Maybelline Master Drama eyelier VS Maybelline Linerefine Kajal eyeliner


Hey Guys!

So if you’ve read my recent blogs you’ll know that I have bought a different eyeliner to normal. I usually get the Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner, it’s absolutely amazing I swear by the stuff, however I noticed they had a different one I hadn’t seen before so I figured why not give it a whirl and compare the two!

Firstly they’re priced quite similarly, the Linerefine is £2.99 and the Master Drama is £4.49, so they’re super cheap and super affordable. There is only £1.50 difference between them, so personally I wasn’t expecting a huge difference, especially not at these prices! I bought mine from Boots but Maybelline products are sold everywhere from your local supermarket, the pharmacy or makeup store.

I originally bought the Master Drama as a one off ‘see how it goes’ purchase and fell in love with it. It’s a cream liner so you can use it on both your eye lid or your water line. Due to it’s texture it stays put for a very long time, I’ve known it to keep it’s appearance on my water line for up to about 5-6 hours which is pretty good going for an eyeliner. This liner only takes one quick application and the first layer is 100% enough. It applies a nice strong, thick layer of liner that is hardy and long lasting. The only down side to this product is that you go through it much faster than a normal eye liner. With it being a cream based liner it sharpens and rubs down much faster. But that’s the one and only thing about this product thats a bit of a bummer.
Pro’s: Long lasting appearance, only £4.49, one layer is absolutely enough, usable on both your waterline and eyelid, quick easy application.

Cons: Wears down easily due to being a cream liner.

Now onto the Linerefine eyeliner. This pencil is more of a standard liner pencil. It’s got a strong, woody texture and applies like a standard liner. It’s definitely not something I would advise using on any other eye area than your lash line, the pencil doesn’t actually give much way to your skin and drags your skin as opposed to gliding on nicely. On your water line, again it applies like any basic, standard eye liner. It takes a few layers of building (and when I say a few, I mean don’t bother if you’re in a rush) which I have found works the best if you apply 3-4 layers then allow about 1-2 minutes to dry then apply another 2 or 3. Only then do you get a relatively good coverage of your water line.
Pro’s: Only £2.99, takes a long time to wear down.

Cons: For it to appear a black eyeliner it takes several layers of application before it’s noticeable, not usable on eyelids, strong woodiness of the actual pencil can be quite harsh when applying, I actually think the product is over priced for the quality it provides.

So out of the two I would definitely recommend the Master Drama! As you’ll see above there are much more cons to pro’s on the Linerefine to the Master Drama. Out of two eyeliners which are both incredibly reasonably priced as it is, for a £1.50 difference in price there is an enormous difference in quality. The Linerefine liner is comparable to any cheap, basic liner you’ll find. Whereas the Master Drama is better than a lot of high end eye liners I’ve tried out!

Here’s a swatch of the two when I applied one layer of each to my hand: (Left is Linerefine and right is Master Drama)
And the difference when I applied one layer of each to my waterline: (Left is Master Drama right is Linerefine)

Looking at the difference on my waterline you can clearly see how bold and thick the Master drama applies with one quick layer as opposed to the Linerefine which looks like I’ve had it on all day and I’m about to take it off, even though I’ve actually just applied it.

Let me know what you think, have you tried either of these products? What was your experience with them??

See you sooooon!


Roobes xxxxx



Mini Beauty & Skincare Haul!!!


‘Ey up!

I don’t do this all too often however it is my birthday month and I’m certainly allowing myself to splash out a bit more than normal, you’re only 21 once! Sadly. So to start off my ‘buying loadsa STUFF’ month, I did a mini Boots haul. They had 3 for 2 on both Maybelline products AND all facial and skin care products. It’d have been rude not to right? I’ve had my eye on a bunch of this stuff for a while but never got round to buying it, but me and a friend had a nice day out in the city centre last saturday and mooched round some shops. You know those ‘mooches’ that turn into walking out of the shop with ten more items than the one or two you expected to walk out with. It was one of them. And I loved it.

I bought some other bits and bats, some clothes and shoes too but I’m going to do them seperately otherwise this blog will go on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr.

SO. The first thing I just had to get my hands on was the Lash Sensational by Maybelline. I’ve heard soooooo much about this product and seen so many ‘first tries’ and reviews, all of which have astounded me. So I needed to get some for myself. This mascara has absolutely lived up to it’s name. My lashes have never looked so good, not ever. They’re separated perfectly, they’re about as long as my arm, last all day and it’s only £7.99! This product beats probably about 90% of the high end mascaras you pay triple the price for. Honestly, you can’t fault this, it’s amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Moving on to the one and only – Soap and Glory. I LOVE THIS BRAND! They do some unbelievable products, for such reasonable prices. I’ve wanted to give the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub a go for a while. It’s full of natural ingredients such as, “organic cupuaçu, bananas, almond and honey extracts”. It also has this gorgeous smell of maple syrup too. Nom! It smells so good you just want to eat it! Because the scrub grains are almost like sugar granule size I use it every day to give my skin a good buff on an evening. It’s only £8.00 too!
The other product I got from here was the Rub Your Nose In It pore refining masque which was £11.50. It’s supposed to be applied to your T-zone to help reduce the size and appearance of pores and aid in the reduction of excess oils produced on and around your T-zone. I’ve been looking for a new interesting masque now for a little while, so I figured I should give this one a whirl. Why not. It’s also got a pepperminty smell which is interesting, it feels quite cold and refreshing on your face which is lovelyyy. As it’s a first time buy I can’t really say all too much about it, so I’m going to keep using it for the next week and do a follow up review on it, so keep an eye out for that one!

As we’re on facial skin care, I also purchased another first time buy. One I haven’t seen before, although I may just be slightly blind. The Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser which was £4.99. I’m umming and ahhing about this product at the minute and I shall tell you why. Firstly it’s a really bizarre texture when it comes out of the pump, it almost begins to separate in your hands a bit like jelly. It’s weird. Secondly after about 45 seconds of rubbing it into your skin it feels super cold and begins to sting. Now, I’m not really on board with this, because initially when it felt like that, it’s worryingly similar to feeling like you’re having a bad reaction to it, so instantly I wanted to get it off my face. Turns out I wasn’t having a reaction to it, that’s just how it feels. So I stand by my comment: It’s Weird. Due to it’s weirdness I’m going to give it a test period of about 2 weeks to see how it does and if it makes any difference to my skin at all, then it’s review time!

Back on with the make-up! I bought the Maybelline Line Refine Expression Kajal Liner in Black. I’m used to the Master Drama, I absolutely adore that eyeliner it stays put longer than any waterline eyeliner I’ve ever known in my life! However, on a sad, sad note, they had none left *sniffsniff*. So I figured why not give this one a go instead. It’s not as thick upon application BUT, it sits strongly on your waterline and hangs about for quite a while and considering it’s £1.50 cheaper, I’m okay with that until I get my hands on some more Master Drama!
I also got myself another Baby Lips, but this one is the Dr Rescue one. So lets see if it’s any different shall we! So far the only difference I can tell is that when you put it on it’s got a menthol-y kick to it, so no fast head swishing or running or moving around much in the cold, you may experience mental issues due to being convinced your lips are going to freeze off. You get used to it though. I think… Other wise I’m going to use it daily for the next week or so and see if it makes a difference to my original Baby Lips Maybelline brought out. I believe a comparison blog is in sight. This balm from the Baby Lips range is slightly more expensive than the basic ones at £3.49 as opposed to £2.99, so not by much!

Finally, a polish purchase. You can’t leave with out a new one. Well, I can’t anyway. Do I have a problem??? I’ve got a similar colour to this Rimmel polish before from this Salon Pro line however this one is slightly darker. I love the colour I put it straight on when I got home and the quality is amazing! It’s application is fab and it lasts very well. I saw some other gorgeous colours in this range aswell. And it’s only £4.49…
God help me.

Anyhow guys that’s it for my mini Boots haul. I’ll be doing quite a few review/follow up blogs on these purchases as there are quite a few first time buys here, so I’ll be letting you know my very honest opinion on these as always.

I hope you’re all well! Don’t forget it’s mothers day soon for those of you out there with a sieve brain like yours truley!


Roobes xxxxx

My Drugstore Makeup


Hello lovelies!

Today I’m going to do my drugstore make up face essentials (i.e. what I carry round in my make up back for touch ups!) I love every single one of these products and the reason being is that they are about half the price yet equal quality to high end products, for brands like MAC, NARS and Bare Minerals.

Firstly I have to mention the concealer I use which I STUPIDLY ran out of and binned before I took this photo (and sorry but there’s no way you’re going to get me trailing through any bins for that girl!), the one I use is Maybelline’s Pure Mineral Concealer. It doesn’t wipe off or get thinner as the day goes on, it just stays the same. As you put it on it’s a good strong coverage and I know you will understand what I mean by that it doesn’t apply a shade darker than stated on the tube when you buy it, like some cheaper concealers can do. It’s exactly the shade you expect and it works to a much higher standard than you would expect for something affordably priced from your local drug store.

Following that is the No7 Stay Perfect foundation, this has beautiful coverage and gives that dewy finish that looks so natural, I actually prefer this without any powder because it just gives the appearance of flawless natural skin.

I apply a thin layer of GOSH’s ‘Precious bronzer pearls’ to under my cheek bones, I say a thin layer because this particular bronzer has a slight shimmer to it so you don’t want to apply too much or you’ll look like your inner greek goddess statue is coming out.

Following my bronzer I apply Maybelline’s ‘Expert Wear’ compact blush. I really like this, because like most Maybelline products it doesn’t just stay there for a couple of hours before it smudges and looks like you’ve left your make up on from the night before. It sticks around for a good 7-8 hours. I love Maybelline, what can I say.

So for my eyes, yes I’m about to preach some more about Maybelline so just bare with if you’re having issues, I use Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Mascara, with their ‘Eyestudio Drama Gel Liner’, nice and thinly above my upper lash line and then again Maybelline’s Master Drama Khol Liner. All of the above stay on all day for a minimum of 12 hours, minus the khol liner, that’s about 5 hours on one layer, call me a liar if you like but you wont when you’ve tried it! Seriously, I have never and will never buy high end eye make up products when you have Maybelline at such an affordable price (maybe on eye-shadows – but nothing else!) Finally to finish with my eyes I use my GOSH palette, to be honest, I have probably bought about 7/8 of their eye-shadow palettes and each one has been as good as the last. The stay on strong for about 8 hours minimum and blend BEAUTIFULLY! Out of the one above I like to put on the peach base and blend the mild brown shade from the outer corners inwards, very pretty and very subtle.

Finally. Lips. I had a long old discussion with myself about the best product however clearly wasted my time as I couldn’t come to a conclusion so had to put two on. On the upside, one is a gloss and one is a lipstick so that’s okay, right?! There is my beloved Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon – see the review in more detail here in Orange Punch. This is really hydrating, long lasting, strong lip crayon that gives a beautiful glow and gloss to your lips and fits with nearly all make up styles. Secondly I have Barry M’s LP165, this applies and glides very easily and looks slightly glossy on your lips. It looks lovely with one layer and stays on for quite a while, although is prone to disappearing off your lips and decorating your sandwiches and cup rims to another level, it does often need a new application. However purely because of it’s appearance and stunning colour this has to be one of my drug store faves!

And that’s just about it! If you’re looking for an opinion of drug store make up brushes BUY GOSH! Honestly no word of a lie they rival my MAC brushes. Just saying.

Hope you enjoyed this, it was especially for girls like myself who have to pay all the household costs out themselves with not much left to treat yourself with at the end of it all. Unless you class the more expensive version of your supermarkets own brand as a treat, in which case, go wild! (don’t worry you’re not on your own, I have a party when I see the reduced section hoarding a bunch of expensive stuff for a quarter of the price, it instantly becomes a case of – so how much space do I have left in my freezer? Never mind I’ll cram it in some how!)


Roobes:) xxxxx



LOTD Simple & Easy Fall Makeup


Hey there my lovelies!

Fall is certainly here, the hats, gloves, scarves and thick coats have made their return and so has my seasonal make up change up. I often do this make up during this time of year as it keeps things nice and simple and fits with the colours around you, also allowing your natural beauty to filter through too.

On my face lives:

  • MAC’s studio finish concealer covering blemishes in NW15
  • Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer under my eyes covering my dark circles in No 2
  • MAC’s studio fix liquid foundation in NW15
  • MAC’s studio fix powder foundation in NW18
  • Benefit’s HOOLA bronzer under my cheek bones, around my temples and my back jaw line
  • MAC’s blush in MELBA

On my eyes:

  • Benefit’s cream eye shadow in Bikini-Tini
  • Maybelline’s studio gel eye liner in 01 Black
  • Maybelline’s Master Drama eyeliner in Black
  • Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara in Black

On my lips:

  • No 7’s Lipstick in Plum Beautiful

When I do my gel eye liner I like it to be a slightly thicker line as it emphasises the lashes and compliments the dark liner on your water line. The dark Plum lips go perfectly with your dark eyes and really become noticeable. I tend to find that the calm subtleness of the blush shade and how lightly the bronzer is applied really helps in not hiding your skins natural appearance in the cold chill. So you know when your face gets so cold that it starts to take hints of pink around your cheeks, nose and a little on your forehead, it’s something you want to see in the autuminal season. You don’t want it hidden under layers and layers of make up so you look like a toy doll! One of the beauties of this gorgeous season is bringing out your natural beauty. Okay so emphasise your eyes and lips but keep your skin looking natural, that’s what seasonal make up is all about, especially this season!

I hope you liked the look, if so let me know! 🙂


Roobes xxxxx



My September Faves!


Hello Lovelies!

September seems to have flown by for me, it’s fall already and now we’re into October; the starting point for upcoming events and festivities. It’s safe to say, I’m very excited! I found myself falling in love with a few new products and re-kindling my love for some old ones and I figured it’d be great to share them with you guys. I’ve gathered quite a mixture by the looks of things so hopefully there’ll be a couple of things to suit everyone’s likings! Enjoy!

So, considering our newly welcomed season, lets start with a fall related one: No7’s Sultry Lipstick. This particular shade is absolutely gorgeous! It has a super smooth application, creating a moisturised feel and looks completely and utterly the part during the fall chill. One of the main things about this lipstick that makes me adore it so much is that it is SO versatile, the colour works with minimal or heavy, dark make up, and with a range of clothing from creams and ivories to navies, mauves and blacks. I. Love. It. If you would like to see what a swatch of this looks like and read a bit more about other lip colours I love have a nosey at My Top 5 Fall Lip Colours blog.

Tigi Catwalk ‘Sleek Mistique’ is one of my all time favourite all-round hair products EVER. You can use it for spraying on the ends of your hair as a heat protector when wet (which works fantastically), all over your hair when wet as a styling aid for your hair dryer, or when your hair is dry as a styling aid and to heat proof it. It’s got so many different uses and works really well. I 100% recommend this!

Okay, I have a concerning obsession with Vera Wang anyway, however when I get my hands on her Lovestruck perfume, I find it incredibly hard to let go and put it back down. I am currently on my third bottle… If you were to imagine the scent as a picture it’d be walking through the woods when it’s the end of summer and there’s still this lovely floral scent but graduating into the chilly, fall, leafy feel, with a huuuuge explosion of pink (if pink was a smell). As you can imagine, it smells beautiful. The lid is also ridiculously amazing. You absolutely need to buy it!

Recently I went to Boots in desperate requirement of a curling brush for drying my hair, my other one died an awful death I must say. I am a strict Denman hair brush buyer so it was inevitable I would’ve got one anyway, but I had never seen this range before. ‘Is it new or have I just been utterly ignorant’, I was asking myself – I still have no idea. Anyway, the bristles are really quite soft for this style of brush and it really keeps a tight hold of your hair. It’s great for boosting the volume of your hair from the roots when drying and yes, when styling from your roots it does sit around the shape of your head. Funny that!

Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, has always been one of my all time greatest loves however, I must confess my laziness and instead of cleaning the brush regularly, I just scraped the dried excess of with my nails. Wrong, I know. My old one ran out recently so I sent myself off to get a new one and totally forgot how amazing the brush was, and yes I clean it regularly now. The quality of the brush is fab and for the liner itself, it comes in very close running with a high end gel liner, just at drug store price. Awesomeness. It stays on forever and is honestly very difficult to get off at the end of the day,long lasting is an under statement and the application is very easy.

I don’t regularly buy Origins products although I am a big fan, but recently I indulged at Bicester Village, honestly I couldn’t help it. I picked up this ‘Incredible Spreadable’ Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub, the smell is out of this world and very fitting for this time of year too! The formula is incredibly thick but very gritty to remove all of the dead skin and reveal the fresh shine. I use this with a scrubbing mitten, but it takes very little effort as its such a chunky, bitty scrub, it makes you and your skin completely revitalised. I am very impressed. There will be a more in depth review of this and its partner I bought next week, so keep tuned in!

Talking of skin care, I have tried out these No7 ‘Rescue’ skin formula’s which I noticed. I am normally very sceptical when it comes to formulas but these two are fab. The ‘Spot Rescue’ really works, stings a bit, but it works, just dab a tiny bit onto the affected area. Also the ‘Rapid T-Zone Rescue works super well! It really reduces the appearance of your pores, makes the skin appear tighter and healthier, much less oily (whoopa for me!) and due to this my skin has been much clearer in my T-Zone.

MAC’s ‘Melba’ blush has to be my all time favourite blush. It’s subtle but very beautiful and works like a team with a matte light bronzer. This shade applies a very light blush and applies to the skin perfectly. Simply just another one of MAC’s bafflingly gorgeous creations.

I know I appear to be a bit of a No7 warrior at the moment and quite frankly, I am, BUT, I am loving their ‘So Neat’ nail varnish at the moment. The formula is amazing and I find it barely chips too which is great! It’s such a fantastic colour, it’s a very frosty, cold colour but quite bright, with a slight hint of shimmer in it too. Perfect for the upcoming weather!

Finally, the weird thing in the background no one really knows what it is…
That is a spinning candle holder. Yep. You heard me right. The shade has cut and twisted out snow flakes and balances on a tall spike.The heat from the candle makes the shade spin, so lo and behold you have this beautiful snow flake patterns of light swirling, slowly around your room. I adore this candle holder, it looks stunning and great for when you’re trying to relax.

I hoped you liked this guys, if you did check out these posts too!
My August Hair FAVES!
My new Nails Inc. colours!
My Maybelline Baby Skin product review…


Roobes xxx



Super speedy subtle smoky eye!

picture048 picture029

Do you ever wake up on a morning a bit too late and don’t really have time to do much with your make up? Well this sweet and subtle smoky eye takes three minutes tops, so no more excuses! I used the following:

Benefits Bikini-tini long lasting cream shadow for the base, I just spread this evenly over my eyelid  only with my ring finger. It creates a light, shimmery golden base. With it being cream, the compact shadow stays put extra long!

Then, under my brows I apply a strip of Benefits Watts Up to highlight my brow bone and blend downwards with a flat eye-shadow brush until it’s blended down to your crease.

Next I use Benefits Thanks a Latte eye-shadow and apply with a small buffing brush from the outer corner of my eye and blend inwards about 2/3 of the way, ensuring it’s blended in completely. I used the small point GOSH buffing brush I’ve had this for years it’s an amazing drug store product! Remember, you need to do this lightly, you can measure how light or heavily you are buffing by how far down you are holding your brush. The lower your holding you’re brush the lighter you’re buffing, the closer to the bristles, the heavier you’re buffing, simples :).

Then still using Benefits Thanks a Latte, I take a soft angled brush, again from GOSH. I just apply it about 1/3 the way in under my lower lash line and use the small point buffing brush to blend it out in a horizontal motion as opposed to circular.

Finally, I apply a layer of my Maybelline Master Drama black eye liner on my water line for a slightly darker smoky look, this is completely optional. If your going for a more laid back look then you might not want to do this. Although I do find this make up stays on for ages, so if you’re going out straight after work take your eye liner with you, to give it some umph!

Don’t believe it takes 3 minutes, try it and prove me wrong! Did you guess I’m a huge Benefit fan… ;P

Let me what you think!…



Roobes xxx



My Maybelline Baby Skin product review…



Today I wanted to do a review about a product I was highly recommended in the store, the Maybelline Baby Skin – instant pore eraser primer.



It was put across to me as the all new drug store version of Porefessional by Benefit, which is a particularly fantastic product and I’m personally a huge fan of.

I must say I wasn’t all to impressed…

Upon application, it hasn’t reduced or even slightly changed the appearance of my pores, it’s greasy so your make up can’t set properly and wipes off with your finger as it would with a make up wipe. It’s thick and heavy so you know you’re wearing it, primer should be totally lightweight and an aid towards the appearance of your make up. Then on top of that, it’s caused me to break out, which I assume has a lot to do with it’s thick and greasy nature.

I was honestly surprised as it had been so ‘bigged up’ to me in the store, I was pretty excited to try it out, especially as referenced to a similar standard to Porefessional.

I think I can safely say for me this product wasn’t the best experience, we’ve all had a wrong choose in the shop, so I’ll 100% be sticking to Benefit’s Porefessional in future, it’s worth the extra money and much, much better.

You need to try different products to know the difference I guess, a change in choice is never a bad one in my opinion, even if you go back to your original one 🙂



Roobes xxx