NOTD: Matte Red Santa Claus Nails!



Time to get ready for christmas!

Here I have a gorgeous, easy, super simple nail design for Christmas! This is great for those of you who’re like me, i.e. not exactly an expert when it comes to nail art. You literally need 3 different shades of polish, it’s so quick and so easy! Lets get started!

I used:

  • OPI base coat
  • No7 Devils Delight
  • No7’s Get Wed
  • Barry M’s Lady
  • Medium dotting tool
  • Medium brush tool
  • OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Once you’ve applied your base coat, apply a good 2-3 layers of Devils Delight to every nail except your ring finger. On your ring finger take your medium brush tool and dip it in Devils Delight and paint a floppy hat shape – leaving a sharp curve on one side which goes about 1/3 of the way into your nail.
If you’re not so great with the free hand brushes or you don’t have any to hand, just dip a cotton bud in nail varnish remover and use that to create the empty curve! Nice and easy!

Then once your initial red coat is dry, apply 2 layers of Matte top coat.

Now it’s fluff time!

Take your dotting tool and dip it into Get Wed (this is just a shimmery ivory colour). Create a bobbly by gently dotting at the top of the curve and create the rim by gently dotting in a line across the edge of your nail. Once this is dry (bare in mind this might take a little while because it will sit slightly thicker due to using a dotting tool), apply Lady on top of Get Wed to add some Christmassy shimmer to santa’s hat. Then you’re done!

How easy was that!

Let me know if you guys like it or if you tried it out! I hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas – only 14 days now! Eek!



Roobes xxxxx




November Faves!



It’s December! Already! I honestly can’t believe it but I’m not complaining, it’s my favourite time of the year! To kick off December and end November here’s a quick November Faves blog for you. I’ve rekindled my love for some super wintery shades and scents this month and my all time FAVOURITE scarf is back!

Speaking of scarves, hiding under the rest of my faves from last month is my beloved pink cable knit scarf. It’s about 2m in length and the width of my head. It’s bloody massive. The main reason I love this scarf so much is because it’s so thick. Thicker scarves are sturdier, they don’t flail around all over the place exposing your chilly chest and neck that you’re trying oh so hard to keep warm. And even though it’s pink it does work well with almost anything
River Island £10 – yep you heard. Ten. Pounds.

Next is a candle which doesn’t follow the general ‘all candles must smell of baking and sweets and all things cinnamon related’ it’s completely different. Not that I don’t like that kind of smell, it’s just nice to see something different. This candle smells of fresh air and woodland with a slight perfumed hint to it. It’s like how you would imagine taking a breath would be like whilst taking a walk through the fields with your winter coat and snow boots on. LOVELY.
Asda £8

Next up is my favourite nude colour from MAC of all time.Velvet Teddy. I love you. It’s more of a deep nude shade than a lighter one but it works well with so many looks and is perfect for this time of year!
It works really well with this body shop lip gloss in shade 10. I’ve had this for years but it never fails to make an appearance at this time of year! This gloss is super light weight and it’s not sticky or slimy, it glides perfectly across your lips. It’s got a mild shimmer to it so it add’s a really nice elegant look to nude lip sticks.
MAC £15.50 & Body Shop £10

Nail Polish Time!
I love getting seasonal with nail polishes and two of my favourites to do it with are Nails Inc’s St Marks Square and Barry M’s Lady, which is a lovely thick sparkly white.
St Mark’s Square is a really pretty autumnal purple with hints of silver to add a little sparkle to it. The shimmer is perfect for this season, especially seeing as though it’s working with a gorgeous plum colour! And Lady. Oh Lady! How you are so snowy and sparkly! This colour is amazing as a snowy white nail colour with out without a white base. Or it’s great as an accent on more nail art based nails as opposed to one basic colour. I love these, they’re perfect for this time of year 🙂

Finally, how can we end this without a christmassy read!! Lindey Kelk’s I heart christmas is such an amazing book. It’s a funny, girly, cute, sweet, problematic novel, which follows a previous 5 I heart books from the series (MUST READ). I like how any girl can relate to every issue in these stories but how it’s so christmassy to the point where it just suddenly makes you sit in the centre of festivities. Reading this on a night makes me feel so warm and snuggly and like you’re right in the middle of christmas spirit. I mean really, what could be more fitting for this time of year! BUY IT!
Ebay/Amazon new or used £1.99-£5.99 – WIN


What’s your favourite things to get you into Christmas mode?!
Let me know!!!


Roobes xxxxx







NOTD: Sparkly Charcoal Edgy Nails




I’ve been desperate to try out my new polishes I tried out recently and I’ve been loving how they look, this polish specifically so. It’s really easy going, you can apply it on top of any colour at all and it looks amazing! The actual glitter itself is a mixture of both black and silver. It’s not just your typical glitter where the glittery bits are all the same size and shape, this glitter is all different shapes and sizes, there are some larger hexagons, smaller hexagons, shard shapes of all different sizes, tiny glitter, larger glitter, tonnes of different stuff going on. So it add’s a fantastic dimension to your nail polish.

I added even more dimension to this look by using these polishes:

Boltons Place, Sloane Square, Lancelot Place - From left to right

Boltons Place, Sloane Square, Lancelot Place – From left to right

I also used: OPI Nail Envy Base Coat & OPI Top Coat

After the base coat I applied two layers of Boltons Place, one looks good but 2 looks much better. Then 2 layers of Sloane Square. What I love about these polishes, well, all recent Nails Inc polishes to be honest, they dry ridiculously  fast and barely ever chip, the quality of them is phenomenal. Huuuge fan. I then applied just the one layer of Lancelot Place, two seems too much because as I mentioned earlier it can be in your face and over take the whole nail design.

I personally love this look because it’s got a beautiful sparkle for the time of year, but it’s also an all rounder given it’s edgy, biker chic look. And it takes no time to do. What a winner.
If you come across this polish and just happen to find it as irresistible as I did/do, as an alternative, give it a try on a white/ivory base, navy blue base or a pastel lilac base. It looks beautiful if you wouldn’t necessarily try this type of look 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this little NOTD guys, let me know if you did!


Roobes xxxxx




Seasonal Nail Shades!


Personally I think it’s really important to keep your polish shades in time with the seasons. For example bright, neon style shades look gorgeous in the summer where as more pastel-y, calmer shades look better in the winter. Fall for me is a time for baby shades and more pastel-y style colours, as it reflects the chilly mistiness and the ombre orangey colours which surround woodland.

My top shades for this season are (from left to right, top row to bottom row):

  • Navigate Her – Essie
  • Kensington Park Road – Nails Inc
  • Molton Street – Nails Inc
  • Mushroom – Barry M
  • Grey (inevntive I know -_-) – Barry M
  • Part of the Fame-ily – OPI, Nicole

I particularly love ‘Part of the Fame-ily by OPI because it’s a gorgeous lilac shade with little hints of sparkle, which makes it fit perfectly for the transition between fall to winter for the festive occasions. I think out of all of them it’s certainly my favourite!

The two Nails Inc colours I need to talk about not just because of how fitting the two cold seasonal colours are but the quality of the products. These apply as very thin and translucent polishes, however it totally bodes well with the thinner and more layers = better than thicker and less layers. These do apply thin but 3 layers of these polishes lasts FOREVER! Definitely worth a purchase!

The Essie polish – Navigate Her, is a very pretty autiminal, leafy colour which in my opinion has a slightly military demeanour to it’s appearance. It’s a lovely green shade and again, like the Nails Inc polishes, is a thin layers and more layers style polish, WIN! It lasts a good long time on your nails before it chips and looks very pretty, it’s almost like a misty pastel green; if you know what I mean 😉

Finally, Barry M, oh how you have stormed the drug store polishes like a queen to her throne. I LOVE YOU! Honestly when you’re talking to a girl who pays the rent, bills, food and the occasional make up and hair restore all by herself, you will not hear me shut up about Barry M polishes. They are amazing quality for such a small price. Firstly, I think these shades are two of the most fitting to the season which have ever been released and secondly, you absolutely cannot fault the quality. I mean really, what more can I say.

I bought all of these polishes for under £5. The OPI and Nails Inc polish was from TK MAXX (my saviour!), Barry M from superdrug, Essie from Amazon.

Do you have any favourite shades, styles or brands for this season? Let me know!


Roobes xxxx



October Faves


Hey Ladies!

My October Faves are here, FINALLY! I know it’s late and for that I do apologise! I’ve had a lot going on lately, but I’m going to start doing a SundayFundayUpdate, which is just going to be a general update of my recent goings on and ridiculousness, so all will be revealed soon enough 🙂 Anyway, on with my faves from the past month!

First I’m going to start off with my candle, I seriously can’t stop burning this it’s so gorgeous! It’s called Bermuda Beach, it’s like the scent of a fresh fruit salad with a strong grapefruity base. It’s beautiful. I love to have this on in the bath, it’s not as strong as you may think with is why it’s such a beautiful smell whilst you’re relaxing.

Also I have the Vanilla Spice shower gel from The Body Shop, oh how I love the body shop anyway, regardless of their seasonal sensations. I have no idea how anyone could resist this, I love to have this in the shower these days the scent fits perfectly with the season and the upcoming festivities, I LOVE IT!

I can’t keep away from my St Ives Apricot face scrub either! It was only about £3 from Boots, but it leaves your face super smooth and feeling and smelling fresh as ever. I’ve used this stuff for such a long time and couldn’t believe I hadn’t included it in one of my favourites already, it’s a drug store bargain. It definitely puts other more expensive brands of face exfoliator up for competition.

These are my two favourite colours lately (this took a hella long time to choose!) There’s the white thick glitter polish from Barry M which is like covering your nails with a layer of snow – how perfect is that right now! And Nails Inc’s Mink grey/brown. These shades scream fall/winter in your face and considering how freezing it is outside, reflecting winter in your clothing, makeup and nails wouldn’t surprise anyone right now!

My current favourite lip colour is a frosty pink from No7 called Water lilly
It’s such a beautiful colour and is quite a frosty colour, so for this time of year is so lovely. I personally think it looks beautiful with the more simple and bare faced look. Considering the time of year its a total winner!

Now I’ve recently just done a post about these bad boys, they are phenomenal, Bourjois Color Boost lip crayons,  but this colour is definitely my favourite, it comes out as this gorgeous maroony purple and you can literally wear it with anything. It compliments even the palest of make up. I love wearing it with some dark eyeliner and big lashes, it looks fab, especially when you don’t focus all too much on the rest of you’re make up, just dark eyes and lips!

And finally the most complimentary perfume for this time of year anyone could ever come across. Ed Hardy’s Hearts and Daggers. It’s got this fragrant,  lovely warming, musky scent with hints of fruitiness is perfect. For me it addresses all of the scents of fall in one quick spray. You can’t fault this perfume and it lasts forever. (also just to add to it’s awesomeness it comes with a tiny spray to keep in your bag! WIN!)


So there is my October Faves! I had a big old variety of faves this month so I hope some were shared or have given you some inspiration! Let me know in the comments 🙂


Roobes xxxx