My Night Time Skin Care Routine



So today I wanted to share with you my updated night time skin care routine. I will be doing a morning skin care routine later in the week so I can compare the difference in the two and why it’s important to use different products at different times.

My night time skin care routine is pretty simple and to make it even better, all products are drug store products and mostly relatively cheap too! Yay!

I always start with make up wipes, duh, to remove all of the make up from my face (I love simple cleansing wipes they’re so gentle on your skin). Making sure I get right up to my hair line, neck, under my jaw line and around near my ears. But make up wipes will only remove about 80% of your make up, they don’t do the whole job. I also use No7’s eye make up remover, just taking two cotton pads on leaving them over my lashes whilst I remove the rest of my make up, this way it wipes my eye liner & mascara off super easy! So I make sure I finish it off by cleansing my skin thoroughly to get rid of the excess make up, then wiping with a face towel. As you all probably know, I love my Cetaphil, it’s soap free so does no moisture draining damage to your skin and is super gentle on all skin types. Using a separate towel keeps germs to a minimum, this way you’re not spreading germs from the rest of your body and/or your hands all over your face.

Then I cleanse again. This time massaging my face with my hands and using my facial massager to help bring the blood and lymph to the surface of my skin. By doing this you’re skin is aided in quicker repair, looks healthier, aids in control of redness and blemishes and helps your skin look fresher and more supple. Washing off again with my sponges and wiping with my face towel. Did I mention I wash with cold water on a night? This helps keep your skin nice and taut.
*make sure you keep your sponges clean or they will just spread germs! I put mine in boiling soapy water and it works a treat!*

I finish off with my T-zone cream from No7, this is great as my skin does get really quite oily around my t-zone, but this product keeps the oiliness in check with out drying out or damaging my skin. It also helps to keep redness and blemishes away and really reduces large pores. My skin actually feels softer and more moisturised after regular use. And if I have any spots that need worrying about, out comes my No7 Spot Rescue. I’ve done a review blog about the Spot Rescue Gel which you can check out here. This stuff is amazing, it gets rid of even the worst spots in a maximum of 2 days, leaves no dryness or flakiness at all! One dab of this on your spots and they don’t stand a chance!

I don’t moisturise the rest of my face on a night, as personally too much moisturiser on my skin tends to cause me to break out. Especially when you’re face is squashed against a pillow on a night and disallowed air for your skin to breath whilst it sweats away and gathers dirt. Yum! All the more reason to regularly change your bed sheets and keep your hair out of your face on a night. I always tie mine back. It has hugely reduced me breaking out on my forehead and getting spots on parts of my neck.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! Like below if you did!


Roobes xxxxx



No7’s Beautiful Skin Blemish Defence Serum Review


Well hello there my darlings!!

I purchased this a little while back and I seriously questioned why I hadn’t done a review on it already. It’s one of those products you just NEED to get off your chest.

I suffer from quite strongly blemished skin, mainly because I had pretty bad acne when I was younger and your skin does become a concealer drainer if you don’t do anything about it. To make that worse, good concealer isn’t cheap! I was in search of a serum to help reduce redness and blemishes so that on days when I wanted to give the face a break from the mass of make up, it wouldn’t be such a concious thing to do.

I had done a bit of research and also tried out a highly recommended one by MAC – Prep + Prime Natural Radiance. This product is a primer which has the same effects as a blemish reducing serum. Don’t get me wrong this product was amazing, but it’s £29.50 a go and I ain’t no millionaire!! I needed a drug store duplicate that would cost less, last as long and work just as well…
Introducing No 7’s Beautiful Skin Blemish Defence Serum (and the angels sing)
This little beauty is only £16 and get this, it’s lasted me even longer than the MAC primer! This product is phenomenal, after a week of using it I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It was more evenly toned, brighter, tighter and appeared much more healthier. After continuous use of this product my skin looks so much more radiant and even, I love it!

I’m a big supporter of No 7’s skin care range any way, they have never EVER let me down. I have purchased so many of their products and you would think that there would definitely be one here or there that was a bit hmmm. But nope, not yet!

I swear by this stuff, you can’t go wrong with it. It took me a long time to find a blemish reducing serum as my blemishes were quite prominent. However the time waiting paid off.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with uneven skin tone, blemishes/redness and overly oily skin. I have nothing bad to say about it and that seriously doesn’t often happen with me. I always find something to complain about, even if I have to go digging for it!

Let me know what you think, have you tried this or No 7 products?

P.s. it’s 8 days ’til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 eeek, excited!



Roobes xxxxx



No7 Rapid Spot Rescue review


We all have spots, imperfections, blemishes, redness and uneven tones on our skin, no one is perfect and no one has completely clear skin. Sometimes, though, we wish we did have perfectly clear skin. So when those spots and imperfections make an appearance, they’re not planning on leaving all too soon which is the most annoying thing, which is why it’s really handy to have a reliable serum to help them on their way.

I first bought this serum about 3 years ago, it’s on it’s last legs but that’s a whole load of time it’s lasted me, it cost me about £12 from Boots. The formula is quite thick and clear. Once you apply it you know it’s hit the right place, as it does sting quite a bit, it’s a weirdly nice kinda sting though. I just pat it onto the area until any excess has gone. I find it tends to work best on broken skin (so to put it bluntly once you’ve had a whole bunch of fun popping your spot). Redness clears incredibly quickly and the swelling of the area reduces as quick too. The spot itself I find tends to have gone with a couple of days of use, usually once in the morning before make up and once on a night before bed really works for me.

I love this stuff and I’ll be honest, I literally have nothing bad to say about it at all. It’s an absolute must for your beauty&skincare cupboard and is no where near as expensive as some of the higher end brands which in my opinion will either do exactly the same or not work as well. It’s lasted me ages and I’m not one to be blessed with good skin, I have larger pores here and there, my T-Zone gets really oily, I get trapped oil in my skin, I get redness, I get black heads and I certainly get spots WE ALL DO. Your skin is not something to be ashamed of, it doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you who you are and it doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Honestly, no body, absolutely no body has perfect skin and no body is clear of all of the above, so if someone wearing more make up than your local drug store decides to look at you or treat you differently because you might have a couple of spots here and there or you might have a few patches of uneven skin tone or redness, let them, but see their reaction when you tell them to take of the mask they’re hiding behind.

Be proud of your skin, one of the only times it’s nice to hear this: we’re all the same 🙂.



Roobes xxxxx



Products I LOVE!



Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my beauty care/make up products I can’t live without. Some are a little more on the expensive side, however they are TOTALLY worth the money you’re spending. Whilst others are some of my all time fave drug store bargains. I’ve given a little bit of info here and there with each one of my faves, just so you have an insight as to why, for me, these are THE products to have on your dressing table…


First and foremost!

MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer (shade NW20)

Studio Finish Concealer (MAC)


By 1 bazillion miles this is the best concealer I have EVER come across in. My. Life. It covers any redness, spots or dryness in an instant and you don’t even have to use that much of it. Sometimes are worse than others for me with my skin and I can suffer quite badly from blotchy and dry areas especially around my nose and brows, in effect, my studio fix works as an eraser for me; my blotchy, dry patches goes unnoticeable without any extra foundation or powder coverage (which is awesome for days when you can’t be bothered putting make up on, but you’re not impressed with the appearance of your skin).  Also this works wonders for dark circles!

When I do a full face of make up I use this with MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation and Powder.


Boing Concealer (benefit)

Firstly, I must point out I do not use this as a general concealer, I use it slightly differently. This is an amazing product to keep in your handbag. Generally through the day, unless you’re wearing a mask, your make up tends to wear off a little bit, no matter what money you pay it (sadly) doesn’t last forever! When I notice my make up starting to wear, dabbing a little bit of the Boi-ing on instantly fixes the appearance of your make up, you don’t have to apply much, just by tapping your finger in the concealer lightly a couple of times picks up just enough to hide those worn/uneven areas.


Maybelline master drama khol liner

I recently bought this Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner (in Ultra Black) and I must say, I was astonished. This stuff is incredible! Its thick but not heavy, strong but not sticky and lasts AAAAGGGEEESSSSS. I apply just one layer of this eye liner (two if its occasional) and it looks like you’ve put about five on. It instantly goes on thick and strong yet you can barely notice it there, where as some which have this effect I tend to find can be quite sticky and weighted, and you just can’t wait to get rid of it (blink it off girl *blinkblinkblinkblink*). I 100% recommend this to all eyeliner wearers, its a money saver in the making I had it weeks and weeks and weeks before I had to sharpen it (if I didn’t use it so much it’d probably last longer, however admittedly, I’m addicted).



Mmmmmmmmmm, Cetaphil… I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have difficulty with my skin at the best of times as its oily, yet regularly dry, blotchy and can get acne quite regularly too. For YEARS (no joke) I tries so many different cleansers, moisturizers, toners, you name it I tried it. (I was also given a face wash by my doctor when I was younger to help reduce acne which massively imbalanced my skin) So I heard about Cetaphil and everyone’s undying love for it once they have been using it, honestly I have to say I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It makes your skin feel super fresh, clean, softer and revitalized, my complexion cleared up in just a couple of short weeks and my dryness had reduced also *try the cetaphil moisturizer too!* It is for all skin types so there is nothing in there that tries to balance one skin type to be another. It is soap free which helps keep balance, soothing, non-comedogenic and fragrance free. I love washing my face with this on a morning with really cold water to wake me up and on an evening, also with cold water to feel fresh and clean before bed.


tangle teazer

Oh how child hood hair brushing would’ve been so much more tear-less and simple. I, in honesty was reluctant to try one of these for such a long time, as I didn’t quite understand how it could be so different, oh how I still beat myself up about it to this day… I use this all the time, daily for hair brushing, when I’m out of the shower to brush through those washed, knotted locks, in the shower to brush through my conditioner and brushing through iron curls. It goes through your hair like a knife goes through butter. It’s AMAZING. Knotted, tangled hair is a thing of the past with this brush, even if you’ve got a monster of a knot, when you brush through it with the Tangle Teezer it’s virtually unnoticeable. Another plus, the plastic is so thick on these bad boys they’re basically indestructible. BONUSFEATURE!


Rocket Volum Express Mascara (Maybelline)


Maybelline’s Rocket Volum Express Mascara is by far in my opinion their best yet, even beating the most recent one they have released. I always apply two coats of this mascara for maximum volume and appearance, but one is certainly enough. Plus I had my last one for about 6-8 months before I had to buy a new one and I wear this everyday and as I said before, 90% of the time I wear two coats! I love how dark the appearance is and it lasts all day, it doesn’t seem to wear off at all which is fantastic, especially if you’re an on the go socialite and don’t get a whole bunch of time to re-apply your make up between finishing work and an evening get together at your local restaurant fave. My lashes certainly look longer upon application, its definitely noticeable!


Boots Aqueous BP Cream

This stuff is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo underrated. I initially found out about this cream when I had my sleeve done and my tattoo artist recommended it over any other typical healing creams, his artwork turned out pretty phenomenal final results and considering how long he’s been in the industry, I wasn’t going to question his recommendations. It is a cleansing agent, it’s impeccable on dry and irritated skin (hence tattoo healing) and soothes and softens out your skin. I adore this cream and make sure I always use it regularly, I had severe dry skin on my legs and arms which caused huge irritation, honestly, within 3 days of using this cream my skin was essentially back to being healthy and soft again, it’s great for after shaving, after sun or general everyday use to keep your skin fresh and supple.



Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. You can’t even hold your hair once its dry it’s so healthy and soft once you’ve applied this masque. It’s heavenly (it smells gorgeous too!). A handful of this spread evenly through out your hair instead of your normal conditioner and left on for 12-15 mins restores your hair to its all natural beauty. I’ve never, EVER used a masque quite like it. I use this once a month, twice if its winter as my hair can get quite dry and your hair feels as soft as baby hair, I’m seriously not exaggerating. Please give it a try. I have a link below for all who want to have a nosey (sorry I could get a picture it’s at my house and I’m away at the moment)


I hope you all have enjoyed this and taken some inspiration for a few new products to give a go here and there.


Let me know how you get on in the comments below!!