted skirt – Primark – £8
How cute is this!!!!! This skirt with some tights, knee high brown leather boots, little top and a burgundy cardigan, yippeeeee, sounds like a cold weather wearer to me! I love this skirt so much because it’s got hints of greys in it here and there so it’s not so BAM – LOOK AT HOw WHITE MY SKIRT IS! kind of colour, which means it works really nicely with a range of colours and isn’t limited to certain outfits. I think it’s perfect for looking cute and girly in the chill yet still looking all snug and wrapped up. I can’t wait to wear this skirt, it’ll be fab for dressing it up or down too!


So here’s my little fall haul blog, I’ve really enjoyed writing this one as these kind of clothes are right up my street and I’ve been desperate to grab myself some seasonal snugs. Hope you enjoyed it guys, let me know if there’s anything on here that you liked? Or maybe even own yourself?



Roobes xxxxx



My Favourite Fall Scents


After a tonne of faffing, arguments with myself and countless changes of mind I finally narrowed my favourite fall scents to the final 3. I have more candles than the shops I buy them from so as you can probably imagine narrowing it down to my favourite 3 seasonal scents was quite the test.

Personally I’m a huge lover of that ‘homely’ smell, you know the get in from the cold weather, take your coat of and there’s that delicious smell of baking, cupcakes and hearty pies and casseroles. It’s one of my favourite things. So as you can probably guess, my favourite candles tend to have this kind of aroma. I have my Pumpkin Pie candle, which smells exactly as it says, it’s just like you’ve got a scrummy, fresh, home made Pumpkin Pie bubbling away in the oven, its a real heart warmer and fills your whole house with this warming baked goodness.
Speaking of cooking smells – obviously, my other favourite is Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee Candle. I have an issue with Yankee Candles, my issue is this: I can’t stop buying them. I’m never quite sure how they create the scents they do but they smell so real and so gorgeous! I’m a sucker for this Vanilla Cupcake smell, when I smell it all I can imagine is being placed slap bang in the middle of the Great British Bake Off tent – YES PLEASE! – and being surrounded by the entire contents of your local supermarkets baking isle. The subtle sweetness that surrounds you is a lovely little hint.
Finally, less of a cooking, homely smell now (yes really) and more of an outdoor, fresh breeze whilst you take a walk by the lake early in the morning kind of smell. Yep Moonlit Ocean, it is really that beautiful. It reminds me of when I was little and I used to go down to the woodland park with my mum and take a long walk down by the lake on a really fresh, cold morning, whilst we were wrapped up in every layer possible. It makes you relive moments of the luscious outdoor world whilst being wrapped up all nice and cosy and warm at home. How can you not adore that.

Let me know what your favourite seasonal scents are and if you’ve gone through some serious pain to decide which ones they are too! Hope you’re all enjoying the colder weather and pulling those sweaters and thick woolly scarves, hats and gloves back out of your wardrobe! I know I am (until it rains -_-).


Roobes xxxxx



Seasonal Shoes


Hey there my lovelies,

The cold has started to come in now, along with the darker evenings and along with cold weather comes snugglier clothes and bigger, thicker shoes to keep your feet nice and warm. Now personally I’m a HUGE fan of boots, it makes me sad that they’re basically abandoned in the summer, but to wear them would mean your feet turning into a sweaty mush and really, who wants that? Who around you even wants that?! Yikes. Anyway less of the talk about smelly feet and onto some of my favourite seasonal shoes!

First and foremost as I adore these shoes, my heeled military boots. I got these in the sale at USC last year for half price YAY! The original price is £80, often unless I’m feeling famous I don’t spend that much on a pair of shoes but even if they weren’t in the sale they’re worth every penny of the full price. The heel is strong, thick, sturdy wood and they’re tailored incredibly well to fit your feet. You don’t necessarily need to tie the laces (I prefer untied), as they’re quite tight around the ankle anyway, so great support. They look amazing with some grey/khaki skinny jeans, a dark blazer and cream/white top. These are my absolute faves.

Above those are my Rocket Dog biker boots. I love the colour of these, you can wear them with literally anything, a skater dress, leggings, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, you name it, they look good, besides their edginess, it’s the main reason I love them so much. I got these from amazon’s outlet store for about £35, however I do believe the standard retail price is around £70-£75. I’ll be honest I wouldn’t pay the normal price for them, purely because the soles cracked after having them for only 3 months, which for me when you’re paying that amount is unacceptable; especially when they’re boots for the chillier weather, you don’t want cold coming in from the bottom! The rim at the top is thick so they sit comfortably tightly around your calf and they’re ridiculously comfortable too.

Next is my black biker ankle boots. They have some slight wear and tear detail around the heel and toes of the boots which along with the worn zip and buckle detail gives these boots a rugged, worn-out look. It looks fab when you’re going for the military/studded appearance. They’re very tight fitting and very comfortable too, but I’ll give warning to anyone with a slightly larger heel, don’t get too excited about these shoes unless you’re willing to go through several painful arguments with these shoes. Like many River Island and Rocket Dog boots (not the ones above though I must say), they’re designed for pixie heels, so if you don’t have a heel the width of 2 fingers/aren’t willing to stretch your boots to fit your heel, don’t go near them.

On a more skirty/dressy wrapped up look, my little beige ballets from George are fab. They look gorgeous with all the staple fall colours and the golden stud and buckle detail makes them look a little bit more dressed up, so they can be worn for normal or formal do’s. I have a super cute cable knit cream skirt from Primark which will feature in my Fall Haul blog later this week, but these shoes just work an absolute treat with this skirt and a cardigan. I wouldn’t wear them too much as you’re toes might fall off, especially closer to winter too!

Finally, another item which will feature in my Fall Haul blog is my GORGEOUS new shoes from H&M’s ‘Divided’ Range, which I bought last weekend. They have a fluffy cream inside (insta-win) and are also really well fitted to your feet, so are incredibly comfortable, great for a long day out shopping/moping around with your friends. They’re really sturdy shoes and the material on them is very thick and strong, including a ridiculously sturdy sole which makes me very happy when the weather is getting this cold and the floor is not so easy to walk on any more. I love wearing these with my big fairisle cardigan, leggings or dark skinny jeans and a t-shirt, they look fab with some white/cream leg warmers too!

So there’s my picks of the season out of my shoe box, I hope these were of some inspiration to you guys, what do you like to wear in this kind of chilly weather? Let me know in the comments below, let me know if you liked it too!




Roobes xxxxx