My September Faves!


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September seems to have flown by for me, it’s fall already and now we’re into October; the starting point for upcoming events and festivities. It’s safe to say, I’m very excited! I found myself falling in love with a few new products and re-kindling my love for some old ones and I figured it’d be great to share them with you guys. I’ve gathered quite a mixture by the looks of things so hopefully there’ll be a couple of things to suit everyone’s likings! Enjoy!

So, considering our newly welcomed season, lets start with a fall related one: No7’s Sultry Lipstick. This particular shade is absolutely gorgeous! It has a super smooth application, creating a moisturised feel and looks completely and utterly the part during the fall chill. One of the main things about this lipstick that makes me adore it so much is that it is SO versatile, the colour works with minimal or heavy, dark make up, and with a range of clothing from creams and ivories to navies, mauves and blacks. I. Love. It. If you would like to see what a swatch of this looks like and read a bit more about other lip colours I love have a nosey at My Top 5 Fall Lip Colours blog.

Tigi Catwalk ‘Sleek Mistique’ is one of my all time favourite all-round hair products EVER. You can use it for spraying on the ends of your hair as a heat protector when wet (which works fantastically), all over your hair when wet as a styling aid for your hair dryer, or when your hair is dry as a styling aid and to heat proof it. It’s got so many different uses and works really well. I 100% recommend this!

Okay, I have a concerning obsession with Vera Wang anyway, however when I get my hands on her Lovestruck perfume, I find it incredibly hard to let go and put it back down. I am currently on my third bottle… If you were to imagine the scent as a picture it’d be walking through the woods when it’s the end of summer and there’s still this lovely floral scent but graduating into the chilly, fall, leafy feel, with a huuuuge explosion of pink (if pink was a smell). As you can imagine, it smells beautiful. The lid is also ridiculously amazing. You absolutely need to buy it!

Recently I went to Boots in desperate requirement of a curling brush for drying my hair, my other one died an awful death I must say. I am a strict Denman hair brush buyer so it was inevitable I would’ve got one anyway, but I had never seen this range before. ‘Is it new or have I just been utterly ignorant’, I was asking myself – I still have no idea. Anyway, the bristles are really quite soft for this style of brush and it really keeps a tight hold of your hair. It’s great for boosting the volume of your hair from the roots when drying and yes, when styling from your roots it does sit around the shape of your head. Funny that!

Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, has always been one of my all time greatest loves however, I must confess my laziness and instead of cleaning the brush regularly, I just scraped the dried excess of with my nails. Wrong, I know. My old one ran out recently so I sent myself off to get a new one and totally forgot how amazing the brush was, and yes I clean it regularly now. The quality of the brush is fab and for the liner itself, it comes in very close running with a high end gel liner, just at drug store price. Awesomeness. It stays on forever and is honestly very difficult to get off at the end of the day,long lasting is an under statement and the application is very easy.

I don’t regularly buy Origins products although I am a big fan, but recently I indulged at Bicester Village, honestly I couldn’t help it. I picked up this ‘Incredible Spreadable’ Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub, the smell is out of this world and very fitting for this time of year too! The formula is incredibly thick but very gritty to remove all of the dead skin and reveal the fresh shine. I use this with a scrubbing mitten, but it takes very little effort as its such a chunky, bitty scrub, it makes you and your skin completely revitalised. I am very impressed. There will be a more in depth review of this and its partner I bought next week, so keep tuned in!

Talking of skin care, I have tried out these No7 ‘Rescue’ skin formula’s which I noticed. I am normally very sceptical when it comes to formulas but these two are fab. The ‘Spot Rescue’ really works, stings a bit, but it works, just dab a tiny bit onto the affected area. Also the ‘Rapid T-Zone Rescue works super well! It really reduces the appearance of your pores, makes the skin appear tighter and healthier, much less oily (whoopa for me!) and due to this my skin has been much clearer in my T-Zone.

MAC’s ‘Melba’ blush has to be my all time favourite blush. It’s subtle but very beautiful and works like a team with a matte light bronzer. This shade applies a very light blush and applies to the skin perfectly. Simply just another one of MAC’s bafflingly gorgeous creations.

I know I appear to be a bit of a No7 warrior at the moment and quite frankly, I am, BUT, I am loving their ‘So Neat’ nail varnish at the moment. The formula is amazing and I find it barely chips too which is great! It’s such a fantastic colour, it’s a very frosty, cold colour but quite bright, with a slight hint of shimmer in it too. Perfect for the upcoming weather!

Finally, the weird thing in the background no one really knows what it is…
That is a spinning candle holder. Yep. You heard me right. The shade has cut and twisted out snow flakes and balances on a tall spike.The heat from the candle makes the shade spin, so lo and behold you have this beautiful snow flake patterns of light swirling, slowly around your room. I adore this candle holder, it looks stunning and great for when you’re trying to relax.

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